Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Year In Statistics...

I did this last year so I'll do it again...

Firstly, a quick recap of 2010. Played 75 games, won more than half. Seriously let down by my fantasy gaming, where I got most of my losses. Rich Hall was my nemesis beating me 11 of 14, Nige I only played 4 times (2 wins a loss and a draw) while poor Ken had a miserable year against me, regularly being on the receiving end of a beating by my shiny new guard codex.

So, what does 2011 have for me? Well, a couple extra games (77) and while I didn't get quite as many wins and a few more losses, I still had a fairly healthy WDL ratio of 37/11/29

Again it was fantasy that let me down. 40k my stats are 30/10/16. Fantasy is 7/1/13. Not good, and with an upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign I either have to break my duck or expect a large black mark at the start of my stats for next year...

Against friends, well Neil it seems we played exactly the same game - 2/1/1 in my favour again. I think this is because half the time I play Neil we end up playing Space Hulk or Dreadfleet or Risk or some other game I don't keep stats for. We do game more than once a quarter I know we do! :oP Rich I managed to draw back into something more manageable, accrueing an even spread of 4/1/4 against. Ken meanwhile seriously turned things around, getting 8 wins and 3 losses out of 11 games against me! Quite the turnaround from last year!

I also this year looked at how I did competitively, and while I'm not a competitive gamer I am pleased to say I made a respectable mid table showing of 9 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses. I don't expect to grace the winners circle anytime soon, but if I can keep picking up best army awards I'll be more than happy :oD

And finally, to a few of my favourite armies of the year. Orks were again a strong choice for me, despite recent coverage on bols on what needs to be done to "fix" the codex. Well this second rate codex got me 13 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. And I gotta admit one of those losses at least was in a tournament where, realising that win lose or draw I was mid table at best/worst I went hell for leather screw the objective in true orky fashion and had a blast. Reading my opponents blog after the event he described it as the best game he's had all year, so a loss it may be but a good one all the same.

Guard served me relatively rarely, only 6/2/3 for the guard... but then that is because I chose to count my random theme army of Star Wars Guard seperately. I got in a fair few games with these nutcases and did better than I expected... 8 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses. They put the percentage of my guard games up but drag their win ratio down unfairly, so I'll be recording them seperately whenever I break them out in future.

One stat I'm glad still stands... I am still undefeated in guard vs guard. Though I am getting increasingly nervous about it, and have noticed that when I am challenged to guard vs guard I really bring my A game in defence of that statistic. I'm a lot more easy going with any other army, or Guard vs any other army, but guard vs guard makes me sit up and pay attention.

Anyway, with 2012 and a warhammer campaign on the horizon, expect me to break out the orks a bit more to try to rescue my yearly average from the damage my forays with the Empire (both Sigmars and Galactic) will do to it!

Happy New Year to you all


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

General Wilde

*My third and (for now) final Hero of Legend for the upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign*

General Wilde considers himself to be a literary genius and a poet extroadinaire. It is not a widely shared view. Most find Wildes witticisms downright infuriating and many have questioned Sir Ulric as to why he would invite him on such a venture. Sir Ulric was forced to confess that his idea of a crusade tot he badlands had not been met with universal acclaim, thus forcing him to team up with the crazy and the unconventional alike...

And besides, the Empire might get lucky... General Wilde might not survive the trip!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Prophet of the Failing Comet

*Introducing another Hero of Legend for the Blood in the Badlands campaign*

No one recalls the true name of the prophet, and it is probable he no longer recalls either. He is known by various aliases that sound impressive to the common soldiery, but amongst polite society he is known merely as "The Mad Monk" He is considered dangerous by some, and comical by others - every single apocalyptic prediction he makes, each inevitable doom, each moment of rapture, each ancient prophecy... NONE of them come true.

Do not mistake polite ridicule for worthlessness though. The lords and captains may mock him, but they also recognise the galvanising effect he has on the common soldier. His combat prowess is also not to be denied as, mad as he may be, he is not fool enough to enter a fight unprepared. Sir Ulric once described a sparring session against the Mad Monk as being like trying to tie knots in eels. As such, he is entrusted with a force of men for those occassions where subtlety is... shall we say, not required...

Arch Lector, Armour of Meteoric Iron, van hoorstmans speculum, sword of sigismund. 225 points.

The Mad Monks Martyrs

Always following in the Mad Monks wake is a steady stream of the insane. Their emaciated condition and frenzied nature leads to a high casualty rate in the units they form, but their numbers are always replenished before the week is out. There is no shortage of souls who share the mad monks outlook on life...

Regiment of Reknown

30 Flaggellents. Prophet of Doom. 310 points

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Knight... Sired by Knights...

*Introducing the first of my characters for the upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign*

Hailing from the minor principality of Gelderland, Sir Ulric left for Bretonia and the jousting scene at a young age. He burst upon the tournament scene with fabulous success, his deeds being the only thing at the tournament to outdo his introductions. His combat prowess brought him to the attention of the Empire Knightly Order of the White Wolf. Crossing the border and joining the order, he has dedicated his adult life to it and has arisen to a position of power within the order, becoming one of it's Templar Grand Masters. With this power he has the political clout to lead an expedition home, back through the Border Princes and to the Badlands beyond...

I give you, Sir Ulric Von Lichtenstein

Templar Grand Master, Mace of Helstrum, The White Cloak, Luckstone. 245 points.

Friday, 16 December 2011

There Will Be Blood...

In these here Badlands...

Starting in the new year I'll be running a warhammer fantasy campaign using the new Blood In The Badlands book for my local wargaming club, and here is the map ready to go (barring one or two terrain pieces I'm still working on, most importantly Fozzriks Flying Fastness itself)

I will try to keep updating the background info on the campaign on my blog, hoping to kickstart my posting somewhat :oP

Monday, 12 December 2011

Fame! Now where's the fortune...?

So I saw the following on bols today... which looks kinda familiar...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Back in the Habit...

So I've noticed that my blogging sort of tailed off when I was without internet due to moving,and hasn't really picked up since... well this has gotta change! I am officially getting back in the habit!

So, what have I been doing lately? Well with Tale of Eight Gamers approaching it's conclusion I've been looking to new things. The timely arrival of dreadfleet has given me something interesting to do, but it is fairly limited in how far that will keep me occupied. I'll review it a bit later.

Other than that I've been mulling over my next project. Up for debate are the following...

  • A space marine army - I'm working on more of a budget now so perhaps biting the bullet and building one of those codex crossing power army armies would be the best way to get more bang for my buck. I have an idea for the C:SM starter plus a few ideas for C:CSM additions, as well as a bit of a backstory and colour scheme in mind. However, the core 2000 to start me off looks like it's gonna be about £350 or so. Might have to wait and see how payday goes before I start that venture, though a recent tax rebate will come in handy.
  • The new Necron stuff looks cool. I like the change in fluff, and think some of the new models look awesome. I do however fear that every man and his dog will have the same idea, and I've never been one to collect the popular army (damn the new guard codex being awesome and getting loads of people to jump on my battered old wagon - I've been suffering this thing for years, find your own ride now that it's finally good!)
  • With a large backlog of stuff to paint, I could work at more guard stuff, but having just completed a guard army I kinda fancy a change...
  • Similarly I have a large backlog of fantasy models. Though I don't game much with the Dark Elves at the moment, and the Empire stuff I have so much old stuff in old colour schemes I sometimes feel I should just buy more and paint it up to my current standards. Then there are Tomb Kings, and I only have a couple of units to paint to finish off my regular 2.5k force, then it'd just be about adding the new shiny stuff to my army. So this is a good contender at the moment.
  • As always I'm looking for a theme to take to Winds of War next year, I already have something in mind, and with february not as far away as you think now could be the time to start on that little project... On the flipside, I believe that project will be 11 infantry and 2 vehicles, so shouldn't take all that long anyway...
  • Or finally, do a few repairs to my Orks, finish off the alst couple units, and maybe look at getting some other stuff that doesn't fit my standard playstyle (deffdreads and killa kans) to open up new playstyle avenues for that army
So those are the options I'm mulling over at the moment. Any thoughts and input can't hurt. I'm not averse to more than one project at once, so I think Winds of War will kick off soon enough in some form anyway. Really I'm waiting for the necrons to drop properly before I make a final decision on the direction that project will take.

