Monday, 11 April 2011

The Call Goes Forth Once More...

I will be running a 40k combat patrol doubles tournament at my local gaming group in Portsmouth (UK) on the 28th May this year. The details are available here though it will be following the very successful Winds of War format established by Bracknell Forest Gamers.

For those who wish to attend as singles I've set aside a section of our club forum here so you can chat to like minded people and arrange teams ahead of the day.

Anyone who is interested feel free to ask me any questions you may have here, and other than that hope to hear from you soon with army list submissions :o)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ToEG: Phase One Review...

So the phase is up and the late submission deadline has also passed, so here is a rundown of current standings...

A reminder of Phase 1 points availability

5 for on time
3 for late (within one week of deadline)
0 for unpainted

Also a bonus 1 point available for getting a combat patrol game in.

Now we had a combat patrol evening at the club, and we had a new member take part who expressed an interest in being a late entrant to the Tale challenge, so for now I've put him into this scoring round. Along with all the existing challengers, we have the following scoreline.

Ginge - 6
Rich H - 6
Rich F - 6
Rob - 6
Dan - 6
Rich A - 6
Scott - 6 (though next time to clarify, the deadline is the last Monday in a month, so the last Monday in May for phase 2)
Ken - 1
Josh - 1

So pretty even for most of us so far, and fear not Ken and Josh there's plenty of opportunity to catch up.

For phase 2 the standard painting times/points are the same, and this time there's a bonus 3 points available for getting a 1000 point legal game in. Scott and I already have that actually, having played a game last night. So the onus is on the rest of you!

Good luck, and get painting!