Monday, 31 December 2012

A Year in Statistics

So it's once again time for my customary review of the years gaming!

So, to start, a quick recap of 2011. I played 77 games with a WDL ratio of 37/11/29. My fantasy game was my weak side while 40k was strong. Neil I got 2/1/1 against for the second year running, Rich H and I got 4/1/4 and ken was something of a nemesis for me, with me only managing 3/0/8 against him. My strongest army were my Orks.

On to 2012 then. First up, games in general. I had a good year this year, playing 97 games (20 more than last year) and managing to win 54, draw 5, lose 38. I improved my fantasy game, managing to win 12 lose 11 which I'm more than happy with. 40k I split into stats for 5th and 6th. In 5th ed I went 11/5/15, but since 6th rolled around I have gone 31/0/12.

A lot of that improvement under 6th ed can be put down to using my Necrons more. In 5th I only got 3 games in, winning 1 and drawing 2. Hardly a fair sample. Under 6th though, I've won 20 and lost 8, giving me 21/2/8 overall.

Orks had a good year, getting 11 wins and 5 losses. Guard won 4 lost 5, and Star Wars Guard won 3, drew 1, lost 6. The Star Wars guard had a bit of a poor year as I used them mostly in tournament gaming, where I didn't do too well... getting a 4/2/6 ratio. My fantasy stats are all Empire, as playing through a campaign and a new codex saw me not bother to pick up my Tomb Kings or Dark Elves at all this year. I shall have to remedy this in 2013.

Finally, on to my friends. Against Ken and Rich I managed to keep things fairly balanced, getting 5 wins and 5 losses against Ken, getting 3 wins and 3 losses against Rich. Against Neil, well I'm pleased to say I got more games in against him this year. Not sure if he'll be as pleased to see this... I played him 12 times. I drew none. I lost... none. Yeah that's right, I got a clean sweep against Neil this year. Given he's been almost exclusively using his Grey Knights (who I'm guessing he does reasonably well with against everyone else given how much people hate them) I'm quite proud of this... especially given one of the battles, during the fantasy campaign, he had a 500 point advantage over me - and yet I still pulled off the win!

So all in all a good year. Plenty of gaming and plenty of good times, plus a healthy WDL ratio to stroke my ego a little! I also managed to keep my high model output up according to the painting points, doing over 500 points again (despite a poor start that saw me only having done 120 points by September!) I will aim to match this output again next year, and you never know I may just try to break the 100 games in a year margin. This of course means averaging two games a week, so it's quite a tough one, I'm surprised how close I got this year if I'm honest. But it's something to aim for anyway.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Santa Klaws Rulez...

As promised, the rules I came up with for Santa Klaws, which by now I should be testing in an apoc game. I'll let everyone know how the rules played out later...



Oi get your choppas out,
'ear the umiez cry,
Giv em all a clout,
and watch em all die...
Santa Klaws is coming, to WAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!



Santa is equipped with Power Klaw, Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, and Santas Sack of Prezzies, Santas Sleigh.

Santas Sack of Prezzies.

At the start of the shooting phase, choose one Ork unit within 12” of Santa, and roll on the following table.

Lumps of Coal. The boyz have been bad. The unit cannot do anything this turn except cry.
The unit gets shiny new choppas and sluggas but no tactical change
As above, but these ones are snazzier, so the orks feel even better.
Lotsa Ammo – Santa has given out extra bullets, all guns get +1 shot this turn
Wooly jumpers – The extra thick layers give +1 to the armour save this turn
Med Packs – The unit has FNP this turn!

The effect of Santas Sack lasts for one turn only. No unit can receive a second gift from the sack. That wouldn't be fair.


Front Armour
Side Armour
Rear Armour
Santas Sleigh

Fast, Chariot, Open Topped, Red Paint Job, 2 twin linked dakkaguns, Exhaust Cloud, 4 Joy Seeking Missiles, A very Special Task. The sleigh has 4 hull points.

Joy Seeking Missiles.

Read out the name of the missile. Whoever has the biggest smile (friend or foe) is the target. That players most expensive unit is targeted.

Range unlimited, no LOS required. AP2 One shot heavy 1 hits on 2+. All are fired at once. Str variable*

*If the person is upset at this turn of events, the missiles are Str 6. If they are ok with things, they are Str 8. If they find the whole episode hilarious, Str 10.

A very Special Mission

If this unit is being used in December, it can choose to be a flyer during any turn. It must be a flyer for the complete turn. As a flyer the rider can vector strike instead of doing his sweep attack.

