Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review of the Year - 2017

So here we come once again to the time to look back over a year of hobby progress... and from a hobby point of view, there certainly has been plenty...

I've clocked in a personal best 585 on my painting points tally... I was considering trying to break the 600 mark by finishing up some Brimstone Horrors this afternoon, but the spray undercoat I used has obscured some of the detail and I'm not really happy with how they are progressing, I think I will probably fairy power spray them and try again, or perhaps get some more instead. Either way, not really one to use to set a record - "oh how did you get past 600?" "Er... some dudes that were so bad I stripped them to be repainted..." nah.

I'll settle for my 585 it's still a record, plus it keeps my turnout in the 500-600 range, if I break 600 I'm putting more pressure on to break it next year, whereas if I settle for 585 then all I will feel the need to aim for next year is 500 or more... slightly more manageable aspirations.

As for the games statistics, well I didn't get too many games in, being distracted by stuff I don't record for years end like Bloodbowl games (won more than I lost and sneaked the final to win our league, against a guy who'd beat me every time I'd played him previously) and x-wing. But I managed to get in 30 games of 40k overall.

It wasn't a great year, 14 losses, 2 draws, 13 wins and one result that... well I won on maelstrom, he won on kp,, he won on combined score, but it was a test game for a tournament that only counts your points not who won/lost so... yeah fuck knows what to call that one :P

On the flip side... there was a noticeable flip. I lost two thirds of the games with my orks early in the year, then 8th dropped, and I won two thirds of my games. I still think they need some work and a codex, but it was certainly an improvement, and I look forward to chapter approved changes making them even more effective, if only for the points saving on power klaws...

The usual suspects... I played Ken twice (won one lost one) I played Rich four times (won three lost one) and I played Neil twice (won one lost one) which is both a rather low number and also quite possibly the first time Neil has beaten me at 40k in years. Damn him for taking the chance to give my deathwatch a kicking in that upheaval when I was still looking at 8th... new ruleset for a new army that turns out to be badly in need of a codex to help it out especially when compared to stuff that had their own codex - like his chaos marines do. Yeah, he got me. He also finally beat me at a game of Star Wars: Rebellion (I'd figured out where the base was, but also that I couldn't reach it... I ALMOST spooked him into moving his base, because the only places he could move to, I could reach all simultaneously, in time... but at the last second he spotted that he was actually safe and rescinded the move order, and just waited out the last couple gameturns going "nayh-nyah-nyah-na-na-nah" or the galactic cantina equivalent...) So a good year for Neil at least.

I haven't played too much with my guard yet mainly because after my codex came out I annihilated my friend Rob in such short order it sent shockwaves around the club and people are refusing to play my guard... hence I've been playing more shadespire of late.

Looking forward to 2017, I'm going to start the second season of our bloodbowl league, I also have a couple of xwing challenges to look forward to, and whilst the Tale has been postponed till the summer, I will still be painting up my Tzeentch stuff because I've been waiting ages to do so and the codex is imminent so I'm gonna do it and pick a different army for the tale... maybe more orks. again. :P

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tale Postponed

Sadly due to heavy work commitments on the part of one of the participants we shall be postponing our Tale of Four Gamers till August.

As I had been gearing up to paint my tzeentch forces I am going to continue as planned with those, and pick a new force for the Tale come August. It means the narrative I had been planning will not come to pass, which is a shame, but I had been counting down the days to making a start on this... I don't want to go from 3 to go to having 245 to go...

So we will come back to the Tale, and there will be some Tzeentch updates, but it will probably be from a purely hobby perspective rather than the full story/challenge.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Shadespire - Painted

A nice little side project, I got some paint on the Shadespire models.

This cool little skirmish game caught me by surprise, I'm not normally one for small scale skirmish stuff, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and have bought into it.

It has four wargames so far, I assume more are on the way - there are another four mentioned in the rulebook at least...

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Spring in Winter

Well... my window box is blooming marvellously for the time of year...

In case it isn't clear, I took to blu-tacking models to a piece of pipe for easy undercoating (well, where possible, doesn't work with tanks) a while back... but with inclement weather of late spray painting opportunities have been few and far between, and the time to leave them outside to air a bit even less so. Thus I came up with the above. A plant pot thing full of sand. Several lengths of pipe. Do in a big batch then leave on the windowledge to air. Hope no comic book (beano/dandy, not marvel/dc) characters pop by and steal them.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Unexpected Consequences

The law of unintended consequences came to fruition today, here in the New Revolutionary States, as the revolutionary leaders aim to truly drain the swamp did not take into account the drastic drop in the average human IQ over the past half century. Full of verve and revolutionary vigour, the young leaders words were taken to heart down here in Florida, and after several failed attempts to literally drain the swampland, they napalmed it instead, destroying a precious ecosystem that has been intact for thousands of years. Greenpeace were the first to attack the new leader, whose supporters, nicknamed the pinkos thanks to their colourful attire, have proven to be an effervescent if somewhat unreliable base.

