Tuesday, 25 September 2012

An Interesting Challenge

I've been playing with my Orks a little of late, and had been having a good degree of success against a variety of opponents, but the other week I ran into a defeat against a Tyranid player at my local club. I'd absolutely tore through his army early game, but his trygons and swarmlord caused me problems. I lost the game due to a bit of bad luck, Wazzdakka and a Power Klaw Nob being unable to kill off 12 gaunts in three rounds of combat, meaning that the swarmlord had time to catch up, kill my unit, and then the gaunts got the 6 they needed to reclaim the objective. I was unlucky. Today I played against the same player again, a similar list (normal tyrant instead of swarmlord, and one or two changes but mostly the same) and again I tore through the guts of his army... but just couldn't deal with those trygons and hive tyrant. This time he got a solid win - one objective each but he'd killed all three of my heavy support while I'd only taken one of his (big guns never tire you get bonus points for killing heavies) he'd also nabbed first blood and my warlord. So no complaints really. But the fact that he was down to three models, and the week before it had been two of those models (plus a unit of genestealers that would have been annihalated the moment they broke cover) showed a weakness in my Ork army. Dealing with monstrous creatures, and in particular Character Monstrous creatures.

Sadly the trygon prime has learned these words, or some feral roar that means much the same thing to an ork...

Let's face it, 5th edition there was a simple answer. Run large squad in. 6 or 7 boyz get eaten. Nob delivers powerful uppercut. Lads are fearless carry on. Next turn 6 or 7 more get eaten, Nob finishes big gribbly off, and then the remnants move off to pick on something smaller. Now however... charge a trygon prime, it issues a challenge. I can either accept, and my nob dies before he gets to swing. Lads do nothing. Or I can refuse, and most of the hitting power from the unit is gone - i may pick a wound or two at best, and what chance I have of that is only when I charge and can throw a whole bucket of dice at the problem. The only solution I can see is to take Nobs squads, with several power fists. It can challenge the warboss who then goes "fine i'll step back... lads..." But that is expensive points wise, and I don't like to take Nobs squads due to the bad rep they got when everyone started running wound shenanigan nob biker lists. Now I know those things are a thing of the past but it's still not something I am used to. I'm also not the type to tailor a list and I don't really want to add them in just to deal with one specific foe - against anyone who can chuck a large amount of str 8 shots about Nobs are a terrible waste of points.

The only other solution is sheer weight of fire, but i've already got quite a bit of firepower in the squad of lootas, the two recently added dakkajets, and the warbikers squad that has proven to be oh so wonderful at snap firing. I'm not sure what more I could add without losing the feel of a speed freaks army.

So nobs squad may be my only hope. Bugger. I shall keep you updated...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

To the Skies!

Since taking this picture I have painted a second dakkajet, just the divebomba to go...