Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Charity Fundraiser: Win a Knight!

Late last year/early this year we ran a charity fundraiser for a club member who had some tragic times at home, the top prize being a pro-painted knight. The guy who did the paintjob for the lucky winner is now doing an appeal of his own, so let's keep this good karma roll going :)

Please support this worthy cause at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/AdeptusAstartes?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socsponmobile&utm_content=AdeptusAstartes&utm_campaign=post-sponsorship-donation-mobile

Monday, 22 August 2016

Deffskulls: Another Battering by the Mechanicum

On Saturday night I had an unexpected opportunity for a game of 40k, a lrage game, 3k, which I could just about manage with the deffskulls stuff I have. Took almost everything. Up against 3k of mechanicum. That hurt...

I mean, it started well enough... I had lots of guns...

I was being sneaky...

There was a reason I was being sneaky... well, two reasons actually...

 The boyz I sent to keep him busy took a couple hull points off him but didn't like all the stampy stampy flameyness of the thing...

And when I did stop being sneaky, I got immobilised... The Gorkanaut NEEDS to be a super heavy, it's silly that normal vehicle damage (1 grav shot) can completely neuter it. It did very little for the rest of the game, until down to one hull point my opponent decided to finish me off in combat with a haywire grenade... which went wrong...

It was a solid loss. Although playing maelstrom AND kill points, I was on an uphill struggle from the start. Man of the match goes to the Mekboy junka in the centre of the battlefield. He took a couple shots with the SAG, then on a critical turn, fired up his turbo charga, lurched forward, sat on the objective I needed and scorched a skitarrii squad from the face of the earth, scoring the point for killing something in the shooting phase AND earning a kill point. He also lured the robots in to get revenge, which put them in range of the tankbustas the following turn. If only the battle for the board had gone as well as the battle for the centre.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Deffskulls: There are too many of them!

So, I'm musing on what to take to a 1500 point almost highlander style tournament in November... I am planning to take the Deffskulls, which means we need guns... lots of guns...

I have also built a display board that would be fun to take, and the Gorkanaut as the centrepiece. However, the gorkanaut just isn't very good from a rules point of view. And I am going to a tournament. I'm not the type to take a cheesy deathstar beat face list, but at the same time do I want to add in a deliberate handicap? If it was 1850 points, I'd go with it, but in such a small points list, 250 or so on an armour 13 walker that can be one shot-BOOMED out of the game is a hell of a risk...

So here are the bones of the list I'm forming, it works out at roughly 1500, I need to refine wargear as I'm working on rough numbers here.

Your list is allowed a total of two duplications, no triples. I kinda wanted to have two squads of shoota boyz and not bother with the grots, but I decided that more tankbustas was just better with so many extra guns...

HQ (Warlord) Big Mek Mega Armour KFF Da Dead Shiny Shoota Gitfinda

HQ Big Mek Shok Attack Gun Gitfinda 3 Ammo Runts

T 10 Boyz, shootas, big shoota, Nob Bosspole

T 10 Gretchin and Runtherd

E 12 Tankbustas inc PK Nob, 1 Tankhammer, 2 bomb squigs
 ded tran Truk, ram

E 12 Tankbustas inc PK Nob, 1 Tankhammer, 2 bomb squigs
 ded tran Truk, ram

HS 10 Lootas

HS 10 Lootas

HS 10 Flashgitz
 ded tran Battlewagon, ram, Zzapgun, 4 rokkits

Idea being to put lootas and SAG in some cover (put the SAG in a squad for ablative wounds) use either the gretchin or the orks (whichever ISN'T with the SAG) to grab a spare objective, and then have the tankbustas and flashgitz plod along doing drivebys at whatever they can. The warlord joins the flashgitz making the BW more survivable and granting the squad slow and purposeful, which makes those squad equipped Gitfindas all the tastier. Could arguably put the SAG in with this squad too, but that may be overkill for a single target... however if playing against a deathstar list in a tournament setting, there's no kill like overkill...

Now normally in Ork lists, I'd say this was ridiculously thin on numbers, but it DOES have lots of guns... which is what the deffskulls are about. I just wish I had more points, as right now I have too many cool conversion ideas that I wanted to show off to choose from... I have my Gorkanaut, ideas for warbuggies and deffkoptas, killa kans... I won't be able to use any of them...

Friday, 12 August 2016

Deffskulls: Raid

My tribe have fallen upon an undefended imperial world of miniscule military value this week... in essence, odd number of people at the club, so I volunteered to sit out and get some cool pics of the ongoing action. Took a few action shots of my unopposed models just for fun.

Taking these shots (and I do think I got some good ones) made me appreciate digital technology... I had so many blurry shots trying to get some of these, I would have wasted so much film back in the day... or, I would have taken one of each and then griped when half my photos didn't come out.