"When they started with those pink knitted p...p... I can't say this can I? ok, pink knitted hats, we thoroughly supported them, little realising where this path would eventually lead" expressed a spokesman for Greenpeace "The fact that this beautiful garden has been destroyed is most displeasing, and we can all be assured that Grandfather shall not approve." After this rather cryptic message the spokesman popped a spot and was carefully examining the excretion, and seemed to be about to taste it when the camera feed thankfully cut elsewhere.

Breaking news, the leader has issued a statement that the destruction of the everglades is all part of a grand design and whilst we may not see it, rest assured it is all part of the plan.

Monday, 11 December 2017

It Begins...

Deep in the mists of time, in a period long forgotten by imperial records, and remembered only by the emperor himself, a revolution quietly brews. There are utterances of dissent, but not too many, for those who speak loudly of their distrust in their betters soon find life rather more difficult, to say the least. All that is left is those who utter quietly, who utter discreetly, and look for a leader... one who can shout what they merely utter, one who can shout it to a crowd of true believers, and hope that none of them will run and tell the authorities of what has been shouted, that should barely have been uttered.

One young man thinks, hopes, that he can be that leader. He is nervous. He is about to go out and speak, publicly, words that could mean the end of him. Or the beginning of something greater. It is a high wire act without the safety net, with the added distraction of someone throwing things at you while you try to impress the onlookers below.

They meet in a dusty old bar on East 47th street. He has a quiet room out back. As far as the authorities are aware, it is used for illicit gambling, which they don't particularly mind. If they knew that the gathering tonight was gambling not with chips or rations, but with their lives and freedoms, then they would certainly intervene. The room is full, with close to fifty people crammed into the tight confines. There are more out there, but these are the bravest. If he can convince these, they will head forth and spread his message to the even more cowed and wary, and start to develop a groundswell of support. All revolutions start somewhere. This one would begin, or end, with this speech.

"Broth..cough..." he cleared his throat nervously "Brothers and sisters, thank you for gathering to hear me today. I know it is dangerous for us to gather like this... but I remember a time when that was not so. As do you. I remember a time when we openly mocked our overlords. I remember a time when we thought that he would never survive his first year in office. But he did. All the things we thought would bring him down, they all failed us."

There were general murmurings of agreement from the audience, so he decided to continue on this vein to build a rapport with the crowd "We thought the special investigator would get him, but he pardoned himself. We talked of emoluments, but the party backed him. We thought they'd impeach him, but he disbanded the senate. We thought the term limit might get him, but he changed the law. We thought the voters would turn, but he gerrymandered to the point that he only needed 1 in 5 votes to stay in power and he could buy those... that was back when he still allowed votes! Remember those days?" A few mocking laughs from the crowd showed most of the people to be older than the speaker... although there were a fair few with the rueful look of those who have only ever heard of voting and never participated "We thought that there may come a change when his own sons tried to seize power, but if anything that made him angrier still... who'd have thought anyone would nuke one of their own cities just to kill their own children?"

Calming from his list of injustices, the speaker paused... "But now finally, we have that which all men fear... time. Time caught up with him eventually. It's been 29 years, and finally the seat of power is vacant. Who shall take over is still to be seen, although the mysterious death in his sleep of his son in law within 24 hours of our overlords demise should serve as indication that his daughter is not going to be much kinder to us than he was..."

"Nevertheless, the time to strike is now. We must seize this opportunity, before she can get her claws in and make this an official dynasty. The moment the crown passes from father to daughter we become a dynasty for who knows how many murderous generations. This is our last chance to remind people that the rule of this land should be decided by the will of the people of it."

"I was but a boy when we last had a true democracy, but I remember him well. He promised so much change, and while he didn't manage to deliver as much as we'd hoped, by the gods he tried, and when his time was up, he left gracefully. Who would ever think we would remark on that as being a rare quality. He may have been in charge for a mere eight years, but he left his mark on me... the mark of change... I believe in change, I want change we can believe in, and we need change now more than ever!"

His soaring rhetoric had lifted the crowd, he could see this, but they were still timid... finally, one stepped forward... "What you say has merit buddy, but what chance do we have? Between the Army, the feds that swear loyalty to him, the cops that shoot on sight, the second amendment militia on their patriotism patrols... hell, he's even got the church to sign off on him. Those fuckers have god on their side! What do we got?"

"They have one god on their side" admitted the speaker "But there are others..."