If the flyer is shot down, the unit that shot it down is immediately targeted by the nearest unit (friend or foe) and an out of sequence shooting attack is directed against it, as everyone is mad at them for spoiling Christmas. Furthermore, all units on the board (including the “friendly” ones) have preferred enemy against THAT unit for the remainder of the game. Whichever player ordered the unit to shoot down Santa can expect to receive abuse from all other players for doing the most callous thing since Alan Rickman called off Christmas...


Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa Klaws is coming to Waaaaagh!

I took the opportunity of a visit from Ken, who owns a far better camera (or two, but still...) than I to get some better shots of Santas sleigh...

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Santas got a brand new bag...

well... maybe not a new bag, but a new ride anyway...

Santa Klaws' sleigh is painted and ready to go in the apoc game I have coming up on the 30th. The apoc datasheet is designed and ready, and after the game I'll post the datasheet on the blog along with something of an after action review.

Watch this space...

Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh you'd better watch out...

Remember this guy?

I made this guy a few years back simply because I had a spare Black Reach warboss lying around and, having painted two, wanted to do something different with the third. Plus I had a snow based Ork army, so I felt he'd fit in nicely. He is very popular with those who see him (I do tend to get him out more at this time of year) and he even made an appearance on bols for my wargaming fifteen minutes...

Anyway, a couple weeks back a staff member at my local games workshop decided he didn't want his Ork bikers (he wants his fast attack slots for dakkajets and deffkoptas, to each their own) and he passed them on to me. Now as I have Wazzdakka Gutsmek the most sensible thing for me to do would be to expand my warbiker force. Instead of one squad of 11 plus Wazzdakka I could run 2 squads of ten, or even just max out his squad size and perhaps make some of those dreaded Nob Bikers that I have always refused to use (but won't be as bad now that wound allocation shenanigans are pretty much gone) Then an idea struck me...

I have converted up the little beauty below, so that the big man above now has a ride.

I've also drawn up an apoc data sheet for it. It's going to count as a warboss on a chariot, with a few funky fun rules thrown in. With an apoc game coming up at the end of the month, I don't want to spoil the surprise for my fellow gamers. Rest assured, I am talking to fellow blogger Ken to make sure it remains well balanced, and I think you'll enjoy having the model on the table, particularly if I can get it painted up in time.

I will post the datasheet and the finished pictures on this blog before the year is out. In the meantime, feel free to play "Guess the bitz" or at the very least how many different bitzboxes I raided to make this bad boy. Ork bikers is a given...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Get to the Chopper!

So, today we played the zombie scenario first posted by Awakening Ynead quite a while back. A good time was had by all, but with this scenario being written for fifth ed there were some discrepancies we need to fix before we run it again.

From 5th to 6th

First off, the changes. The reduction of FNP to 5+ made the zombies weaker. However, the fact that you now get FNP against AP2 and power weapons helped negate that loss... though this did kinda suck for the best power up (the blessing of chuck norris) as your weapons now counting as AP 2 and power weapons would be largely irrelevent, unless you were beating on another player. The zombies were more durable in the wounds to Fearless are a thing of the past (allowing players to get tied up in combats for far too long) We also found Hit and Run to be rather overpowered - the granting of one USR to one member of your team would previously have had little effect, but the new version that says a unit containing at least one model with this skill has the skill means that it can be given to any squad. Combined with the zombies not dying as readily (no fearless wounds) and the hit and run was a deadly skill. In a game where consolidating from combat is reduced from D6 to D3 because of how quickly squads can move up, having a unit that FAILED to beat it's opponent suddenly leg it 15" up the field seems obscene.

The Solution

I don't really want to say that we should use 5th ed rules for this scenario, as while most of us still remember the rules, I don't want to have us trying to remember the old system - far better to have a system that works for 6th ed. As such, I plan to implement the following changes.

Hit and Run - this will be reduced to 3D3", as at least then it is more in line with the result for consolidating from combat.

Zombies shall get flak armour. This 5+ save before their FNP will make them a little more survivable as well as making power weapons and AP 2 weapons have some sort of effect again - they may not ignore the FNP entirely but at least they're not completely useless - the blessing of chuck norris is good again!

Rather than change the rules for fearless, I plan to give the zombies some sort of instability style test. If they lose the combat they take an LD test and however many they lose by is how many armour/FNP saves they have to take. I may make the squad stubborn as they're only LD 5, i'm not sure on that yet.

I have one of the players asking me to alter the spawn points as late game the zombies that spawned at our starting edge were mostly redundant, but I'm reluctant to alter this - it's only a 1 in 6 chance and it's a fairly simple system so I'm happy to leave it as is.