And Finally, dreadfleet

The models are beautiful. Enough said.

The game mechanics work very well. It's a simple system, and while the turning does look a little odd with the back end of the ship swinging outwards, it works in game terms so I'm not complaining. There's not too much to remember (though of course in my first game I kept forgetting CRITICAL special stuff for each vessel) certainly not as much as one of the core games, and I think once you've played it a few times you won't even need the rulebook. The system of sliding damage cards under the ship card so just the vital info is showing is a cracking idea too, far better than the book-keeping I've seen in other games.

As for my first game, it was technically a draw, but with two relatively unscathed Grand alliance ships together, against a bruised Zandri half an ocean away from a BATTERED Bloody Reaver (who was at Move 3, Handling 7, Could only turn to Starboard and was a blazing inferno slowly drifting towards the edge of the seascape) I think the Alliance would have won the day eventually. Though things may have been different if that damn Elf hadn't one shotted my Kraken... admittedly, forgetting the tentacle attacks probably didn't help, but it was still sods law that I got a third (and decisive) crew damage to peg the kraken back to the depths. Something also to remember is that the big ships are more manouverable than you think, as proved by the Heldenhammer turning away from my Fire as she bears bloody reaver and thanks to some well timed orders dodged around an island to get behind me. Admittedly, my Bloody Reaver wouldn't still have been sat there waving it's backside about if it wasn't for that accursed Elf...

So in summary, good game, but I don't like Elves. So nothing new there then...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Busy Month Ahead...

Ok, so, due to a lack of funds didn't pick up the parts for my Tale of Eight Gamers stuff till payday... meaning 5 weeks of this phase just drifted on by with no activity, leaving me something like 3 and a half weeks in which to build, convert, paint and base 65 infantry...

On the bright side have built and converted 55 of them, just the penal legion squad to go. And two objectives. Both of which I'm still Bitzsearching for... :oS

I've also taken it upon myself to do a friend a favour and convert a valkyrie into a counts as vulture... or generally make it look more like a gunship than a fat bodied transport craft. I intend to make use of plasticard for this and am planning to take pics so that, if it goes well, I can make a how to guide for this. If you don't see that guide in the next few weeks, assume I got stuck into my Tale stuff... or the conversion was a disaster :oP

Anyway, as the 55 are waiting for better weather to be undercoated, wish me luck and a reasonably dry day. Further updates to follow...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm Back... and here comes the sun...

Ok, so a slight hiatus to move house became a bit of an epic downtime as Sky and BT faffed around for ages before finally giving me broadband, but alls well that ends well and here I am. In the meantime, I've completed phase three of Tale of Eight Gamers AND run the phase three tournament, in which I came second. The tournament being won by the guy coming last in painting score was a real bonus for me, as this leaves me leading the painting score going into phase four. Awesome!

Anyway, as promised (MANY weeks back) I want to start a debate about Dawn of War. The deployment type, not the computer game. Now the problem I have seen with this deployment type is that everything seems stacked against the player going second, far more so than any other deployment type. In pitched battle if you're going second you just deploy in the best position to weather the storm of enemy fire for a turn. In Dawn of War chances are what little you have deployed will be crushed into your back line, and everything will have to squeaze in with it on your first turn. This makes playing refused flank a lot more difficult, as instead of having 12" to deploy in several layers, you'll be walking on 6" plus have a lot more ground to cross to boot.

Player 1 gets to bring his army on and has the handicap of night to stop him from shooting... at what, the 2 units that are deployed that are probably pegged as far into the enemy deployment zone by the not within 18" rule as possible? You'd be lucky to have the range for most guns anyway, let alone visual acuity. Player 2 rolls on, and there are plenty of targets... but of course you're moving, so can't fire as effectively, and that's IF you can see them. Turn 2, player 1 now has units in position, that haven't moved this turn, and a whole army in front of them and now NO visual restrictions... oh this is gonna hurt. I've played games like this where my SPEED freaks Ork army has only got one unit (and I use that term to very loosely to describe the few battered and bloody survivors) into combat in the entire game. A foot based list would not have reached the assault. And games that one sided are not fun.

At the same time I can see the problem from the point of view of the gunline army - if you're going second, those enemy forces are breathing down your neck before you can even begin to deploy. About the only advantage you have is that while you HAVE to kill those units in front of you, chances are everything else would be out of range anyway. Fail however, and they'll be in your lines tying you up while the rest of their force follows up, with little you can do about it.

Anyway, I think it's fairly clear I'm not a fan and the general mood I see is that it's the least popular deployment type with most people. So I'm wondering about what could be done to change things. Right now player one gets the first clear round of shooting advantage whilst player two get's the bugger all deployment zone handicap... perhaps these should go hand in hand. If you choose to deploy first, getting the lions share of land possession and forcing your opponent into a corner... you then have to weather the storm as he get's the first turn unless YOU sieze the initiative. This would put the units that are deployed far forward to force the enemy into a corner then expected to leg it back to the safety of the firebase in much more danger - GOOD! Surely if they've been sent to scout ahead of the main force they can expect to be in more danger! I've seen games where with good run rolls the entire enemy line is assembled on turn 1 and I can't even tell which ones his "sacrificial" units even were, and my army hasn't shown up yet!

A simpler idea would be to reflect the greater confusion of fighting in the darkness, make the initiative be siezed on a 4+ or something. With this in mind player one may be slightly less gung ho with the units he uses to pen the enemy in the corner, and player two may feel he has a fighting chance of catching these units napping.

Anyway, I'm interested in what you people think. Bear in mind I'm still trying to maintain something entirely distinctive from Pitched Battle and Spearhead here, Dawn of War is a different tactical challenge and I don't want to change it into being a carbon copy of the other two... I'd just like a bit more balance to the situation.

let me know your thoughts.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Balancing a Tournament: Kill Points

I have an upcoming Tale of Eight Gamers tournament to organise, for the end of this month, and I am putting some thought to the missions. After attending blog wars, I could see that for a three mission tournament, whilst doing the standard missions and deployments was by far the simplest way to go, there are a couple of aspects of it that were deeply unpopular. Dawn of War being the obvious one, but also to a certain extent kill points.

Now I've been a sceptic of Kill Points for some time, claiming they were brought in as a part of dumbing down the hobby (no more having to work out half the cost of a 135 point unit, god forbid!) I don't like the fact that at Blog Wars, one poor gamer had to face off against a three kill point Paladin Grey Knight list. By turn one he'd downed a couple speeders and a rhino, meaning his opponent had to table him to do anything other than lose. He came fairly close, and the grey knights player walked away with a very poor VP margin at the end of the day... but he was in the top few going into the final game, and could have won the tournament if his final game had gone better.

