Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Da Boyz iz Back in Town!

Guess who just got back today?
Them mek-touched boyz that have been away,
Haven't changed, don't have much to say,
But man I still think them kans are krazy...

Or, to put it in plain English, I finished the deff dredd to add to my recent little spate of walkers I have painted up to join my Bad Moons clan.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Done: Bad Moons Mega Dredd

Just a few pics of what I completed the last couple evenings I had chance to sit down and paint. Also got some work done on a deff dread, but when push came to shove and time was short, I prioritised getting this guy finish over getting both closer to finishing, cos it always feels better when something arrives in the "done" pile...

Still to go for my Bad Moons, the aforementioned Deff-Dredd, a counts as truk/battlewagon (it's sort of in between in size so I figure I can use it for whatever suits my mood) 4 Nob Bikers and a Painboy Biker (originally built as just one unit of Nob bikers, but hey, codex changes and all that) a grot orderly and a mekboy junka. Then that'll be the Bad Moons DONE in my eyes... and before anyone says an army is never complete, with my orks I have a cunning plan... new stuff goes into another tribe :P So my Speed Freaks are done, my Bad Moons are almost done... I have a crap load of stuff for my Deffskulls and the start of an idea for some Snakebites... No, I don't know why I do this to myself...

Friday, 17 July 2015

Age of 40k - Is GW going for the Avengers/Justice League treatment?

I would like to start by pointing out that the following is NOT a spoiler. I have no knowledge of upcoming GW release schedules, plots, plans or schemes. What follows shall merely be some conjecture. Read on, and by all means agree, disagree, or simply not give a funnily enough it's about time we moved on to the topic at hand... namely, is Age of Sigmar the bridge that makes the world of Fantasy a prequel to 40k? Well actually I guess you couldn't call it that as it was out first, perhaps a better wording would be is Age of Sigmar the game that ties together two old franchises and makes one (eventually) lead to the other? Sort of like AvP, but hopefully with a better outcome.

So first off there was the knight walking the realms of chaos during the End Times, which was taken as a small nod to a possible link, but nothing more was thought of it. After all, shortly after that the world blew up... kinda distracted us from the minor details.

Once that world blew up, a great shining immortal being clung to the remains of the world. He was found by a mighty dragon that was swimming the void, and brought to nine realms. They had a brief utopia but then chaos does what it does, and happened again. Man, this great immortal being must really be developing a hatred of chaos by now...

So he locks himself away to create a race of super human warriors to reconquer the gala... crap, mortal realms. Sorry, plot sounded familiar there, went off on the wrong track. He creates, the Stormcast Eternals. Beings that are clad in armour and have no signs of the weak flesh they, presumably, once inhabited. Beings that are said to have lightning flowing through their veins... Double A lightning perhaps? Beings that if defeated, phase out... sorry, are reincarnated back in their tomb world... bugger, home realm. I don't know why I keep making these slips about the Stormcast Immortals...

Anyway, he's a very clever man, and he trusts that dragon, so he probably tells him what he's done and how clever he was and how it's done. We'll put a pin in that for now.

So, he then sets about conquering the mortal realms. All nine of them. Though I think the realm furthest out is a bit small and may get reclassified into not quite a realm after all at some point. Anyway, I digress, back on Terra, shit, Azyr, Sigmar sends out his warriors to conquer. This is where the game picks up and we won't find anything more from Age of Sigmar about this story, but we may find some more stuff by raiding the histories of fantasy and 40k.

If we look at the history of fantasy, the Old Ones created the lizards, and used the webway. Presumably that is how the lizards are managing to pop out everywhere now, being the celestial equivalent of daemons. I can't imagine they pretended to switch sides took the chaos blessing then said "Nyah nyah tricked you" I am presuming giving them the rules is to represent some other mode of travel... such as webways and the warp. Which probably causes a little jealousy among the slower races who aren't so long lived as the daemonic lizards and their masters.

Lets presume that Sigmars crusade goes well, and chaos is driven back. We once more know peace and prosperity in Azyr, the realm of heavens, although there may be some lingering resentment between the mortal peoples and the old ones with their long lives and shiny webway travel. Maybe it even leads to open war, with the inevitable result that in this "War in Heavens" the short lifespanned creatures will be getting their arses kicked. But then remember that Dragon? Perhaps he speaks to the mortals, and tells them he knows a way they too can live forever...

The entire civilisation Sigmar has built pretty much get's mechanised, and starts winning. The lizards and their old one masters are forced into some tight spots, recruiting the haughty aelfs through lack of a better ally, throwing anything they can at stopping this metal clad lightning in their veins immortal menace. Meanwhile, Sigmar, somewhat peeved at how things have turned out, beats the living shit out of the great dragon. But it is his friend, so he cannot kill him. Besides, he can see a use for his technological whispers in the future... So he imprisons him. Beneath the surface of one of the nine realms. Which ironically saves him from a far worse fate as the victorious Necrons turn on the C'Tan and shatter them and keep them as totems, batteries, and novelty party badges. The necrons then slumber, leaving Sigmar alone.

