Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Back in the Badlands... the story so far

As midsummer approaches, it is worth looking back on the badlands campaign to see how things are progressing.

Sir Ulric has had a smashing time gallivanting around and beating up other peoples, particularly ogres. However his extensive travels have had a slight negative effect on his army - they are running low on horses and now have an entire regiment of infantry cluttering up the camp, which is slowing everyone down. So Sir Ulric is establishing a small forward base in the far west to station more cavalry at, so as to continue his adventures in the Autumn.

Meanwhile the Church of the Martyred Monk has been running the growing Imperial encampment with ruthless efficiency, digging up everywhere for the bones of their prophet (little knowing that Sir Ulric has already captured the land where the prophet died, and hastily removed the evidence west, where he is establishing a mine to hide said evidence at the bottom of) The constant digging has unearthed a lot of treasure, making Pontius Pillock, the leader of the church of the martyred monk, quite the rich, powerful, and VERY well protected man. The various trinkets secreted about his person gives Pontius a 1+ rerollable armour save, a 4+ rereollable ward save, WS 10 (so enemies are usually gonna be hitting him on 5s) and he heals a wound every turn!

Meanwhile Roughguts has been very quiet, we believe he is not risking riding out too far until the Talisman of Preservation that was in his travelling luggage arrives... like passengers at Luton, stillllll waiting...

The High Elves to the immediate north of the Empire encampment have taken a bit of a battering, mostly at the hands of others to be fair, though the Empire have sneaked in and nicked a couple of abandoned territories of theirs from time to time. The Dark Elves to the East that started out in such a bad position have been growing steadily, even making a brief incursion into an Empire mine... only to realise they were surrounded and now had a new job.

The Empires historic ally of the Dwarves are growing out from their basecamp in a seemingly unstoppable tide. The hated lizards have borne the brunt of some of this, and are starting to flee East into the hands of some Chaos Warriors, as being the lesser of two evils. Ironically. There is also a Dark Elf encampment feeling a similar squeeze...

To the NorthWest a chaos encampment has surfaced, which was steadily growing, but as armies start to flee from the Dwarves they are finding their own lands increasingly overrun.

Finally, the ogres are pretty much where they started, making the occasional trip out but usually being hastily driven back. However they have made such a mess that no one seems to want to actually go in and claim any of their lands. Must be the smell. With two characters injured and one only just released by the Empire for a hefty ransom, you'd think people would go in for the kill. But like I said, there is that smell to consider... Speaking as someone who has gutted a few ogres in this campaign, Sir Ulric had only this to say... "I thought they smelled bad on the outside"