We did keep the old embarkation distance as within 6" of the chopper was too big an area to cover and would have made victory easy. Given I am loathe to alter the basic rules of sixth edition I may change things slightly... either by having the rule being you have to have a model in base with the escape vehicle, to hotwire it for example. Either that or beef up the security of the escape vehicle somewhat, as the boss zombie didn't seem to cause any problems whatsoever.

Due to the way the zombies moved and how awesome flamers are in 6th ed, I decided you couldn't overwatch against Zombies. They assault in their movement phase and don't technically launch an assault for the rules lawyers, they catch you by surprise for the storytellers. We just played the game without overwatch, though with hindsight you could arguably allow overwatch of other players.

Finally, the upgrade of the Blue Shell. This was used quite a lot towards the end of the game, and while people may have had to choose between a good upgrade or messing with their opponents, if they rolled badly on the upgrade (zombie bile for instance) they would instantly pick the blue shell. Why wouldn't you? I think for Zombie Bile (and to a lesser extent banana skin) to have an effect we either have to do blue shell as a swap on a result of 4 or better (meaning the bad powerups are just bad, no dodging) or by applying a rule that only those within 18" of the escape chopper can be targeted by the blue shell - though this latter option means that late game no one will get the bad option, so I prefer the idea of a natural snake eyes is bad and you gotta stick with it.

The Teams

I took a couple of teams. First up was a squad of guard. 2 guardsmen with flamers, a junior officer with the zealot rule, and a couple of penal legion remnants (sergeant plus 2 from 2 squads) both penal squads had +1 attack and rending, which would have been so much more useful under the old FNP rules! As it is, I did quite well with this squad, fighting my way most of the way to the chopper. I had lost a few and was in cover near a Grey Knight with psycannon - I knew breaking for the chopper he'd gun me down, so I charged him instead. I made him take 3 invulnerable saves through rending, he failed 2... but he had a medpack, so survived. He then killed me in the next round.

Another "team" was Marbo with rampage. I could have given him a guardsman or 2 for company, but as a Loner I thought he wouldn't appreciate it. With rampage he had a potential 9 attacks on the charge, wounding on 2s! He sadly fluffed his first fight completely and was lucky to survive... but then Hit and Run saw him shoot 15" up the board - an overpowered skill for sure. He was caught out trying to kill the wounded paladin again. I switched back to team one and tried to sneak up the other flank, but got bogged down in an annoying series of combats. Twice I had 13 hits and did 2 wounds (on a 4+), leaving remnants of squads alive. Sure, I finished them off in my turn, but then I was in pretty much the same position when more zombies spawned the following turn, keeping me bogged down within sight of the chopper as the rest of the field caught up.

So, what teams did well? The winner was a squad of three Khorne beserkers with the hit and run ability. After getting bogged down and killed a less than a foot from the starting line with his first team, he respawned another squad, managed to fail to win his first combat and then HnR his squad a good 13" away. A couple of fights went like this and he swiftly found himself next to the chopper, as the rest of us vainly tried lobbing blue shells at him to slow him down. Without that overpowered ability, I don't think this team was all that.

I was quite pleased with my own team, a couple of flamers, far more models (aka ablative wounds) than anyone else, and by taking the junior officer and issuing "Move Move Move" I could really get a move on when I wanted to.

Marbo was fun, and a real treat, but I know that the minute he got into the open for the sprint to the chopper one of my opponents would easily have dispatched him.

Another team member did well with 5 death cult assassins, the sheer amount of attacks these put out proving deadly. When they were finally dragged down due to their flimsy inv save, he switched to 5 arco flagellents, that managed to rampage through the growing horde waiting their turn to beat up the blood angels in the centre and move up to claim the second escape chopper. The sheer weight if attacks these guys put out meant he was racking up the kills, and had a couple of chainsaws and half a dozen medpacks before we knew it.

Most people seemed to go for the 3 marines you can scrape into a points limit this small, which was great for normal armour saves but made those rending hits downright expensive. I don't think basic marines are the way to go. You have the opportunity to pick and choose from different squads, use it. I was impressed when Rich turned up with a missile launcher with Relentless. The fact that he then got the blessing of chuck norris and used the missile launcher to kill the Paladin I had found so irritating (and who had healed himself back to two wounds by this point) was lovely to see.


All in all a cracking scenario and a fun game. We have a few 6th ed creases to iron out, and once done there is no reason why this game should be an all-day sunday event (took us about 5 hours today, thought the last 90 minutes or so of that was the fight for second!) and not just a regular Monday night thing in regular club hours if we fancy something a bit different.