Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Deathwatch Third Outing: Finally a Win!

So last night my fledgling deathwatch force were up against a ynari list, and all their shenanigans. Still, after getting the initiative seized by a khorne army (allowing a lot of assault units to be halfway across the board before I could blink) and then seized the following week (allowing a lascannon squad to fire twice, absolutely decimating half my firebase) I was confident that my army, expressly designed to have a small number of drops so I should have the first turn the majority of the time, would have a good chance now we were finally fighting actual xenos, what we are supposed to fight.

So we set up, he seized...


I'd just like the first turn once with this army. Just to see what it is like.

Anyway, he managed to strip one of my Corvus to half health, so I dropped the squad off among my own lines rather than risk carrying them to their deaths, and sent the Corvus off to harass and grab objectives. And other than that I went with an A-Team plan...

Knowing that things dying lets them do shenanigans, I was careful with my firepower. Ok, those boltguns at long range, and just the boltguns, will fire at one unit. Two frag missiles at a different target. Couple more frag missiles at a third. One krak missile at the wraithlord. This way I whittled most of his units down to being one or two members each, meaning that when something finally did die, he was left with fairly limited options about what to do... hmm, do I have the one wych charge or the one dire avenger shoot?

I held a lead on points for most of the game, and managed to pull off an 11-9 win. Things may have been closer but my opponent made a fatal error in turn 4, charging off an objective with a warlock to back up the big dead god avatar thingymajig. Absolutely unnecessary to the combat, but took him off an objective he needed to score for a single point AND for supremacy... Now he realised his error and scored them the next turn, but that cost him two cards for turn 5. We drew an extra two cards at the end of the game, one was easy, one was impossible, so only a slight narrowing of the scores... but then he didn't have linebreaker, and could have had it. But then neither did I. Still, a very close game.

Star of the show goes to my Corvus (the second one) that, aside from scoring me at least 4 vp over the course of the game, survived a shot in turn 5 by passing a 6+ armour save on one wound. It then went and put itself in a linebreaker position just in case, next to a unit with a blaster. It inevitably died, but the resulting explosion took out the unit that killed it. Result!

Overall, I felt this game went a lot better for me than others have. Special issue ammunition is more fun when you're not against just basic marines. I also felt I had a good plan for minimising the risk from the ynari special rules and it seemed to work quite well, although I'd have to face it a few times to be sure it was a good tactic and not just a good game.

I'm still waiting to see what it feels like to get the first turn with this army...

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tale of Four Gamers: The Bloggers are Back In Town!

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I expect to run a Tale for some old friends in the new year... guys, here are the rules I have adapted from my last one, have a read and let me know what you think. I'd like to think it encourages all aspects of the hobby, and hopefully isn't too gruelling a schedule, whilst allowing a fair degree of flexibility.

The participating blogs are, I assume...

Ginge. Here. This blog.

It's currently looking like we'll have two well aligned teams from the mutterings about who is taking an interest in what., although games can be played against any body, not just a participant - two of the competitors live far away, would be unfair to demand they play only within the group. We'll assume our little warbands are on a journey, they may not meet till near the journeys end for the climatic final battle...

Anyway, the rules... (apologies for the messy layout it didn't copy across from my google doc so well...)

Phase 1 will be from the 1st to the 28th of January. From 29th Jan to 11th February will be "catch up phase 1" Each 4 week challenge phase will have a separate late period phase where people can still earn points if they finish overrunning projects within the second deadline. I used to have this be part of the next phase but people could end up getting snowed under with it eating into the next phases time, so they would abandon it to concentrate on the new stuff.

If you have finished on time, you can use this period to try your hand at something else or to do prep work for the next phase, or even make a start if you so wish. The plan is to be fairly flexible with the time - if it's completed by a deadline, it scores. Doesn't matter if you started a few days early while waiting for Bob to catch up with last months workload...

Phase 2 will be 12th Feb to 11th Mar, late period to 24th.
Phase 3 will be 25th March to 21st April, late period to 5th May
Phase 4 will be 6th May to 2nd June, late period to 16th June.

At which point the project ends and we count up score.

During each phase the following points will be available.

Painting 500 points of stuff - 5 points
Getting a game in with your stuff - 5 points
Writing a narrative about your stuff - 5 points
Publishing a Blogpost detailing any or all of the above - 1 point

If you complete any of the first three in the late period, it is worth 3 points. The blogpost points don’t have a late score I’m afraid, as it isn’t worth it. If you do not complete a part, it scores 0.

