Friday, 20 May 2016

Projects: Update

So, as usually happens I make plans and then get sidetracked by life and/or shiny things...

To try to regain some focus, I am going to do a blogpost updating current progress on current/future projects.

So, first off, let's start with some good news. The Orktober Revolution, the rebel grots army, has made excellent progress. The infantry is done! That's over 100 of these little buggers...

That leaves just 6 vehicles to complete... 3 of these (currently assembled and basecoated)

And 3 of these...

Of the latter, only the prototype is constructed. I decided I wanted to do all the vehicles in one batch to ensure a consistent colour scheme, and there is where the delay came in... I don't like to be wasteful, so I've been like the kid watching the fairy liquid bottle for the past couple months waiting for two cans of deodorant to be used up... and believe me, I tried my hardest! I'd leave a bathroom smelling like a high school locker room, but still that stuff lasted and lasted. Part of me is impressed with the value for money of something I'd never really paid attention to before, but the inner ten year old was just screaming "I wanna build a god-damn rocket ship!"

I am pleased to report the second can is now empty, so with the finding of a few more random bits I should get this ball rolling again pretty soon.

Of far less progress has been the scenery project to accompany the Bad Moons... the scenery for the Ork Occupied refinery world was built, but that is as far as it has got. But this world, that I have still yet to name, oh my the rich and diverse history of it has most definitely been explored...

This as yet unnamed world was host to a mechanicum refinery when the orks fell upon it, and was swiftly overwhelmed. The garrison forces of the planet, seeing the writing on the wall, chose instead to stay hidden away in their subterranean garrisons. Rather than squander their forces on a lost cause, they would hunker down and call for the cavalry. Then they would rise up in conjunction with returning Imperial forces. But then the situation on the ground changed. The grot rebellion sparked a civil war amongst the greenskins. With their occupiers divided, the garrisoning skitarii saw the opportunity to engage in guerrilla warfare, using their tunnel bores to move quickly and secretly to where they were needed to secure their objectives, before disappearing again beneath the sands before an effective counter attack could be mustered.

These were to be my "pop pods" worked exactly like drop pods but they didn't drop in, they popped up. They had the same footprint, and if they weren't leaning would be just as tall. I felt it worked well enough for a cool thematic list.

Of course, I ordered half a dozen of these things and had just started to put paint on them when the FAQ came out saying battle brothers can't ride in each others transports any more. Ah.

That, admittedly, has taken the wind out of my sails a little for that project. My friend Ken has said he will allow me to play a couple test games with them under the old rules, but if I want the skitarii to be a viable army for more than just a couple of retro games, I'm gonna need to figure out something else on that one. So project needs some refinement before continuing.

On the flipside, my Deathskulls army received a boost, with the release of a flyer that seems destined for that army... so many guns! So I have built a Wazzbom Blastajet and that is the only Ork vehicle I intend to use in that project. Everything else will be a stolen/converted/looted vehicle from another race. This army wasn't so much planned out as resigned to, as I realised that of the vast amounts of unpainted orks, I had a large collection of lootas, burnas, tankbustas and some flash gitz, plus a few shock attack guns... it seemed inevitable the conclusion I would draw. All I had to do was pick up some more shoota boys to fill out the troops choices and I was ready to go. And ironically since then a friend has given me a box of orks he didn't want... yup, more flash gitz! Dakka dakka everywhere!

I have done some test models for this army, and managed to get half the infantry undercoated the other day (the interesting half with the big guns) still have some converting LOOTING work to do though, but with a few landraiders in my bitz box I think I'll have plenty of battlewagons soon enough.

Longer term goals, we move on to Project Bedrock. A snakebite tribe themed on the Flintstones, lead by Warboss Fred (he doesn't Waagh he Yabbadabbadoos) and Big Mek Barney - Barney shall be the focal point for the story of this army, as the most useless Mek ever. He's not even a Mek, he just wants to be, but without the genetic understanding common to most meks he just sort of bodges things together and doesn't understand why they don't work. Hence anything remotely like transportation will be represented by the kind of thing you saw on the Flintstones. So naturally my list maximises this, including a battlewagon, couple trucks, 10 warbuggies and 20 stormboyz. Plus half a dozen meganobz. I had some vague conversion ideas in mind for the meganobz, but then GW released these...
That's one thing sorted! I am however, not quite ready to start this project, with all the other works ongoing. It does leave me in the precarious position of keeping a close eye on the "Last Chance to Buy" part of GWs website, in case they decide to discontinue something I may want from the fantasy range. I think I'm fairly safe on the Stonehorn for a while, and likewise the lizardmen (seraphon?) dinosaurs seem to be safe, but I did pick up a couple of sabretooths as being finecast, I figured they would not be too long for this world... so dribs and drabs in purchasing for that one I guess.

Finally, looking FAR ahead now, was my guard penal legion idea. This is staying purely at the drawing board stage for the moment, as while I have written a list and I like it, there are rumours of an impending 8th edition and potential for a new guard codex... yes I know not SOON soon, but soon enough with all the above to contend with. So that shall stay as an idea for now, who knows they may bring penal legion squads back in to the codex next time they redo guard, which would be very nice from a rules perspective for my army. We can but dream.

Anyway, with all of the above... I really should step away from the pc and grab a paintbrush I guess...

Friday, 13 May 2016

Death From The Skies - Vindication

Well, it's taken almost four years, but finally GW has listened to me...

Back in August 2012 I posted a blogpost complaining that Air Superiority fighters were useless, given that any and all aircraft could choose to have skyfire. Well, Death from the Skies closes that annoying loophole.

It also closes the loophole of a zooming flyer claiming cover from intervening models or terrain... sorry buddy, your only save now is a jink save, you're technically supposed to be above us, out of reach, unassaultable... so claiming cover by hiding behind a knight is a little bit off. I can just imagine the knight looking at you in frustration, as shots pelt off it's hide from friendly fire, "If only you were low enough for me to cut you in half with this massive chainsword that you are currently flying level with..."

The new flyer rules give each flyer a role. The formations then provide bonuses based on the role for which they are designed. I like this, it makes sense to me. It also makes sense that fighters are better at dogfights (although the dogfight mechanism itself seems a bit rock/paper/scissors and needs space on the side to play) and hopefully this improvement will see fighters actually have a place in army lists. The nimble elder fighters are beautiful models, or at least I believe so... I've seen pictures on the website, but have never seen one in real life. Maybe now I will.

Finally, I also picked up a Wazbomwhatsisfacethingy... Have built it and think it is a beautiful, beastly model. I know it's only a few upgrades onto the old kit, but it works well, and any ork player always likes to get more bitz to play with, as when it comes to ork vehicles the instruction manual is more like guidelines anyway...

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick post to try to get back into the swing of blogging, my early part of the year best intentions got knocked off track by a hospital stay and subsequent recovery time leaving me limited ability to engage in the hobby... unable to sit upright for extended periods of painting, painful to stand at a wargaming table for extended periods... happily starting to get back in the swing of things now, so hopefully further updates won't be too far behind.

Oh, and the GW FAQs, whilst I am pleased that the removal of using allies dedicated transports from deployment will eliminate some of the more beardy things I have seen, it does somewhat scupper my themed sktarii force I had just started to put some paint on... so I bought myself an ork flyer to paint instead to make myself feel better!