Friday, August 31, 2018

Blog Address Change

Need More Tanks started out as a blog about my Guard army, but one of the first things I did with the blog was run a Tale of Four Gamers for my new, second army, of Orks...

In the intervening decade, it has become quite clear that Orks are now my primary focus. Thus the blog is being renamed to reflect that. I have basically decided to stop kidding myself.

All the content will continue, and I will continue to play guard (among others) however I do seem to have a preference for the greenskins and with Orktober looking... interesting... I can't see that changing any time soon...


Hope to see you all on the other side


  1. Booo ! Hisssssssssss !

    Need more tanks ! Need more tanks ! Need more tanks ! Need more tanks ! (orks need tanks too)

    Slightly more seriously, one day the Devos IV campaign will be won. What will I do then ? They're our blogs, but to some extent, with the input from other gamers, they are also public property (?) Wee Men obviously has an advantage in that the neutral name can cover many genres and multiple warzones etc. Maybe we should have been smarter at the outset.

    1. It's had a good long run, but I have been thinking of it for some time... I don't blog much about the guard any more. But when I first named it, I never thought I would ever do anything but...