I've been there myself... it's intensely frustrating to lose a game when you have over 1000 points left against an immobilised rhino and a weaponless dread cowering behind it. Especially when the game ends turn 5 as the majority of your army, that steamrollered the rest of his force, is racing across the board to engage these few remaining survivors.

However, having said all that...

It has been pointed out to me that with troops units being important in objective based games the kill points system balances things out between elite armies and the MSU style armies. That while it's only a third of games, it still has to be considered in army list design if you want to be competitive.

At the same time as I don't like to give MSU any more help, I don't much like Death Star armies either...

So here is my potential solution, and I'd love to hear any feedback I can get from you guys.

I have argued before for a Kill Point percentage system - If I kill two of the three units in your Grey Knight Paladin army, I've got 66%. Meaning killing a couple speeders and a transport out of 20 KP of my army will only be 15% - a win for me as opposed to a victory for you. If the scores are within 10% of each other (say 66% and 59%) then it's a draw.

Now to try to counter the MSU style army, I have another idea. Take the army list below - no points just a generic style thing I've seen.

Wolf Lord
Rune Priest
5 x Grey Hunters in Razorback
5 x Grey Hunters in Razorback
5 x Grey Hunters in Razorback
5 x Grey Hunters in Razorback
5 x Long Fangs in Razorback
5 x Long Fangs in Razorback
5 x Long Fangs in Razorback

Now that army is currently toting 16 Kill Points, a lot of killing power, and 4 scoring units. Now if I was going to change it from pure KP to KP percentages, that'd push it slightly in this armies favour... so to balance that out, I was thinking scoring units (and their dedicated transports if they have them) count double, 2 KP each. That would mean the army above had 24 Kill Points available, 11 of them in fairly easy to kill transports. Against that Grey Knight List, which would be made up of 5 kill points, the grey knight player would need to kill a good portion more of the wolf army to ensure the victory (as losing one of his units would see him lose 40% of his KP, meaning he has to kill 51% of the Space Wolf army to get the win) At the same time, this isn't unreasonable to achieve, as he can get 46% just from pegging the transports.

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far. If this system seems to be agreeable then I shall use it and just use the standard missions for my tourney... now I need to come up with a deployment type to replace the hated Dawn of War... that could be a bit mroe tricky :oS

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

ToEG: The Emperor is coming here?!?!

As the hulking monstrosity advanced on the Imperial lines, a lowly guardsman quaked in fear. "Issa weesa gonna die?"

He swiftly did, as Lord Vader turned and lopped off his head with his power sword. The rest of the squad had no more problems with their resolve.

Piett turned to Vader and asked "Was that strictly necessary?"

"Perhaps not" mused Vader "But I always found that guy irritating anyway..."

"I can get this situation under control" stressed Piett "I know we've suffered some setbacks, but I need more men!"

"Well you can ask the Emperor when you see him"

"The Emeror is coming here?!?" stuttered Piett.

"Indeed" said Vader "In fact his arrival is immenent. He wishes to take charge of this campaign, he has something in mind for a young rebel..."

"I shall redouble our efforts!"

So my requirements for ToEG phase three are as follows:

Primaris Psyker Palpatine – 70
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Vendetta – 130

My simplest month by far, apart from extensive conversion work to do for the veterans, and having to paint bright red... I don't like painting bright colours, my palette is very grim dark. But should manage to get it done on time touch wood.

Wish me luck

ToEG: Phase Two Review

Well the time is up and then the late score slot too, so here's the scores from the end of phase two.

Sadly Dan has dropped out for Medical Reasons, so we're down to 7. I'll look at getting a substitute in to even things out for the tournament and the apoc game, preferably the same one for both but we shall see.

A reminder of phase two points availability

5 for on time
3 for late (within one week of deadline)
0 for unpainted

Also a bonus 3 points for getting a 1000 point legal game in.

Ginge - 14
Rich H - 14
Rich F - 14
Rob - 14
Rich A - 14
Scott - 9
Ken - 4

Next up for us is phase 3, with the usual painting points available. I'll also be running a 1500 point tournament at some point in this phase, date to be confirmed. Assuming it's before the deadline for painting, I won't be enforcing a painted models requirement for this - I'll save that requirement for the apoc game finale. There will be bonus points available for the tournament, for those who finish in the top three positions. I did consider scoring on a sliding scale for everybody, but that would mean the winner fo the tournament would gain far too much advantage in what is supposed to be a hobby based challenge, so the points available are 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third... and bugger all bonus for the rest of us!

Good luck, further info will be in the phase three part of this forum topic.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Blog Wars - My Personal Highlight...

Game One, Turn Two...

Kharne and his terminator buddies have just pasted some deffkoptas, and are stomping their remains into the dirt.

However, this

Plus one of these


Blood for the blood god! Khorne likes roadkill, right?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

ToEG: As Promised, Pictures!

So, I finally got access to a decent camera so the much awaited good pictures of my Tale of Eight Gamers Star Wars Guard can be shown on my blog.

First up we have phase one and the basic Storm Troopers. I've only got a pictures of one squad here, but BELIEVE me the other 4 squads were just the same O_o

Apart from the large infantry platoon, phase one also had a penal legion squad... also known as Captured Rebel Scum!

And that was phase one. Simple. Though plentiful.

Phase two I started to add some character to the force, starting with someone to lead them...

I also added some "heavy" support in the form of armoured sentinals. I'm working from a self-restricted codex for this army, mainly being stuff that was on Endor or at least in Return of the Jedi in some way... so here are some AT-STs, that just have to keep an eye out for trees...

I'm particularly proud of one of them, whose tustle with an ewok glider had a slightly less "Disney-esque" ending...

I also wanted to include some Scout Troopers, who double up as both Ratlings...

and Rough Riders...

And finally, while he may have expired before we see Endor, this guy is so legendary that if anyone were to escape the fate that seemed to befall him, it would be him. I give you my personal favourite thus far, Marbo Fett...

And to finish, a message to all my recruits for the next couple of ToEG rounds...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blog Wars: List

Well I'll admit I've had a bit of a hiatus from blogging, it's been a combination of factors not limited to getting a part time job, trying to get various full time jobs, trying to publicise an event of my own (which I'm sadly going to have to cancel due to lack of numbers) and I've gotta admit part of it is that I promised I would get a better camera and take some decent pictures - which I haven't done yet. But soon I shall have pictures worthy of you all, I swear... :oP

In the meantime, I plan to attend blog wars and the date is fast approaching, so I've decided to write up my list. Would ideally like to get a game or two in beforehand, but with the new Tomb Kings out and my part time job stopping me from attending my regular gaming club at the moment, I have a bad feeling my next game with my Orks will be a hastily pressed game against Ken the night before Blogwars...

Anyway, here's the list. I don't fear publishing it. For one thing there's so many marine armies entered this thing that anyone who tried to tailor their list to fight me would likely be pulling their trousers down and bending over for every other competitor... for second I play Orks the way they're supposed to be played. No subtlety, no finesse. Take a large amount of green hardcases, and ram down the throaght of the enemy. It works out well a surprisingly high proportion of the time actually...

HQ - Wazzdakka Gutsmek - 180 (My special character for this tournament - and to think the guy said Ghazkull was the obvious choice!?!)