I would recommend that in the first phase people stick to combat patrol style lists (just because if you're planning to get a game in this may be your best way) and I would also suggest introducing at least one character of some sort in order to begin your narrative... although if your terminator lord won't be in a combat patrol, hey use a squad sergeant as the guy and in your narrative, advance time between one phase and the next to give your character a promotion and a new model. Easy!

There will be some other points available over the course of the challenge, although these can be scored at any time you see fit as long as it is before the end.

Paint a set of objective markers. 1pt each, up to six.

In your narrative, make reference to real world events. I have previously given the example of Bonfire Night and the fireworks in an early Tale of Four Gamers, I am happy to mention this as this one takes place nowhere near November, so you can't steal that one! There are five points available for doing this, and you can score it up to twice... I like a few references to real life, but we are writing fiction here, not the nine o'clock news...

In your narrative, make reference to battles you have fought how they turned out. Nothing can develop the character of an army like grudges and trophies! 5 points available for this, again available up to twice, as while it adds interest we aren't Dwarves, we don't want just a list of grudges...

Finally, I plan to have a big battle finale involving all participants, date TBD although late June Early July is looking a strong possibility. If you guys would fancy taking a trip to Warhammer World to make a special occasion of it I’m all up for that too, we have plenty time to plan ahead. Obviously it will be painted models only. If by the time we get this game in you have managed to complete everything you pledged to complete over the course of the challenge (doesn’t matter on time, late, technically “never” completed… if it’s done by game day, you earn a bonus 10 points.

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that gives a maximum possible score of 100, and yes the points costing for some of the bonus points might have ever so slightly been influenced with that in mind.

As this means technically we could end up with a draw, I shall have the same finale rules as last time - secret objectives, with the winning player on the winning team being crowned the overall champion if such a thing matters by that point… quite frankly, i hope us all having fully painted armies will make this last bit rather academic.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Deathwatch; Ready for Third Outing

One thing that I do have to say about the deathwatch... I may cry over their points cost when I am looking at how few boots on the ground I have, but on the flip side, it makes for a quick army to paint... especially combined with a) simple colour scheme and b) my admittedly rather basic level of painting... but hey, I'm happy to call these done!

At the time of the first battle report, from a week and a half ago, I had 6 troopers and one vehicle painted. I have now completed the army... plus Artemis, who isn't in the army, but a nice model and it's nice to have options...

So that's 2130 points, in a little over two weeks. Not bad if I do say so myself...

As I said, they're to a fairly basic standard, I'm no pro painter, but it's a painted army and I'm happy with it.

Clearly still tacking the "as different to orks as possible" line, my projected next thousand points (we've always liked to play bigger games with more toys at my club, and now we're getting used to 8th can see this being the same) is only looking like 12 infantry (Inc 2 characters) and one more vehicle, plus adding back in a few of the upgrades I originally had in this list till I realised I had shot past my 2k target!

Finally, in other news, recently a friend who used to blog has been drawn back into the hobby by the joy of 8th. And another friend who never lost the love of the hobby but certainly had some restrictions to his hobby time has found time to blog again. Critically, these are two of the three people who joined me for my first, and best, tale of gamers. Every one since then has been an effort to recreate the joy of the first, but has always failed to live up to it, through people enthusiastically signing up, then slipping away. At one point one of my tales had 15 people signed up. I ended the tale halfway through because the only one keeping to the requirements even remotely was me.

So, we chased up the third, another who hasn't left the hobby but does have less time. He's game for a rerun. It'll be a closed session this time. Getting the band back together. You'll be able to read about it, but not participate I'm afraid. We've all got other things on the go right now to finish off, so we'll be starting in the new year. I'll put some details of the plan out closer to the time. We've already got vague ideas for who is doing what army and how the sides will stack up against each other. And am I orks again? No. I have done several tribes, and will do more, but not for this. For this, I fancy a change...

In the meantime, the boys are back in town...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Deathwatch Second Outing

So this time I was up against... well, this...

We were playing spearhead, in mission Retrieval.

I finished setting up first, and was poised to take the first turn. My opponent decided to try to seize... "let me just find that weighted dice" he joked.

"Ah, but now you've said that, we now won't believe you if you do seize" I joke back.

He rolls... a 6.


"Right" I say, still in jest "Roll it again to prove it isn't weighted"

Ha ha ha a good laugh is had by all, as he picks up the dice, casts it down the table... and rolls another 6.