Anyway, from a modelling the deffskulls point of view, no military assets were seized, although they did steal some civilian vehicles that may be put to use in the future...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Deffskulls: Gorkanaut... kinda...

And here it is, treading through the mud, my looted Gorkanaut.

Oh how I wish these things had better rules... maybe in the next Ork codex they'll give them the super heavy rule and this conversion will make more sense.

As it is at the moment, it covers all the bases. A gatling style gun, a big fist, 2 big shootas, a skorcha and 2 wrist mounted rockets, plus a transport capacity and a disembarkation point that is clearly not an assault capable vehicle (seriously, you ever tried to climb/descend a rope ladder in a hurry? Better off jumping...)

The "driver" was somewhat inspired by ratatouille, I had planned to pose him more that way, pulling random wires to make the knight act, but then I thought that sticking the live and the neutral together and just activating EVERYTHING, guns, legs, arms, fists, all in one orgy of electrocuted destruction... that's much more orky...

I'm shocked at the boyz, they put elf n safety railings at the back rather than leaving them open for pushing off grots...

And here he is at the top of his path across the display board,along with aerial escort. They're the only two things I know I'm taking, as they have gaps for them. The rest of the force is still to be decided, based on what I loot over the next few months :-P

Friday, 5 August 2016

Deffskulls: What have they got in there, King Kong?


Anybody hear that? It's a, um... It's an impact tremor, that's what it is... I'm fairly alarmed here.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Deffskulls: Shokkin Game

Cult Mechanicus Report: Tracking Missing Kastelan Robot Maniple

Translated into Gothic at Inquisitorial Request

Xenos species Ork, sub tribe death skull, tracked after fleeing a recent engagement and stealing some damaged Kastelan robots while the magi was examining an STC fragment. Tribe tracked as it passed through a Space Marine force sent to interdict them, stealing more imperial technology along the way. During this battle, survivors report that the electric field technology that had been nascent in the battle against the Cult Mechanicus forces seems to have been perfected. We caught up with the tribe as they engaged a small chaos resupply point, clearly after more war materials.

The supply point seemed to be garrisoned by a unit of havocs and a couple of forgefiends, however a fallen knight and a bastardised corruption of the holy knight chassis emerged to the field, accompanied by whoops and howls of joy by the eager tribe. The impression we got was that the tribe felt they'd hit the jackpot.

Things didn't look to be going to well for the tribe, when in their opening salvo, one of their warp electric field guns disappeared into a vortex, and another launched itself into a one sided fistfight with a forgefiend. In the second salvo the surviving guns managed to open a warp rift under the feet of the daemonically possessed knight, but it somehow failed to falter. The warp rift then seemed to have an attraction for one particular ork (suspect warp taint to that individual) as it relentlessly pursued him, wiping out his squad, the daemon knight he had been in combat with and several nearby buildings. After surviving a malevolent warp force and a titanic explosion, the warp tainted individual was brought low by heavy bolter fire, and the rampaging warp rift expelled itself shortly after his demise.

We had planned to intervene, but a terminator retinue led by Abaddon himself came to find out what the hell was going on down there, so we decided discretion was the better part of valour.

As the terminators cleared a building towards one of the remaining warp guns, it too disappeared into a blink of oblivion. Clearly their success against the space marines was a temporary fluke.

As the battle drew to a close, the garrison had been wiped out, the daemon engine destroyed, the orks had claimed more scrap for their armoury and the knight was in a poor state. Abaddon decided there was nothing left to save so left the field. We took the decision that while the orks had not perfected their warp technology, they stood as good a chance as wiping out themselves as anyone who attacked them, and may even destroy an entire planet if provoked - although not intentionally. Thus the cost of retrieving the Kastellans was deemed likely to be too high. Their machine spirits have been well and truly tainted now anyway. Therefore we are going to let this tribe go.

They'll probably blow themselves up in due course, so are probably not a threat to the imperium. Classification: low priority

*In a game where 13 SAG shots were fired, I managed to get double 1 twice, double 5 once, double 6 once. I also got an 11, and on three occasions had a terrifying moment as a 1 came up, and the other dice eventually settled on a 2... I won the maelstrom mission 7 points to 2, my opponent scoring FB (in my turn for a double 1 on the mekboy junka SAG) and Slay the Warlord (double 1 on my warlord SAG) The SAGs looked like they would cost me the game... until that vortex opened up, and I thought I had a fighting chance to get back into it... until I rolled a 1, and I didn't... but a couple turns later the vortex got another bite of the cherry, and I rolled a 6. Bye bye daemon engine of khorne. So yes, to say the SAGs influenced this game would be rather understating things a bit... that str roll became the tensest moment of every turn...