T - 11 Warbikers inc Nob w PK/BP - 315
T - 20 Boyz inc Nob w PK/BP - 160
T - 20 Boyz inc Nob w PK/BP - 160
T - 10 Boyz inc Nob w BC/BP - 80
ded - Truk, red, riggers, ram, armour plates, plank - 65

E - 10 Lootas inc Mek with Kustom Mega Blasta - 150
E - 10 Burnas - 150

FA - 3 Deffkoptas rockets + 1 Buzzsaw - 160

HS - Looted Wagon, red, ardcase, 2 big shootas, riggers - 65
HS - Battlewagon, red, ram, riggers, 2 big shootas, armour plates - 125
HS - Battlewagon, red, rolla, riggers, 2 big shootas, armour plates - 140

PK - Power Klaw
BP - Bosspole
BC - Big Choppa

So, nice simple 1750 list. I've stuck to the simple effective things I can most successfully ram down the enemy throaght, and that I'm used to using. I like Snikrot and his kommandos, but I'm fairly new to them. I've had some games where they've been awesome, but I've also had games where they've been anonymous. I know I can always rely on a good number of Boyz to bring a good time!

Anyway, I'll sign off for now, but keep an eye out for more Tale of Eight Gamers stuff and Tomb Kings stuff soon...

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Call Goes Forth Once More...

I will be running a 40k combat patrol doubles tournament at my local gaming group in Portsmouth (UK) on the 28th May this year. The details are available here though it will be following the very successful Winds of War format established by Bracknell Forest Gamers.

For those who wish to attend as singles I've set aside a section of our club forum here so you can chat to like minded people and arrange teams ahead of the day.

Anyone who is interested feel free to ask me any questions you may have here, and other than that hope to hear from you soon with army list submissions :o)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ToEG: Phase One Review...

So the phase is up and the late submission deadline has also passed, so here is a rundown of current standings...

A reminder of Phase 1 points availability

5 for on time
3 for late (within one week of deadline)
0 for unpainted

Also a bonus 1 point available for getting a combat patrol game in.

Now we had a combat patrol evening at the club, and we had a new member take part who expressed an interest in being a late entrant to the Tale challenge, so for now I've put him into this scoring round. Along with all the existing challengers, we have the following scoreline.

Ginge - 6
Rich H - 6
Rich F - 6
Rob - 6
Dan - 6
Rich A - 6
Scott - 6 (though next time to clarify, the deadline is the last Monday in a month, so the last Monday in May for phase 2)
Ken - 1
Josh - 1

So pretty even for most of us so far, and fear not Ken and Josh there's plenty of opportunity to catch up.

For phase 2 the standard painting times/points are the same, and this time there's a bonus 3 points available for getting a 1000 point legal game in. Scott and I already have that actually, having played a game last night. So the onus is on the rest of you!

Good luck, and get painting!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ToEG: Go For Backup!

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, Commissar Lord Vader**

Lord Vader

Initial scouting reports suggest heavy rebel pressence in this area. Further to a confused attack during poor visibility conditions we have since encountered some determined resistance from forces of a chaotic though admirably implacable nature, followed by running battles with very odd creatures that seemed to just appear out of the trees themselves!

I formally request assistance from the scouting element of the 501st, specifically our ratters and mounted scout troopers. If some AT-STs can be spared for heavy support that would also be useful.

Thank you for any assistance you can spare my lord.


**transmission terminated**

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, platoon Alpha**

The forces are being dispatched to aid you, and I am coming also. Some things I must deal with personally.

Also a notification - a bounty hunter has been dispatched to your location. Do not attempt to interdict him, he has his own mission. A man of your qualities will probably barely notice his presence.

The Emporer Protects.

Commissar Lord Vader

**transmission terminated**

Monday, 21 March 2011

Brace for Battle!

I will be running a 40k combat patrol doubles tournament at my local gaming group inPortsmouth (UK) on teh 28th May this year. The details are available here though it will be following the very successful Winds of War format established by Bracknell Forest Gamers.

Anyone who is interested feel free to ask me any questions you may have here, and other than that hope to hear from you soon with army list submissions :o)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

What we got here, is a failure to communicate...

So I went down to my local GW today as they had a special game on. It sounded fun. I got told they were gonna try to assemble a lot of flyers to assault a fixed position, to celebrate the release of the stormraven. I was interested - with 2 valkyries, 2 vendettas, 2 vultures a lightning and a thunderbolt, I was well placed to take part. No they say, just bring one flyer and one squad. It'll be kinda like a race. To take part you only need a squad and a transport, though naturally flyers have an advantage. Ok, so I packed a vendetta and my straken bomb into a case and wander down.

I get there, and there aren't all that many people there...

And it seems there's been a change of plan...

There will be a squad of grey knight paladins, controlled by a staff member, waiting for stormraven extraction. We count them as individual squads and score 1 point for killing each. There's also 3 points available for bagging the stormraven.

Arrayed around the table, we have;

  • Myself with straken and transport.
  • A kid with a guard squad, command section, sentinal, lone sniper (wtf?!?) and a death strike missile. he was putting his Stormlord on the table too but the staff member told him not to.
  • A kid with a termie squad in land raider and a dread
  • A kid with devastator squad, predator and dread
  • And another guy, with term squad and chaplain in land raider, and dev squad with rhino, and predator, and dread, and scout squad in land speeder storm.
Right, so slightly outgunned then... especially when they said we'd be allowed to shoot at each other, though no points were available for that...

Now as good as the save on those Paladins was, they were still subject to instant death. They were all dead before the Stormraven showed up. I was most annoyed that I wounded with a laspistol and a meltagun... he passed the save on the instant killing meltagun, and lost a wound to the laspistol. That wounded guy was then pegged when the deathstrike missile hit the building. So with the squad gone the scores were 2-2-1 for the kids. The large army had started shooting at the kids early on, (as well as giving me a taste of flamestorm) so we all pitched in on him in return. I pegged his landraider that had caused me some problems and his dread was eliminated.

The stormraven showed up first (by this point a dread knight had been added to the reinforcement pool, worth 2 points) and went for the guard player... which was really annoying for me, as my vendetta, being unable to shoot last turn, had turbo boosted down to the opposite end of the table. I'd have to turbo boost again next turn to have a hope of shooting it on the turn after, assuming it didn't move out of line of sight again. In the turn immediately after it's arrival, it was immobilised... so while a long way away at least I'd be able to head towards it confident it wouldn't fly away... unfortunately big armys termies were heading inexorably in the same direction...

The dread knight deep striked in next to Straken and fired at the remnants of his squad. Clever wound allocation saw me lose the last bodyguard and meltagun. So in my turn I charged. The dreadknight put all the attacks on Straken and his medic. 3 wounds were caused. Two of them eliminated the medic... the final one bounced off Strakens refractor field. As it is he was striking simultaneously regardless, and took three wounds off the monstrosity. The Eviscerator wielding priest took out the final wound.

With Straken isolated he ended up in a scrap with a dread, and they both died in a loving embrace...

So it all came to the Stormraven - could my vendetta blow it up before the thunder hammer termie got there... or should I nail the termy? Knowing I had a dev squad behind me that could easily peg me after nailing the termy I thought my best chance of winning was going for the stormraven. Over two turns of shooting (before the devs nailed me) I got three penetrating hits... I achieved nothing. Oh sure I took some weapons off, but that thing has so many it wasn't close to getting glanced to death. And in the race between the thunderhammer termy and the guard plasma pistol sergeant, the termy passed his inv saves to strike the stormraven down. Giving the other guy three points and the win.