Sigmar, once again, must start afresh. He takes the mon-keigh and helps develop them, nurturing their progress. He warns against using robotics (probably writes a few cautionary screenplays at around the turn of the second millennium) though humanity doesn't entirely listen, however things are not so disastrous next time things go south, and the men of stone are mothballed and outlawed - probably at Sigmars encouragement. Sigmar then wants to develop his plan of conquering the galaxy once more, and having been scuppered by someone other than chaos most recently, he turns to his former foes for assistance. They teach him a way to fulfil his plans without robotics, effectively teaching a robotics engineer biology. Sigmar decides that with better raw materials, there's no reason what worked before won't work again, and starts to create Space Marines.

Meanwhile, the aeldar, having plumbed every perversion that can be thought of, think it'll be really fun to "bring out the gimp"

Shoulda left the gimp sleeping...
Slaanesh is released from wherever Myrion imprisoned him, and the aeldar somewhat regret their actions...

Sigmar, having probably long forgotten his own name and just taken a title by now, sets out to reconquer the galaxy yet again... hell, if Abbaddon gets to have thirteen goes no one can mock Sigmar for three...

Anyway, just some loose thoughts, any feedback or musings will happily be debated. I don't think GW would ever really tie the two together, but they probably hope throwing a few breadcrumbs like this out there will lead to just such hypothetical conversations. Cos hey, if we're talking about the back story, we're forging a narrative, right?

The Old Ones first meeting with Sigmar?
*all images plucked from google images, I don't have permission, if someone recognises their work and objects I will remove or give due credit, whichever your preference. Forgive me, I am a humble blogger*

Monday, 13 July 2015

Fluffageddon: Infantry finished

With the kasrkin models tracked down and arrived, I have painted them up along with their squadmates... A few pics below of the models. Painted much the same way as my carapace armoured veterans from earlier in the week.

I also have a couple of primaris psykers, ministorum priests, and an officer of the fleet.

This just leaves me with 4 wyverns and a taurox prime to paint, however as I am still waiting for 3 of the wyverns to be delivered I'm probably going to do some Orks in the time being...

Friday, 10 July 2015

And there's more!

So, to add on to the running total for this week, I finished the killa kans I had been doing while waiting for guardsmen washes to dry...

One of these fellas is fairly normal... well, for a kan...

The other guy had an odd pose when I got him (second hand) sort of drunkenly leaning one way with his left foot very high. I decided to create a reason for his foot to be so high. It's not just knights that get stomp attacks, it's just that knights have got longer legs...

I modelled one previous victim under the right foot, and a poor grot who is focused on his target, and may have just registered a splash of liquid down his right side, but hasn't taken his eye off the prize yet... which is a mistake...

I can imagine the kan pilot giggling gleefully as he stomps through his former compatriots, enjoying his now godlike power... it all seems to fit. Anyway, with the one I painted at the start of the week, here are the krew. So, all together now sing...

Stamp, stamp, stamp, on a grot "arrrrgh" *bbbblllooooopppp*
Stamp, stamp, stamp with all you've got! "arrrggh" *bbbbblllllooooopppp*
Stamp upon a grot today, then maybe they go away,
Stamp, stamp, stamp, on a grot. "oh no" Ha ha hah!

And if anyone can tell me what song i'm paraphrasing (or continue the theme) i'll be very impressed. Ken, I think you might know this... you have to find out the artist if you want to impress me :-P

Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Busy Week

So we've had some glorious weather this past week, but of course being Ginger I try to avoid all of that. On the bright side, I have got a considerable amount of painting done since my last post.

If we include what I did for that post, last Monday, and run to Tuesday, then in the space of 8 days (and I worked three and had a BBQ on another, minigolf for half of another) I have painted 1 killa kan and 60 guardsmen. I was at my most proficient in the 36 hours from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning where I did 30 of those guardsmen.

Now I know these are only to tabletop standard, but I'm still quite proud. They look reasonable, which is what I wanted. They won't win awards, but they won't be mocked either. Which is better than can be said for them before I decided to repaint...

Only 20 more infantry to do (15 kasrkin in a colour scheme pretty much identical to the veteran squad, and 5 support characters - priests, psykers, officer of the fleet) Then I have 5 vehicles and I am done with the fluffageddon force.

My veteran squad, equipped with carapace armour as opposed to the catachans defence of... er... muscle and sweat?
Now all I have to do is confirm I can actually go and buy a bloody ticket!