Monday, 30 January 2012

An Alliance Formed...

"YOU DID WHAT?!?" screamed Sir Ulric

"You said we needed funds for this expedition, I provided them" pointed out The Mad Monk, in one of his unusually lucid voices.

"You said you were going to sell some of Gelderlands surplus warmachines to some gentlemen from the East... I didn't expect you to sell them to a marauding bunch of Ogres!"

"I did say they were rotund gentlemen..."

"Well that was somewhat of an understatement now wasn't it. Now we head into the badlands knowing that at any time we could be fired upon by our own bloody cannons!"

At this the mad monk paused for a moment and considered the position. "I don't think this too likely... they seem to be quite happy with the deal, and we forged something of an informal alliance over a very large meal"

"Well I'm glad you had fun"

"Hardly, I had indigestion for days..."

"I have no interest in your constitution! Tell me we at least have some cannons left for our own armies"

"I may be mad but I am no fool - of course we do"

"Very well, let's prepare for this campaign. I suppose at least if those brutes use those cannons to devastate half the badlands we can follow in their wake. I just hope we don't see any lizards. Man those things give me the creeps - weird cold blooded little critters" Sir Ulric rattled in his armour as an involuntary shudder trickled down his spine.

At this moment a little voice chipped in, having suddenly had an epiphany...

"There were some overweight gentlemen from the east... who bought cannons over a feast..."

"Oh shut up Wilde!" roared Sir Ulric "I am most definitely NOT in the mood for your poetry right now!"

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A New Project for the New Year...

I picked up the Necron codex when it came out. And it made good reading. I was tempted. But I was on a budget, so restrained myself. Though the background and character of Trazyn the Infinite I absolutely loved.

Then my mum retired, and decided to use some of her pension lump sum to give her two boys a bit extra for christmas one last time before the frugal years to come. So with a lot more money than I'd anticipated having in my pocket, I went shopping, and bought the job lot below (plus Trazyn the Infinite, of course.

Yeah that is pretty much 2250 points worth of Necrons to play with!

I've put it all together (excepting the Doomsday Arks which are partially assembled for easier painting) and have started painting - though I had to wait for two weeks for the weather to be good enough to undercoat this lot! The first squad is done, and I have my colour scheme worked out. It's simple (obviously) I just wanted something slightly different from the stereotypical green.

I plan to use red for the Gauss and the detailing around vehicle edges and shields (and the half buried structures on the resin bases I picked up) though to break things up a little I plan to use a blue for any Tesla based weapons (my Immortals and the Annihalation Barges then)

I got the first squad done in a matter of hours, so I reckon this will be a fairly quick army for me to paint. The only break in it will be any time I need to do work on my project for Winds of War 2012. I have done the main squad for this (apart from some heads) and have found the models I want to buy/convert for the rest, just gotta wait till payday (which annoyingly is moving this month, so gotta wait an extra two weeks grrr) but with the event itself sometime in February there isn't much time to waste on this one...

My final thought, and something I'm a little bit proud of. The "We'll be back" rolls for my Necrons. Sure I could just lie the casualties down and stand survivors back up. But I came up with a cool little gimmick idea that may get me some kudos points if I take this army to a tournament at all (cough, ahem, blogs wars 3) I have made "We'll be back" counters. The scarab is turned to point at however many casualties I have to roll for. Fairly pointless, but fun I thought!

Anyway, look forward to more posts about Necrons, Winds, and Blood In The Badlands in the coming weeks...

And once again, apologies for the picture quality. It was a good camera for taking pictures of shiny new models... or oodles of shiny new models. And I'm a wargamer first, blogger second*. Sorry!

*Editors note - actually blogging is far from second. There's drinking, watching films, drinking, takeaway food, drinking and half a dozen unmentionables between wargaming and blogging... but between those two I guess the point stands!