Monday, 31 January 2011

Winds of War - Ready!

This is my finished Winds of War army in it's display case. Just got to hope my team mate can do his force in the next 3 weeks :-P

Until the tournament though, my army is sat in the local gw display cabinet. Which is nice :-)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


A counts as razorback for my winds of war force... Only 3 weeks to go but i'm all finished!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Background... Allies Campaign

As enemy forces advanced on his position through the driving rain, Keily made his escape back to the new Imperial lines. He'd lost his prisoner somewhere while fleeing - that wasn't his problem now though. The information he'd wheedled out of the the lil blue freak with nothing more than amasec was impressive - as a race the tau couldn't seem to hold their liquor, and Private Keily took complete advantage of that. Now to make use of that information. Not for the immortal emperor, nor for the good of the blessed Imperium. This time Keily was looking after number one.

This is just some background info I'm coming up with for an interesting allies campaign that my local GW is running. I may have plagiarised a little bit here, but I'd prefer to call it pop culture references... :oP

With a couple of weeks of R&R for his squad, private Keily knew now was the time. The rest of the lads were up for it. Keily had come up with a cunning plan. With an Ork warband rolling in roughly the right direction anyway, it wouldn't take much to try to tease and coax them onto the exact heading required. They'd then let the Orks keep the defenders busy whilst they nipped in and pulled off the heist of the century. They'd all be rich men, and the loss would be assumed to be spoils of war captured by the enemy. The perfect crime. Staff sergeant Blackjack was in, all that was left was to convince master sergeant Big Jon.

"We'll still need transportation" muttered Keily

"I think I might have an idea for that" said Blackjack thoughtfully "A guy I know, used to drive Leman Russes but swapped for Vendettas - says he likes to be able to get out of trouble as quickly as he gets into it"

"Sounds like a sensible man" admitted Keily "He could be what we need"

"Yo Strangefruit" yelled Blackjack "We got a proposition for ya..."

Woof Woof Woof

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Tale of EIGHT Gamers

With the start of my new Tale of Challenge almost upon us, I can confirm that there will be eight participants this year! I'll still be tagging the posts Tale of Four Gamers, as that way they'll be grouped with the last one and any future ones... but the title of any posts will be TOEG related.

We have the following participants;

Myself - Guard
Rich F - Tau
Rich H - Space Wolves
Ken - Tyranids
Dan F - Dark Eldar
Rich P - Grey Knights
Scott W - Tyranids
Rob - Guard

I am of course building my army for Escalation so my first round is a nice easy 65 infantry O_o

Platoon Command; vox, autocannon – 45
Squad 1 – 5 all identically equipped; plasmagun and autocannon – 375
Penal Legion Squad – 80

Others will have till the start date to submit their planned 500 points to me, and I will publish them all when I know them.

The only detail yet to be tied up is what to do for the apocalypse event. There are several options for this, and I will be consulting the participants to see where they want to go with this one. Participants are quite welcome to vote here in the comments.

Anyway, options...

1 - Imperium stick. Pros - quick, simple, obvious, fluffy. Well, on the good side anyway. Cons - Tau gunline with Nids assault support... OUCH!

2 - Goodies vs Baddies - now this isn't too far from the above, but it puts the neutral Tau on the good side and MY guard (which given the theme of the army are not the nicest chaps in the galaxy) on the evil side. Pros - takes the Tau firepower away from the nids... Cons - puts all the horde armies on one side, making for an EXTENSIVE movement phase :oS

3 - Balanced - we put one nid on each side, one power armour on each side, one guard on each side, one xenos on each side. Pros - about as balanced as we can make it. Cons - not exactly fluffy. *Note can be even more balanced by the various pairs not knowing which side they'll be on till the day of the game or thereabouts.

4 - Rank based - We look at the challenge leaderboard and put 1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th against 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th. Pros - last time I did this we followed goodies vs baddies route and the two players who were doing poorest ended up on the same side. At least this way the ones who have done best (and therefore have probably finished on time each time and had the last few weeks spare to do EXTRA stuff, as opposed to playing catch up on stuff they missed from their normal allocation, will be split up, hopefully keeping the sides fairly balanced.) Cons - again, not fluffy.

5 - Points based - Everyone should have 2000 or so points, but we can have a look at the totals that people are bringing to the apoc game and balance the forces that way. Pro - fair sides in points value. Cons - Could easily make up the points difference with strategic assets anyway.

6 - Random - Everyone turns up, I draw names out of a hat and that's the side you get. Points differences will be balanced with strategic assets. Pros - random nature makes it as fair as it can be, no design whatsoever. Cons - luck is a factor, you could potentially end up with the four smallest armies on one side...

