Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Year In Statistics...

I did this last year so I'll do it again...

Firstly, a quick recap of 2010. Played 75 games, won more than half. Seriously let down by my fantasy gaming, where I got most of my losses. Rich Hall was my nemesis beating me 11 of 14, Nige I only played 4 times (2 wins a loss and a draw) while poor Ken had a miserable year against me, regularly being on the receiving end of a beating by my shiny new guard codex.

So, what does 2011 have for me? Well, a couple extra games (77) and while I didn't get quite as many wins and a few more losses, I still had a fairly healthy WDL ratio of 37/11/29

Again it was fantasy that let me down. 40k my stats are 30/10/16. Fantasy is 7/1/13. Not good, and with an upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign I either have to break my duck or expect a large black mark at the start of my stats for next year...

Against friends, well Neil it seems we played exactly the same game - 2/1/1 in my favour again. I think this is because half the time I play Neil we end up playing Space Hulk or Dreadfleet or Risk or some other game I don't keep stats for. We do game more than once a quarter I know we do! :oP Rich I managed to draw back into something more manageable, accrueing an even spread of 4/1/4 against. Ken meanwhile seriously turned things around, getting 8 wins and 3 losses out of 11 games against me! Quite the turnaround from last year!

I also this year looked at how I did competitively, and while I'm not a competitive gamer I am pleased to say I made a respectable mid table showing of 9 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses. I don't expect to grace the winners circle anytime soon, but if I can keep picking up best army awards I'll be more than happy :oD

And finally, to a few of my favourite armies of the year. Orks were again a strong choice for me, despite recent coverage on bols on what needs to be done to "fix" the codex. Well this second rate codex got me 13 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. And I gotta admit one of those losses at least was in a tournament where, realising that win lose or draw I was mid table at best/worst I went hell for leather screw the objective in true orky fashion and had a blast. Reading my opponents blog after the event he described it as the best game he's had all year, so a loss it may be but a good one all the same.

Guard served me relatively rarely, only 6/2/3 for the guard... but then that is because I chose to count my random theme army of Star Wars Guard seperately. I got in a fair few games with these nutcases and did better than I expected... 8 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses. They put the percentage of my guard games up but drag their win ratio down unfairly, so I'll be recording them seperately whenever I break them out in future.

One stat I'm glad still stands... I am still undefeated in guard vs guard. Though I am getting increasingly nervous about it, and have noticed that when I am challenged to guard vs guard I really bring my A game in defence of that statistic. I'm a lot more easy going with any other army, or Guard vs any other army, but guard vs guard makes me sit up and pay attention.

Anyway, with 2012 and a warhammer campaign on the horizon, expect me to break out the orks a bit more to try to rescue my yearly average from the damage my forays with the Empire (both Sigmars and Galactic) will do to it!

Happy New Year to you all


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

General Wilde

*My third and (for now) final Hero of Legend for the upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign*

General Wilde considers himself to be a literary genius and a poet extroadinaire. It is not a widely shared view. Most find Wildes witticisms downright infuriating and many have questioned Sir Ulric as to why he would invite him on such a venture. Sir Ulric was forced to confess that his idea of a crusade tot he badlands had not been met with universal acclaim, thus forcing him to team up with the crazy and the unconventional alike...

And besides, the Empire might get lucky... General Wilde might not survive the trip!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Prophet of the Failing Comet

*Introducing another Hero of Legend for the Blood in the Badlands campaign*

No one recalls the true name of the prophet, and it is probable he no longer recalls either. He is known by various aliases that sound impressive to the common soldiery, but amongst polite society he is known merely as "The Mad Monk" He is considered dangerous by some, and comical by others - every single apocalyptic prediction he makes, each inevitable doom, each moment of rapture, each ancient prophecy... NONE of them come true.

Do not mistake polite ridicule for worthlessness though. The lords and captains may mock him, but they also recognise the galvanising effect he has on the common soldier. His combat prowess is also not to be denied as, mad as he may be, he is not fool enough to enter a fight unprepared. Sir Ulric once described a sparring session against the Mad Monk as being like trying to tie knots in eels. As such, he is entrusted with a force of men for those occassions where subtlety is... shall we say, not required...

Arch Lector, Armour of Meteoric Iron, van hoorstmans speculum, sword of sigismund. 225 points.

The Mad Monks Martyrs

Always following in the Mad Monks wake is a steady stream of the insane. Their emaciated condition and frenzied nature leads to a high casualty rate in the units they form, but their numbers are always replenished before the week is out. There is no shortage of souls who share the mad monks outlook on life...

Regiment of Reknown

30 Flaggellents. Prophet of Doom. 310 points

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Knight... Sired by Knights...

*Introducing the first of my characters for the upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign*

Hailing from the minor principality of Gelderland, Sir Ulric left for Bretonia and the jousting scene at a young age. He burst upon the tournament scene with fabulous success, his deeds being the only thing at the tournament to outdo his introductions. His combat prowess brought him to the attention of the Empire Knightly Order of the White Wolf. Crossing the border and joining the order, he has dedicated his adult life to it and has arisen to a position of power within the order, becoming one of it's Templar Grand Masters. With this power he has the political clout to lead an expedition home, back through the Border Princes and to the Badlands beyond...

I give you, Sir Ulric Von Lichtenstein

Templar Grand Master, Mace of Helstrum, The White Cloak, Luckstone. 245 points.

Friday, 16 December 2011

There Will Be Blood...

In these here Badlands...

Starting in the new year I'll be running a warhammer fantasy campaign using the new Blood In The Badlands book for my local wargaming club, and here is the map ready to go (barring one or two terrain pieces I'm still working on, most importantly Fozzriks Flying Fastness itself)

I will try to keep updating the background info on the campaign on my blog, hoping to kickstart my posting somewhat :oP

Monday, 12 December 2011

Fame! Now where's the fortune...?

So I saw the following on bols today... which looks kinda familiar...