It was a good laugh over all, and everyone had scored some points. The guard player had three men left, the other three of us were wiped out to a man, while the marine player who won still had a termy, a dev squad, a couple scouts and a pred. But I couldn't help but feel somewhat underprepared for the mission... if the other armies had been restricted to one unit one transport, I doubt the marine player would have made it across the field to the stormraven. It's easy to be reckless and turn on everyone when you have as many forces as the rest combined. If I'd brought my flyers, no squads just flyers, I feel I would have wiped the floor with him, and probably still have fielded less points than he did! The dissappointing aspect of the game for me was the sense of inevitability. Seeing how many points more he had than everyone else I felt certain he'd win from the start. The fact that he left it so late was almost a banana skin on his part, but it was still kinda inevitable. I don't like inevitable games, in either direction. I like fun, in the balance, games. And if you're gonna promise a day entitled "Flight of the Valkyries" then I'd like to not be the only guy with an airborne vehicle!!! I felt critically ill-prepared for the game I ended up playing. The only way it could have been worse is if they'd suddenly had an objective for a troops choice to grab...

In the words of Bert from Tremors, "I feel I have been denied... CRITICAL... NEED TO KNOW... Information."

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bloggers Tournament

From the Fang are looking at hosting a tournament for UK bloggers. I'm giving it some thoguht, though the likely location is some distance from me so I may well be relying on the hospitality of a friend and fellow blogger if I wish to go... but here are the details so far. Worth keeping an eye on I think...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

An unknown foe...

The commander of Alpha platoon watched his troops as they advanced, three squads setting up ahead of him behind cover as the other squads moved up on his right flank in a leapfrog manouver, covering each other as they scouted out the terrain around them. The storm clouds overhead made the afternoon so gloomy it was hard to see more than a hundred yards in front of you, though an ominous rumbling sound from the darkness implied the presence of armour.

"This place is supposed to be deserted" muttered commander Piett "Squads, illuminate the target"

The troopers took to this task with gusto, the tracer rounds from their autocannon briefly showing a vehicle before the billowing smoke concealed it once more.

"Well that's not supposed to be there" stated Piett "Send some more fire in that direction, to suppress whatever infantry is escorting it" The troopers continued to fire, with typical accuracy for them.

Return fire started to come from near the wreckage, the pinpricks of light as missiles were launched highlighting the enemy position briefly. The missiles flew wild, some causing casualties and some far from the troopers lines.

"Shoddy fire discipline" rued Piett "Rebellious scum perhaps? Though I do have scout reports of some primitive natives, but I doubt they are any threat to us... Have you still not got that vox working trooper? I'm trying to give orders here!"

As the storm intensified and lightning strikes started to batter the troopers positions, infantry started to emerge from the murky cover.

"Send forward the penal scum"

"Are you sure sir?" asked the vox trooper "I think I can see a flamer in that squad"

"Oh I see the flamer... but that's what those scum are for"

As the penal legion advanced on the unknown foe, they were for the most part roasted alive as not one but two flamers swept over them.

"Oh well" said Piett "No matter. Keep firing"

With a roar the mystery foe was in amongst the troops slashing and hacking all around them. Lesser troops may have fled from such a foe, but these troops know the price of failure and fought on. Sadly this bravery saw their comrades unable to get a clean line of fire at them, though a howl of pain that cut through the storm suggested their shooting into the darkness had had some effect. As the butchers bathed in blood and advanced on the final bastion of fire, Piett had but a moment to wonder what mad men were in these forests, before he was beaten down and left unconscious. The vox link finally crackled into life, just as a chainsword cut it's bearer in two.

Piett regained consciousness back at the bunker. The wounded had withdrawn and returned to sweep for survivors and found him then. Luckily there were still plenty of troops available to him, but as long as he was unaware what was in these forests he would be fighting blind. He needed the 501STs scout troops here asap, and would have to dispatch a signal to that effect. Just as soon as that damn vox was fixed...


This was quite a close game, and seemed to be heading for a draw. I made a bit of an error with my penal legion squad (I honestly only spotted the one flamer, and hoped their sacrifice would whittle down the squad enough that disciplined fire would finish them off - of course after two flamers the few that survived were butchered in combat without getting the chance to try to get some rending hits in) but what seemed to be worst for me was Leadership tests. My troops stubbornly refused to pass a single Leadership test for the orders (FRFSRF) until the fourth turn... by which point I only had one lasgun trooper left! So after failing three LD8 tests, I then had to take an Ld6 test to avoid falling back - something I wanted to fail so I could fire at the enemy assault unit. Nope, THAT one I pass. He beats me in my combat phase, ready to advance in his next turn. He charges a four man command squad, surely this time I'll get to shoot him on my turn. Nope, THEY hold firm as well. Irritating!

Admittedly I don't expect to do too well with this army in kill point missions, though I did reduce it to 4 for this game. I perhaps should have reduced it to three instead but I wanted a bit of flexibility with what I fired at. Of course with killing the razorback on turn 1 I had very little to trouble me so I ended up shooting at the same target most turns anyway, so should have gone for the 50 man blob. Oh well, you live and learn.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Speeder Bike

Here's the prototype for some speeder bikes i'm making. They're counts as rough riders. I still have a little green stuff work to tidy up the rider, make those spindly eldar arms and legs look a bit more human, but for the first one i'm fairly happy with it :-)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Master of Deception!

Yes, you know who I mean. Marbo! The man who can just be there right next to the enemy all game and they won't realise until he gives them a demolition charge shaped suppository...

Trouble is, he's so good at this hiding malarkey, I've been unable to find him since they reintroduced him to the codex. I knew I had the model from my early days as a Catachan player, but couldn't find it anywhere. Have been using a Catachan Devil Ambush Squad leader to represent him for ages now. Today however, I finally found him! Lurking in a box of Tomb King stuff of all places! So hopefully get him painted up soon and start using the real model for a change.

Also on my hunt I found some guardsmen bits that I'd just this morning ordered off ebay (Gah, waste!) another plasmagun (handy) and some old commissars I bought off a mate.

Naturally, the thing I was actually looking for, my Steel Legion Commissar with rebreather, that I picked up years ago and am finally doing the project I originally envisaged him being a part of... he's nowhere to be bloody seen is he?!? Sods law.

Anyway, back to the bitz. I'm hoping if I start looking for, I don't know, some spare Ork stuff, then my Commissar may show up! :oP

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Winds of War Results - Posted

The results and more importantly photos from last weekend are up!

I'm really chuffed with that Army painting score. I knew we'd done well, that it had been flip a coin practically between us and the best army winner... but I didn't know what score we'd got for our painting. 19/20... I'll settle for that :oP

And also good to confirm our 6th place. Having checked the vp and stuff if we had had the time to get the draw against that tyranid player (there was so much cover he could have probably hid his hive guard to salvage a draw) we'd have only got as high as fourth, so shouldn't grumble too much - not like we missed out on a podium place because of it! :oD

Anyway, there's some good pics of some good minis up there (not just mine) so enjoy.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

TOEG: Out on the fringe...

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, platoon Alpha**

Dispatch with immediate effect Eastern Fringe, Gamma Sector, Quadrant 4 - rest of 501st to follow as and when can be made ready following current engagement.

