Saturday, 17 October 2015

Journal of a Sentient Grot: Red Orktober

Greetings, Comrades!

Great tidings for us all, as I bring news of the great steps I have taken since my last communique!

First, I infiltrated myself well among the meks shops of Ghallactika Thrakkits army, and managed to work mostly unseen. The main Mek of this tribe had a shiny suit of armour, and used to spend most of his time at Ghazzas side "Krumpin' eads" as he so delicately put it, so therefore I pretty much took over the Mekshop and as long as I churned out weapons, vehicles and plenty of Mega-armour pieces, I was left mostly to my own devices.

Second, Ghazza had a Painboy with him who was ever so slightly obsessed with improvements, and his work on some of our kin whilst mostly barbaric and fatal, did provide some working specimens... they allowed me to accomplish far more by having greater brute strength around the shop.

My work on the shock attack gun still has not been able to replicate my own genesis, however I have made the field larger and far more stable... I have been able to use it to activate a transportation system between different worlds. The first was an unqualified success, and I visited my former brethren of the Evil Sunz. I then realised it was a one way trip, and had to manufacture an identical device from scratch to get back, hence why it has been so long since my last update. However, I won't be making that mistake again, and I plan on making flat pack kits of more of these devices before I attempt to travel to anywhere else new. However, as a transportation device, my "Gateway to Heaven" is an outstanding success.

I also believe that under the right conditions, my Gateway to Heaven will be able to transport me through not just space, but also time... I believe this may be useful for acquiring technology that has been lost to the ages, and the weapons to fight our oppressors.

The rest of my brethren are flocking to my banner, and my name is starting to be whispered in the streets. The time for revolution is near...

Finally, I have recruited my Revolutionary Guard. These will be the leaders of my army, once it is assembled. In preparation for this, and with a begrudging acceptance of the "might is right" nature of our society, they and I have been undergoing stim treatments. Also, with the mek shop pretty much under my control, you'd be surprised how well a Grot can beef up when he's actually getting fed properly, rather than merely grabbing the food left from our "masters" table. One chap is almost as big as an ork! He is my chief lieutenant, and will help to enforce discipline among our admittedly cowardly race, when the time for revolution comes.

With a few devices to craft upon myself, I shall soon be ready to lead our revolution. The Orktober revolution is coming, and it shall be red!

Until next time, farewell!

Comrade Ereyou

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Beginnings of the Revolution...

So I've been toying with the idea of doing a Grot Revolutionary army, hell I've been toying with that idea ever since I invented the character Ereyou, the protagonist in A Tale of Four Gamers many years ago... What I've really done lately is start to flesh out some ideas...

I've decided it should be themed like certain other revolutionaries...

And to take modelling inspiration from said army...

I've knocked up an unbound 2k Guard list, it consists of Yarrick (as Ereyou - Commissars fit the theme AND he has preferred enemy Orks, which suits a downtrodden grot fantastically) a couple of extra commissars and a commissar lord, a couple of infantry platoons (5 squads each, lascannons) 3 Manticores and 3 Deathstrikes.

To go Bound I'd just have to drop half the artillery and, I don't know fudge in some fast attack (a few of the hellhound variants) and then a few squad upgrades or a fortification perhaps. But as a starting point I want to work towards the Unbound list, cos I reckon arranged in Parade formation it will look awesome.

The guardsmen are similar to grots in stats, just slightly better... we'll assume that being revolutionaries, they finally have control over their own food supply, and have toughened up somewhat. Ereyou will have a few bionics (he's a mek at heart anyway) and I think hellhound will be good to have given this army is going to want to fight Orks, I'm even thinking of basig them in the same colours as my Bad Moons so I have an obvious op-for. I also think the doomsday devices will fit in with the mutually assured destruction ethos of the Cold War, and with the maniacal schemes of Ereyou...

I also plan to lay the clues as I paint up my board, putting choice revolutionary graffiti in a few locations...

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bad Moons Home Turf

Well, I say home... it's gonna be more of an occupied Imperial world, presumably former mechanicum, as the bit I am building has a refinery and some ruined hab-blocks for the workers.

Today I laid out the board so I could get a rough idea of how many ruined buildings I wanted, the rest going to go to my wargames club (ideally we'll paint them at some point, but my hobby time is going towards my scenery first, and there's no point having the buildings sat in a box doing nothing while they wait for me)

Below are some pics of the scenery that has just been added to my hobby desk... what started as a fun little "hmm one or two scenery pieces to match that army I just finished before I start my next army, that should be a fun little project" is now a full gaming table with a hell of a lot of scenery density, presumably to give me a wealth of deployment options. I also have an orky aegies defence line and quad gun coming, although whether I add that to this list or paint it up in the next army projects colours remains to be seen...

And yes, there is a second stargate. That shall be painted in my Evil Sunz colours, and I am brushing up some rules for a big game scenario that could make use of those gates...

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Best intentions and all that jazz...

Well, I had intended to kickstart some more blogging... yeah, about that...

So, a quick catch up on recent progress.

I got a new camera. I plan to get some good pics of my armies and do regular features on them to boost my content output to help with the blogging. I really do mean to do this :-P

I also have been working on some terrain/a battleboard for my Bad Moons. It's to tie in with a league I'm running at my club with rules for home/away battles... so far my Bad Moons are only playing away games, so I can get this ready to truly knock peoples socks off with a beautiful "home world" to defend.

The centrepiece of this homeworld will be my Stompa under construction. This will be amongst a cluster of ruined buildings. I will also have a couple of fuel silos, some oil derricks, an orky landing pad a couple orky Nissan huts, three orky watch towers and an orky command building... so basically it will look like an occupied Imperial refinery with a few nearby hab units (presumably for the former workers of the refinery)

There will also be a stargate type teleporter, one painted in my Bad Moons colours and one in my Speed Freaks colours. Having also recently picked up a snow themed realm of battle board for the club, it could be a cool little nod to link the two armies together. I may even pick up a couple more for future ork armies, make it a running theme ;-)

Finally, I recently played an apoc game with all of my Bad Moons plus some Speed Freaks support. It was immense to have a fully painted army on the table, and while I had planned to get plenty of pictures and try to spin a battle report out of it, I couldn't really get a good storyline after my opponent decided the best use of his knight was to run towards Ghazkhul Thraka on a suicidal hope to explode in a large manner and take the big G with him. He partially succeeded, I was lucky in that while he decimated the meganobz, Ghaz and a couple of buddies survived. However a deathstar biker command group came in and took him down. I got immediate vengeance with my other unit of meganobz and a unit of nob bikers, but with both of us having lost our main characters by turn 2, it meant there was very little narrative to build. I won eventually, him having very little left on the board and me ahead on points by the time he called it at the end of turn 4, and it was a fun game to play, but like I said there wasn't much narrative to find in there. Especially with the most damage output in my shooting phase seeming to come from "ok, that lowly grot squad that I stuck in that truk cos I didn't have room in my deployment zone are gonna take some pop shots at your assault squad... oh, three casualties. Awesome. Ok, that other nameless grot squad in that other truk is gonna do the sa... oh, two more casualties." My opponent started to get paranoid every time a truckload of grots pulled up next to him. This was highly amusing, but difficult to write an epic tale of 40k about... at least, until I eventually do my much promised grot revolution army, led by Ereyou.

Speaking of which, I found some cool models on a third party producer. Grot revolutionaries. Limited range for a whole army, but I found some orky heads that would match them. Question is, do I go with a purely grot force for my grot revolution army (when I eventually do it, this is a when not an if) or do I allow some squads of indentured boyz, working for their new masters?