Monday, 5 November 2012

Spartan Games, you do yourself proud

A long while back I picked up an Uncharted Seas fleet. This was my introduction to Spartan Games, and I found the ruleset solid and the models of good quality. There was some interest in my local club but it never really got past the demo game stage.

Then of course they brought out Dystopian Wars, which uses much the same ruleset as Uncharted Seas from what I hear (no bad thing) but has better background and models. I was thus torn between a keen interest in the shiny new toys, and a rueful look back at my fully painted fleet which will probably never see a game again...

However, not wanting to make the same mistake with Dystopian Wars I did with Uncharted Seas, I waited to see if anyone else would take it up. I am still waiting. I keep an eye on Spartan Games output, but have thus far not purchased anything.

This may soon change, for they have recently expanded to Dystopian Legions. This is a 28mm infantry scale side to Dystopian Wars, and my have they come up with some awesome models for it. I don't know if I'd play the game, as that would depend on local opponents. But I'm already checking out the conversion and counts as opportunities. Check out some of the beauties below.

 First up are some of the Rising Sun forces, that I think Firewasp could make use of for our upcoming Winds of War project if they are released soon enough.

Then from the British forces (an obvious favourite of mine) we have this dashing hero that I fully expect wants me to smoke a kipper, as he's bound to be back for breakfast.

Next up are several shots of the basic line troopers, which I think are beautiful, and could be a good way to do a praetorian guard theme army if nothing else.
Is it just me, or does this one bear a striking resemblance to a young Michael Caine?

 Next we have the hussars, which I have no idea what I'd use them for in a guard army (though I guess if you were using another codex for allies, these could be some sort of counts as jump infantry... swooping hawks perhaps?)

This character is from the Federated States of America, and I don't know what he'd be, but I just think the model is awesome! An inquisitor perhaps?

And finally, a picture from some future releases. Well what can I say. Top Left, we have a cracking scout biker/rough rider model. Bottom left, did someone ask for some pre-heresey jetbikes? And the two on the right, I'd have to check the size of these, but if they are the same FOC slot as the bikes then perhaps they are small, light tanks... a good basis for a cheap grot tank squadron maybe? Time will tell on that one.

All in all a job well done by Spartan Games, and I will be watching further developments with great interest.