Garrison secret Imperial Base on moon of fourth planet in Moddell system

Scout out local tribes and evaluate threat level.

Good hunting.

The Emporer Protects.

Commissar Lord Vader

Further - if some expendable troops are required, penal squad SC11M has been attached to your platoon.

**transmission terminated**

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Winds of War - Review

This weekened the Halo Marines got their day in the sun, and a good day it was. The army got a lot of attention and compliments, which made all our efforts worthwhile.

Firstly, here are some brief match reports on how the days gaming went.

Game One

This was capturing the objective in your opponents deployment zone. We were up against a Guard/Wolf list. The guard player had the Bastion Breacher Medusa, an armoured sentinal, and a infantry platoon in chimeras. The wolf player had a 5 man squad in a razorback and 5 thunderwolf cavalry, with enough equipment variations to allow wound allocation shenanigans to take place.

Despite the fierce list against us, disciplined fire and a well placed assault (within range of the sanguinary priests feel no pain) saw the thunderwolf cavalry taken out (about 350 points) for the loss of my warthog, chaplain and aggressive combat squad (about 200 or so points all told) We then concentrated fire on the rest of the marines and the force sent to capture our objective was destroyed. This just left getting to the enemy objective. Disciplined fire from the guard and some blocking chimera moves left us struggling to reach the objective with our scoring units, though a grey hunters squad did charge two squads of guard with the ability to consolidate onto the objective. Of course to do that first they had to win... and were promptly beaten. With all scoring units miles from any objective this was quite clearly a draw.

Game Two

This was kill points against a combined Nid force. They had 4 zoanthropes, a squad of 28 hormagaunts, 3 hive guard, a squad of normal genestealers and a squad of yrmgrl genestealers. That's 6 kill points, to our 12. This game was a little irritating as our opponents were really slow. For example, I had two identical landspeeders next to each other. One squad of zoanthropes and the hive guard could see them. Nothing else could see them. The zoanthropes could see nothing else. Yet it still took over a minute of debating for them to decide which speeder to shoot! And then after knocking the gun off it, about another minute to decide to shoot the hive guard at the other one! In this game we felt we were playing against the clock, and so this was irritating. We don't think our opponents were deliberately dragging their heels, it seemed like just lack of experience. But it was somewhat irritating. Especially given we had time called on us at the end of turn 5. They'd won 5 KP to 3. But by this point he had a single zo about to get charged by ALL my blood angels, a couple of hive guard hiding and a few genestealers who were in an assault they'd not been doing too well in against wulfen marked opponents. We kicked arse inthe victory points, about 600 to 300. And with a 6th turn I believe we'd have tied the game, and won in a 7th. So to run out of time is quite irksome.

Even more annoyingly, the first squad of zoanthropes managed to pass 6 out of 6 3++ saves to avoid instant death in the first two turns alone. If they'd taken some of them, we could have sooner turned our long fang fire elsewhere, not to mention taken out a large part of our opponents anti tank ability early on.

Game Three

In game three we came up against a guard tau list. It was D3+2 objectives (3 for our game) dawn of war. We went first and I put my lone razorback in the centre. In our turn I moved up into the lee of a building as we moved the rest of our forces on. Our opponents trundled their chimeras on (there were lots of chimeras today) and then I really caused them problems in turn 2... I parked my razorback on the road in front of two chimeras. It would have meant difficult terrain tests and a roundabout route to get forward, though this proved to be irrelevent as my combat squad caused merry hell amongst the guard contingent. At the end of turn 6 our opponents had little left and we were sat on all three objectives, and turn 7 (which we'd rolled for and got) we were on for tabling them, so our opponents asked to save face and call it full vp for us.

Game Four

Game four was kill points again, but teammates were in opposite diagonal corners of the board. We were against another wolf/guard combo, but this one was a sentinal list, with 3 armoured and 2 scout sentinals, along with a squad of vets in chimera. Deciding that my heavy flamer and heavy bolters would be better targetted on the guard, I sent most of my stuff at him. Ken sent one of his razorbacks his way too, and we'd reduced him to a weaponless immobilised armoured sentinal by the end of turn 3. We then turned to the wolf player. Annoyingly, we could NOT finish off that armoured sentinal for the additional kill point, it withstanding half a dozen bolt pistols to the rear, three krak missiles to the front, two rear heavy flamer shots and 12 krak grenades without getting the last weapon destroyed or better result it needed to finish it off. Meanwhile the wolf player had mauled Kens forces somewhat, though a lone long fang passing his morale test to hold firm in an unobtainable position helped us. Sustained fire from my missile equipped combat squad saw off her last chance of taking him out, leaving just the skyclaws and runepriest to worry about. At the end of turn 6 we were winning on kill points, and with my chaplain and power weapon squad poised to join in the fray agains the skyclaws (and thus allow the missile launcher and heavy flamer YET another attempt at the sentinal) I believe that even had there been a turn 7 we'd have won this one.


So two wons, a draw and a loss sees us better our Win, 2 draws and a loss of last year. They've not published the full results yet but a quick check had us in sixth place I believe, of 18 teams, which I'm quite happy with... especially with how many armies had quite nasty tricks up their sleeves. From chimera spam to hydra love to hive guard and thunderwolves, very few lists didn't have at least something that was particularly nasty to it... for us to do so well with, well, nothing more impressive than a long fang squad... I'm proud of our result. With only a little more time in game two I think we could have got at least a draw, which I believe would have put us on the same gamescore as second place, with only VPs to seperate it. So quite close really...

As for the Halo themed army, well it recieved many plaudits throughout the day. When it came to the prize giving for best army the organiser said it had been down to two armies... one a team effort, one an individual... and they'd decided to give best army to the best painted individual army. They then went on to say that for overall effort and the team armies matching and such we were being awarded the coveted Fergus award. So we didn't leave empty handed! I am also eagerly awaiting the score list to see exactly what points we got for our army painting.

Anyway, it was a fun day, and while Ken was a little disappointed that we didn't win best army (and I am a little too I will admit) at least we got some recognition for our efforts. Ken is thinking next time to not put so much effort in and go for a beardy list like everyone else and try to win it... I've said if he does he's gonna either have to do so for the solo event, or expect to carry me. I LIKE making these little 500 points of cool theme forces. To make an entire army this way is a hell of a project (believe me, I KNOW) and then it won't see as much use as generic forces. So I like being able to throw the boat out on these little projects, cos if 500 points sits on a shelf and rarely get's used, I don't feel nearly as bad. Working from a self restricted codex to match a theme in mind, I doubt I will EVER field a beard army.

But anyway, now I just have to decide what to do next year. I'd like to stick to the geeky sci fi theme, I believe it's quite a crowd pleaser. I had been thinking of a combined force of Eldar and Necrons - Eldar for the VIPER, the necrons for a bunch of toasters running around led by a ressurecting character in a red dress with a killer body... sorry, DESTROYER body, keep making that slip :oP There are two problems to that theme of course, the first being you an't take Necron Lords in combat patrol and the second being Ken isn't so sure about taking a theme list again. So I may have to just work from one codex, which is probably easier anyway :oP I'm still kicking the ideas around for now, as I have Tale of Eight Gamers to keep me busy on a theme army. But my mind is always plotting something...

**all photos from Bracknell Forest Gamers website**

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's a beautiful bridge...