Anyway, the apoc game won't be till about October so not really something we need to worry about yet but I would like to get the format down as soon as possible so people know what to expect in advance and won't accuse me of trying to bend things in my favour.

Do comment on your choices and gentlemen, start your brushes ;oP

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Battle Report

Tonight I played a game against a Valhallen player... so thought it only right that i should take my snow based Ork army :oP

We played sieze ground dawn of war. I had first deployment, and I hunkered a squad of boyz in a bunker on an objective while my bikes and wazzdakka took the centre ground to pen the enemy firepower back. My opponent siezed the initiative and rolled on and took up firing positions against my bikers... with a searchlight and a withering hail of fire I was down to two bikes and Wazzdakka before my first turn even began. Knowing they were now little more than a forlorn hope I split Wazzdakka from the unit and put them right in front of the guns to distract my opponent as much as possible while the rest of my army played catchup.

The firepower was quite telling against my forces but then turn two I pulled things back as Boss Snikrot led some Kommandos into the enemy rear. A good charge took out two squads, a command squad and a heavy weapon squad. They then caused a merry distraction for my opponent as my army crashed into his front. One of my battlewagons had immobilised itself but it was sat next to the objective carrying twenty boyz so no harm there. The other dropped twenty boyz in place to attack a 3 squad infantry blob and heavy weapon squad, with deffkopta support, whilst snikrot and co cleared the last scoring unit from my left flank. With me holding two objectives and nearest to the building holding a third (considering the one on my opponents right flank his, with two squads and several armoured vehicles in my way...) The boyz and deffkoptas got locked in longer than I planned as a commissar first held the unit in check, and THEN fought on alone. How irritating! But I cleared him in the end.

My opponent then took to firing at my boyz unit with gusto. He managed to take it down to 5 left, but they passed the morale check and carried on. He also saw off snikrot and sent the deffkoptas fleeing, though the koptas rallied. He was also moving an infantry unit in towards the objective he needed to tie-game.

My grot riggers finally fixed the immobilised truk, and the burna boyz and warboss were on the way again. Admittedly it was my tactical mistake to leave them stranded so long, though they had a welcome diversion in seeing off an outflanking stormtrooper squad. I didn't think I'd fail THAT many grot rigger rolls in a row before finally getting the thing working again! They then rushed to catch up.

With me sitting pretty on two at the start of turn 5 my opponent got some good difficult terrain and run rolls to tie the score. So it came to my turn but a poor difficult terrain roll meant I wouldn't be able to assault. Loota fire did nothing, so out of desperation my four boyz fired their sluggas. Three hits. Three wounds. Three dead. Morale check - he failed and ran! I would win if there wasn't another turn!

Inevitably there was. And he pounded my orks on the objective in a merciless fashion. There were only four left by the end of the shooting phase, and only my nob from the other squad. Both passed their morale checks. In my turn the truk drove in and got rid of the enemy command squad, whilst the deffkoptas put themselves in front of the enemy guns should there be a turn 7. Fortunately there wasn't, as I don't think it would have been too hard a task for my opponent to finish off the two units I had on the exposed objectives, leaving me with a very long shot to try to force two failed morale checks on his units garrisoning his own objectives. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

A good game and very tense. Snikrot playing merry hell among the enemy backline won this game for me. I should use him more often! :oP

Sunday, 16 January 2011

For the mrs...

Bought this model a while back as it amused my wife, finally got round to painting it. Thought i'd try to nab a picture before I give it to her, though my camera isn't great. The model is quite cool though - from hassle free miniatures if anyone is curious.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Interesting Campaign

One of the staff members at the local games workshop has come up with an interesting idea for a campaign...

You take 1500 standard FOC of one army... and combine it with 500 from the same FOC of another army - though it must include one troop. The idea being the two have agreed to work together, with the larger force there in support of the smaller force trying to achieve their objective.

Now I collect Orks and Guard, and the Orks are better painted, so they'll be forming the bulk of this force. I'll be using the guard to cover the orks weaknesses... namely dealing with land raiders and armour 14 in general :oP

However, I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why these two would be fighting side by side. The best I've come up with so far is opportunistic guardsmen striving to achieve their objectives whilst the orks are keeping the enemy distracted... perhaps they're like Kellys heroes trying to rob a bank in the midst of a war. That's the best I've got, and I'm more than open to suggestions.

Oh, and here's the list...