"No no, it's not really"

Grabs dice, rolls again, gets a third 6. "SERIOUSLY?!?!"

"I didn't think you had weighted dice... I do NOW..."

Eventually, the dice started rolling other numbers, so we counted it as a seize, and he got to go first. He proceeded to decimate my forward shooting squad, just three survivors, who promptly teleported back out of range of the onslaught - hell, he was coming to me anyway, might as well stand back and soak it up now.

His forgefeinds proved brutally effective, although I wasn't helped by losing my stormshields ridiculously early. His terminators charged in and decimated one of the assault squads, but I spent command points to avoid losing first blood, which I took myself by killing the sorcerer - he'd already severely wounded himself with a miscast that smited 6 of my other shooting unit, so my firepower was severely curtailed from turn 2 onwards. I was left with watch master and assault squads trying valiantly to hold the centre against abaddon, terminators, forge fiends and chaos marines.

The watch master took abaddon out in combat after he'd received quite the peppering from my Corvus on a flypast. I had the survivors of the shooting units on an objective high in a building trying to blow up the forgefiends that were laying down fire into their position. The watch master was trying to finish off the terminator sergeant, and potentially reclaim an objective. At the end of turn 5, Rich was narrowly winning... I had fb, wl, lb, and one objective. He had 2 obj and a unit in LB. Unfortunately turn 6 he took out my terminators on the high objective. Losing me three points and my only realistic hope of killing his linebreaking forgefiends. The watchmaster being finished off in combat meant I was down to just a corvus and therefore legally tabled.

Overall, still a steep learning curve to switch from horde to elite army. At least I remembered my cluster launchers and auspex etc this time. It's just I've had two games now and been seized on both times. The first time got me a khorne army 12"+ closer. The second game lost me about 20% of my shooting, and several enemy units a hell of a lot closer. I'll feel a lot happier to give an assessment of how the army is doing if I can get at least one turn to go to plan. I know no plan survives contact with the enemy but, y'know, one turn might if you go first. Give me that one chance and lets see how we do from there...

Have a game lined up against elder next week, so at least I'll finally be battling xenos... plus they don't have a codex yet so hopefully we'll be on a more level playing field :P

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Death Watch First Outing

I got my Deathwatch army out for a game today... man, to go from orks to these ultra elite guys, it may take some getting used to.

I have no doubt people will pick holes in my army list... if I'm honest, I kinda got carried away dream-teaming and then clocked up the pints, yelped, dropped a few bits of wargear and cancelled the plans for other squads/vehicles until I start playing 3-4k games...

So, let's start with the list.

HQ WL Watch Master w Guardian SPear

T Kill Team 1
1 Watch sergeant w boltgun, 3 missile launcher vets, 4 boltgun vets, 1 vanguard vet 1 terminator vet with pair of lightning claws and a cyclone missile launcher.

T Kill Team 2
1 Watch sergeant w boltgun, 3 missile launcher vets, 4 boltgun vets, 1 vanguard vet 1 terminator vet with thunder hammer storm shield and a cyclone missile launcher.

T Kill Team 3
1 Watch sergeant with xenophase blade, 1 blackshield with two lightning claws, 3 heavy thunder hammer vets, 2 vets with stormshileds and chainswords, 2 vets bolt pistol and chainsword, 1 biker vet with teleport homer.

T Kill Team 4
1 Watch sergeant with xenophase blade, 1 blackshield with two lightning claws, 3 heavy thunder hammer vets, 2 vets with stormshileds and chainswords, 2 vets bolt pistol and chainsword, 1 biker vet with teleport homer.

Flyer Corvus, twin assault cannon, 2 blackstar rocket launchers, hurricane bolter, blackstar cluster launcher, auspex array

Flyer Corvus, twin assault cannon, 2 blackstar rocket launchers, hurricane bolter, blackstar cluster launcher, auspex array

So the basic idea is I have two very assaulty squads in the corvus. I have a firebase of a couple squads with support from my watch master, giving rerolls. I start the corvus to the flanks, and prepare a "bug out" place or two with the teleport homers.

The shooty units don't take morale tests thanks to the terminator, and the vanguard vet let's them fall back and still shoot. The terminator also let's them make use of the teleport homers.

The assault units can pack a hell of a punch, can make heroic interventions (and must if able) but can charge after disengaging thanks to the bike.