By the time Keily caught up with the Orks, they'd already overrun a Space Marine force sent to interdict them, and were involved in a pretty even dual with some Chaos Space Marines. As the Vendettas screamed overhead, the Orks abandoned the beaten bloody chaos survivors and piled back into their truks in hot pursuit.

"I hope you know what you're doing Keily" growled Big Jon "Cos those Orks look pretty mean, and they're keeping up with us"

"That's kinda the idea Jon" muttered Keily "There's a Nid infestation in the way, we need it gone. If you've got anything better to hit them with than an army of screaming green maniacs, let me hear it now"

"Cut it out with all the negativity!" yelled Strangefruit over the intercom.

The orks tore across into the Tyranid lines, the burnas lighting up their hybrids with customery glee. With the back of the tyranid army broken, and the Orks back to picking fights with the few left crawling, a swiftly timed vendetta swoop finished off the few problem creatures and caught the Orks attention again.

"Nows the part where it get's tricky" muttered Keily "We got Space Wolves in the way now... plus I've heard there are Eldar knocking around."

Not only were Space Wolves waiting for the Orks, but Njal Stormcaller. He was not to be trifled with, and between his storm calling and psychic powers he put most of the Ork force to the sword.

"Strangefruit, get in there and keep those Eldar busy!" yelled Keily

"The only way I have to keep those Eldar busy is to let them shoot holes in me!" Strangefruit cried

"Confuse them then, do your third dog impression"

With a vendetta swooping low over the Eldar position time was bought for the Orks to regroup. Once they are mustered again, Keily will again get their attention, and carry on towards the hive and the prize that resided within...

The above sums up my first four games in the allies campaign. Thus far got a win, a draw, a win, a draw. And thanks go to Yeti's Yell for the movie quote I paraphrased there ;oP

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

You Rebel Scum!

Finished Penal Legion Squad for my Tale. Phase One is complete bar the basing!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops Await Them...

For Tale of Eight Gamers (and Escalation) my Imperial Guard Infantry Company. No close ups, cos they're kinda boring... I just wanted to show what a pain in the arse task I set myself! :-P Just got the officer of this lot and the penal legion squad to do. And you can't imagine how much i'm looking forward to using a colour :-P might just have to do rainbow coloured penal legion to get it out of My system :-P

Monday, 31 January 2011

Winds of War - Ready!

This is my finished Winds of War army in it's display case. Just got to hope my team mate can do his force in the next 3 weeks :-P

Until the tournament though, my army is sat in the local gw display cabinet. Which is nice :-)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


A counts as razorback for my winds of war force... Only 3 weeks to go but i'm all finished!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Background... Allies Campaign

As enemy forces advanced on his position through the driving rain, Keily made his escape back to the new Imperial lines. He'd lost his prisoner somewhere while fleeing - that wasn't his problem now though. The information he'd wheedled out of the the lil blue freak with nothing more than amasec was impressive - as a race the tau couldn't seem to hold their liquor, and Private Keily took complete advantage of that. Now to make use of that information. Not for the immortal emperor, nor for the good of the blessed Imperium. This time Keily was looking after number one.

This is just some background info I'm coming up with for an interesting allies campaign that my local GW is running. I may have plagiarised a little bit here, but I'd prefer to call it pop culture references... :oP

With a couple of weeks of R&R for his squad, private Keily knew now was the time. The rest of the lads were up for it. Keily had come up with a cunning plan. With an Ork warband rolling in roughly the right direction anyway, it wouldn't take much to try to tease and coax them onto the exact heading required. They'd then let the Orks keep the defenders busy whilst they nipped in and pulled off the heist of the century. They'd all be rich men, and the loss would be assumed to be spoils of war captured by the enemy. The perfect crime. Staff sergeant Blackjack was in, all that was left was to convince master sergeant Big Jon.

"We'll still need transportation" muttered Keily

"I think I might have an idea for that" said Blackjack thoughtfully "A guy I know, used to drive Leman Russes but swapped for Vendettas - says he likes to be able to get out of trouble as quickly as he gets into it"

"Sounds like a sensible man" admitted Keily "He could be what we need"

"Yo Strangefruit" yelled Blackjack "We got a proposition for ya..."

Woof Woof Woof

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Tale of EIGHT Gamers

With the start of my new Tale of Challenge almost upon us, I can confirm that there will be eight participants this year! I'll still be tagging the posts Tale of Four Gamers, as that way they'll be grouped with the last one and any future ones... but the title of any posts will be TOEG related.

We have the following participants;

Myself - Guard
Rich F - Tau
Rich H - Space Wolves
Ken - Tyranids
Dan F - Dark Eldar
Rich P - Grey Knights
Scott W - Tyranids
Rob - Guard

I am of course building my army for Escalation so my first round is a nice easy 65 infantry O_o

Platoon Command; vox, autocannon – 45
Squad 1 – 5 all identically equipped; plasmagun and autocannon – 375
Penal Legion Squad – 80

Others will have till the start date to submit their planned 500 points to me, and I will publish them all when I know them.

The only detail yet to be tied up is what to do for the apocalypse event. There are several options for this, and I will be consulting the participants to see where they want to go with this one. Participants are quite welcome to vote here in the comments.

Anyway, options...

1 - Imperium stick. Pros - quick, simple, obvious, fluffy. Well, on the good side anyway. Cons - Tau gunline with Nids assault support... OUCH!

2 - Goodies vs Baddies - now this isn't too far from the above, but it puts the neutral Tau on the good side and MY guard (which given the theme of the army are not the nicest chaps in the galaxy) on the evil side. Pros - takes the Tau firepower away from the nids... Cons - puts all the horde armies on one side, making for an EXTENSIVE movement phase :oS

3 - Balanced - we put one nid on each side, one power armour on each side, one guard on each side, one xenos on each side. Pros - about as balanced as we can make it. Cons - not exactly fluffy. *Note can be even more balanced by the various pairs not knowing which side they'll be on till the day of the game or thereabouts.

4 - Rank based - We look at the challenge leaderboard and put 1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th against 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th. Pros - last time I did this we followed goodies vs baddies route and the two players who were doing poorest ended up on the same side. At least this way the ones who have done best (and therefore have probably finished on time each time and had the last few weeks spare to do EXTRA stuff, as opposed to playing catch up on stuff they missed from their normal allocation, will be split up, hopefully keeping the sides fairly balanced.) Cons - again, not fluffy.

5 - Points based - Everyone should have 2000 or so points, but we can have a look at the totals that people are bringing to the apoc game and balance the forces that way. Pro - fair sides in points value. Cons - Could easily make up the points difference with strategic assets anyway.

6 - Random - Everyone turns up, I draw names out of a hat and that's the side you get. Points differences will be balanced with strategic assets. Pros - random nature makes it as fair as it can be, no design whatsoever. Cons - luck is a factor, you could potentially end up with the four smallest armies on one side...

Anyway, the apoc game won't be till about October so not really something we need to worry about yet but I would like to get the format down as soon as possible so people know what to expect in advance and won't accuse me of trying to bend things in my favour.

Do comment on your choices and gentlemen, start your brushes ;oP

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Battle Report

Tonight I played a game against a Valhallen player... so thought it only right that i should take my snow based Ork army :oP

We played sieze ground dawn of war. I had first deployment, and I hunkered a squad of boyz in a bunker on an objective while my bikes and wazzdakka took the centre ground to pen the enemy firepower back. My opponent siezed the initiative and rolled on and took up firing positions against my bikers... with a searchlight and a withering hail of fire I was down to two bikes and Wazzdakka before my first turn even began. Knowing they were now little more than a forlorn hope I split Wazzdakka from the unit and put them right in front of the guns to distract my opponent as much as possible while the rest of my army played catchup.