HQ - Wazzdakka Gutsmek - 180

HQ - Warboss, PK, tl shoota, cybork, bosspole, eavy armour - 110

T - 11 Warbikers inc Nob PK Bosspole - 315

T - 12 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 112
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

T - 12 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 112
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

T - 11 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 106
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

E - 10 Lootas (inc 1 Mek) - 150

E - 10 Burnas - 150

FA - Deffkopta rokkits buzzsaw - 70

HS - Looted Wagon, red, ard case, big shoota x 2 - 60

Thats the 1500 Orks...

T - Veterans, demolitions, 2 x meltaguns - 120

T - Veterans, demolitions, 2 x meltaguns - 120

FA - Vendetta - 130

FA - Vendetta - 130

And there's my 500 of guard. With the melta, demolitions, and vendettas they'll be dealing with the heavy armour. The boyz just charge towards the enemy to cause them as many problems as they can to keep them busy so the guard can do their job. The looted wagon is for one of the boyz mobs to get into for cover and hold in support of the lootas, giving their truk to the far more offensively minded burnas.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phase One Assembled

Ok, finally assembled all I need for phase one of the inaccurately named Tale Of Four Gamers i'm about to run (7 confirmed 2 maybes...) Phew!

So, all I have to do is paint this lot, and towards the end of the challenge do the same amount again... Not to mention converting a squad of rough riders and two squads of veterans - the vets requiring a fair amount of green stuff, and the rough riders requiring... Plasti-card and inspiration maybe :-P

But hey at least phase one is built... Now all I need to do is sand the bases and undercoat them ready to start on the 31st.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Burn the Alien

So got my first game against the new Dark Eldar last night. My friend had been warning me that their codex was beardy and broken and all the usual claptrap, but I like to try things for myself. I personally think they'll be a glass hammer - broken if things go right, and BROKEN if things go wrong.

I took a strong list against this army, though it wasn't particularly tailored - I'd happily take this list against any army. The only considerations were that the hellhounds definitely made it in, and I dropped a melta down to a flamer (using the spare points to bump another melta to a plasma) I even took a combat squad - Ogryns led by Mr Yarrick. But the bulk of the force was vets in chimera, with Hydra support.

We rolled Sieze Ground Nightfight, my opponent going first. He had his warrior squad without transport in a bunker. On turn 1 his jetbikes turbo boosted to my side of the field, his raider with witches came on and took cover behind a building, his raider with warriors did the same on the other side, vect in his pimped ride joined the warriors in cover and some beastmasters led a squad onto the field.

I arrived and put the bulk of my army rather close to his jetbikes. The beauty being searchlights meant the rest of my army could see them once th first chimera did. So while they got their cover saves against the chimera, one of the hydra batteries chucked a few shots (moving so only one autocannon each could fire) their way taking out several. Knowing they needed a break test, I pysker battle squaded their leadership down to 1... and then a few supplementary wounds from other chimeras got the squad below half strength. The other hydra battery tried to clip one of the raiders but didn't have the light.

So with the jetbikes fleeing unable to rally the raiders break cover and gun for me. In return the massed fire of several chimeras (and admittedly my opponent forgetting Vects ride is armour 13) saw two raiders crash and burn and vects ride immobilised. The witches were pinned in the wreckage so I weakened the resolve of the surviving warriors, ensuring they'd be going the wrong way for a turn.

Turn 3 saw Vect and his Incubi storm out of their transport and assault a hellhound. To no avail. His warriors also rallied. In return I saw enough casualties on the witches that they couldn't rally (again the psykers weaken resolve power coming to the fore) and massed fire saw the beastmasters wiped out and the incubi take heavy casualties. At this point my opponent conceded. As it had been such a short game, I offered a rematch.

This time we did the same mission but had Spearhead deployment, again my opponent going first. He went for an aggrssive stance as close to me as possible. I went for a chimera wall with hellhounds anchoring the flanks and hydras in cover. His turn 1 he came at me as quickly as he could, though his lance fire failed to do anything. In return I repeated my weaken resolve trick on the jetbikes, and killed all three raiders.

The witches then charged in and killed a hellhound. Vect and his incubi failed to do anything to theirs. So I boxed him in with chimeras and opened up with everything. The witches were wiped out, as were the incubi and beastmasters. Vect broke his 2++ save and took a wound. With one man and a bunkered warrior squad remaining at the end of turn 2 for the loss of a single hellhound, Dan again conceded defeat.

Now admittedly Dan was not playing with his ideal list, as not all his models have arrived yet. And I was giving him a game with probably the worst thing for him to face - a mechanised force. With Dan doing Dark Eldar for the upcoming tale of however many (9?) gamers and me doing a foot guard army, I can see him having a better time of it. About the only good thing I can say for that army is infantry blob - 50 guardsmen, make him EARN that pain token :oP

Still, a good start to the new year for gaming.