Ideal plan - set up firebase in middle, turn 1 move corvus in from flanks, do lots of shooting. turn 2 (presuming the enemy has advanced on my firebase) unload assault squads, corvus fly off to support fire, watch master joins the advancing assault squads, shooty squads provide cover/crack transports, assault squads get stuck in. If all goes pear shaped, teleport the shooty squads away to the prepared backup position.

So, did the plan survive contact with the enemy? The enemy consisting of couple units beserkers in rhinos, kharne, a lord, a term lord, a unit of terms, a unit of raptors, a unit of bloodcrushers, a knight, and 280 points in reserve for summoning (jesus chaos get a lot for their buck... deathwatch are PRICEY!)

well... kinda...

He seized, which was inconvenient. We were also playing cloak and shadows, so my shooting was all -1 to hit unless I spent command points. rather inconvenient. However spending a point did allow me to kill his knight turn 1. Good start. However due to him seizing he was already closer than I would have liked.

So turn 2 his beserkers and bloodcrushers butchered one of my shooty squads... the other units were positioning.

my turn 2 I unloaded, and went for him. one squad put a good dent into the bloodcrushers, and the storm shields worked wonders at stopping the AP -3 return attacks... but then the mounts hit at AP -1, and rather than waste the inv save on them, I decided to take a 4+ armour roll on normal guys... and failed 5 out of 6. ouch. had to spend 2 command points to make sure they stayed in the fight. The other squad annihilated the beserkers, and braced themselves for the wrath of kharne...

the wrath of kharne was brutal. he is a combat monster. He butchered his way through one squad, the remnants of the squad that had beat the bloodcrushers charged him, hit him in the face with a heavy thunder hammer but failed to kill him. He then finished off the watch master before advancing on the shooty squad at the top of the silos, making the charge at them (a risky overwatch given he was on 1W) and he then butchered the squad apart from the terminator... I just needed the terminator with the thunder hammer to kill him, and the game was mine (by this point he had nothing left that could climb the tower, and I was ahead on points, I could hide out for the win.) He swung, he hit. Kharne passed the invulnerable save. And just when I was thinking I could teleport to the fallback position and hide there, kharne used the last 3 CP to attack again, finishing him off, leaving me with just corvus - as units with the flyer battlefield role, they didn't count, I was tabled.

So yeah, thanks tournament douches, if it hadn't been for your bullshit that FAQ would never have come out... :P

Overall thoughts... deathwatch die pretty easy. I'm gonna keep going with the list as is, at least until it's all painted. Once I have a painted army, I will maybe look at changing things for different options. I seem, from what I have been reading, to be running too large and too well equipped squads. On the other hand, I liked the merging of abilities, the potential for synergy, and the fact that I should be getting first turn 5 games out of 6. Just not today.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Refinery Planet: Damonius Strandius

ok, not sure on the name yet, but here is my wargaming table... all the scenery painted to a basic standard that I am happy to call done enough for now. I may revisit it later for further weathering, but I have other priorities right now, and it is sufficient for the moment.

I doubt I'll cram absolutely all of this on a table at once for a game (the stargates are for a scenario anyway, and the void shield generator was more for a guard army list I used to have, which I haven't even costed for 8th yet, but otherwise... refinery, accompanying hab blocks. That's basically my table. Although in game I'd probably split some of the tanks up rather than have them all on one side...

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Unda Konstrukshun

Of late I have been painting some scenery for my wargames table, and I saved the centrepiece till last... well, almost. A late purchase of servo-hauler that I am still waiting for adequate weather to undercoat will now technically be the finishing touch, but that should be a quick and easy job, the big bad centrepiece for the table is now done.

It's basically a ruin that has been used as an ad hoc Stompa factory... once the servo haulers are done they will fit in perfectly with this construction site...

Admittedly I don't think the site is up to date with the health and safety executive... the orks aughta be careful, mistreating your workforce like that could cause them to rebel and rise up agai... oh...

But for now they beaver away at the innards, putting together the Reakta that will power the thing when complete. I also added in a couple trinkets from the servo hauler kit that fit in nicely...

We'll assume this guy is responsible for cutting the panels to the correct (ish) size...

I think this guy is delivering lunch, as he appears to have a very small squig in his hand... Ork equivalent of Subway anyone?

And why does this guy look so knackered? Well... he has a rather unenviable task...

Might take him a while...

Once the servo haulers are done I'll arrange it all into a cool setup and take some pics... don't think all of it will realistically fit on at once though, as I had a basic floor plan... then bought more... oops.