The firepower was quite telling against my forces but then turn two I pulled things back as Boss Snikrot led some Kommandos into the enemy rear. A good charge took out two squads, a command squad and a heavy weapon squad. They then caused a merry distraction for my opponent as my army crashed into his front. One of my battlewagons had immobilised itself but it was sat next to the objective carrying twenty boyz so no harm there. The other dropped twenty boyz in place to attack a 3 squad infantry blob and heavy weapon squad, with deffkopta support, whilst snikrot and co cleared the last scoring unit from my left flank. With me holding two objectives and nearest to the building holding a third (considering the one on my opponents right flank his, with two squads and several armoured vehicles in my way...) The boyz and deffkoptas got locked in longer than I planned as a commissar first held the unit in check, and THEN fought on alone. How irritating! But I cleared him in the end.

My opponent then took to firing at my boyz unit with gusto. He managed to take it down to 5 left, but they passed the morale check and carried on. He also saw off snikrot and sent the deffkoptas fleeing, though the koptas rallied. He was also moving an infantry unit in towards the objective he needed to tie-game.

My grot riggers finally fixed the immobilised truk, and the burna boyz and warboss were on the way again. Admittedly it was my tactical mistake to leave them stranded so long, though they had a welcome diversion in seeing off an outflanking stormtrooper squad. I didn't think I'd fail THAT many grot rigger rolls in a row before finally getting the thing working again! They then rushed to catch up.

With me sitting pretty on two at the start of turn 5 my opponent got some good difficult terrain and run rolls to tie the score. So it came to my turn but a poor difficult terrain roll meant I wouldn't be able to assault. Loota fire did nothing, so out of desperation my four boyz fired their sluggas. Three hits. Three wounds. Three dead. Morale check - he failed and ran! I would win if there wasn't another turn!

Inevitably there was. And he pounded my orks on the objective in a merciless fashion. There were only four left by the end of the shooting phase, and only my nob from the other squad. Both passed their morale checks. In my turn the truk drove in and got rid of the enemy command squad, whilst the deffkoptas put themselves in front of the enemy guns should there be a turn 7. Fortunately there wasn't, as I don't think it would have been too hard a task for my opponent to finish off the two units I had on the exposed objectives, leaving me with a very long shot to try to force two failed morale checks on his units garrisoning his own objectives. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

A good game and very tense. Snikrot playing merry hell among the enemy backline won this game for me. I should use him more often! :oP

Sunday, 16 January 2011

For the mrs...

Bought this model a while back as it amused my wife, finally got round to painting it. Thought i'd try to nab a picture before I give it to her, though my camera isn't great. The model is quite cool though - from hassle free miniatures if anyone is curious.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Interesting Campaign

One of the staff members at the local games workshop has come up with an interesting idea for a campaign...

You take 1500 standard FOC of one army... and combine it with 500 from the same FOC of another army - though it must include one troop. The idea being the two have agreed to work together, with the larger force there in support of the smaller force trying to achieve their objective.

Now I collect Orks and Guard, and the Orks are better painted, so they'll be forming the bulk of this force. I'll be using the guard to cover the orks weaknesses... namely dealing with land raiders and armour 14 in general :oP

However, I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why these two would be fighting side by side. The best I've come up with so far is opportunistic guardsmen striving to achieve their objectives whilst the orks are keeping the enemy distracted... perhaps they're like Kellys heroes trying to rob a bank in the midst of a war. That's the best I've got, and I'm more than open to suggestions.

Oh, and here's the list...

HQ - Wazzdakka Gutsmek - 180

HQ - Warboss, PK, tl shoota, cybork, bosspole, eavy armour - 110

T - 11 Warbikers inc Nob PK Bosspole - 315

T - 12 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 112
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

T - 12 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 112
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

T - 11 Boyz inc Nob PK Bosspole - 106
ded trans - Truk, red, ram - 45

E - 10 Lootas (inc 1 Mek) - 150

E - 10 Burnas - 150

FA - Deffkopta rokkits buzzsaw - 70

HS - Looted Wagon, red, ard case, big shoota x 2 - 60

Thats the 1500 Orks...

T - Veterans, demolitions, 2 x meltaguns - 120

T - Veterans, demolitions, 2 x meltaguns - 120

FA - Vendetta - 130

FA - Vendetta - 130

And there's my 500 of guard. With the melta, demolitions, and vendettas they'll be dealing with the heavy armour. The boyz just charge towards the enemy to cause them as many problems as they can to keep them busy so the guard can do their job. The looted wagon is for one of the boyz mobs to get into for cover and hold in support of the lootas, giving their truk to the far more offensively minded burnas.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phase One Assembled

Ok, finally assembled all I need for phase one of the inaccurately named Tale Of Four Gamers i'm about to run (7 confirmed 2 maybes...) Phew!

So, all I have to do is paint this lot, and towards the end of the challenge do the same amount again... Not to mention converting a squad of rough riders and two squads of veterans - the vets requiring a fair amount of green stuff, and the rough riders requiring... Plasti-card and inspiration maybe :-P

But hey at least phase one is built... Now all I need to do is sand the bases and undercoat them ready to start on the 31st.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Burn the Alien

So got my first game against the new Dark Eldar last night. My friend had been warning me that their codex was beardy and broken and all the usual claptrap, but I like to try things for myself. I personally think they'll be a glass hammer - broken if things go right, and BROKEN if things go wrong.

I took a strong list against this army, though it wasn't particularly tailored - I'd happily take this list against any army. The only considerations were that the hellhounds definitely made it in, and I dropped a melta down to a flamer (using the spare points to bump another melta to a plasma) I even took a combat squad - Ogryns led by Mr Yarrick. But the bulk of the force was vets in chimera, with Hydra support.

We rolled Sieze Ground Nightfight, my opponent going first. He had his warrior squad without transport in a bunker. On turn 1 his jetbikes turbo boosted to my side of the field, his raider with witches came on and took cover behind a building, his raider with warriors did the same on the other side, vect in his pimped ride joined the warriors in cover and some beastmasters led a squad onto the field.

I arrived and put the bulk of my army rather close to his jetbikes. The beauty being searchlights meant the rest of my army could see them once th first chimera did. So while they got their cover saves against the chimera, one of the hydra batteries chucked a few shots (moving so only one autocannon each could fire) their way taking out several. Knowing they needed a break test, I pysker battle squaded their leadership down to 1... and then a few supplementary wounds from other chimeras got the squad below half strength. The other hydra battery tried to clip one of the raiders but didn't have the light.

So with the jetbikes fleeing unable to rally the raiders break cover and gun for me. In return the massed fire of several chimeras (and admittedly my opponent forgetting Vects ride is armour 13) saw two raiders crash and burn and vects ride immobilised. The witches were pinned in the wreckage so I weakened the resolve of the surviving warriors, ensuring they'd be going the wrong way for a turn.

Turn 3 saw Vect and his Incubi storm out of their transport and assault a hellhound. To no avail. His warriors also rallied. In return I saw enough casualties on the witches that they couldn't rally (again the psykers weaken resolve power coming to the fore) and massed fire saw the beastmasters wiped out and the incubi take heavy casualties. At this point my opponent conceded. As it had been such a short game, I offered a rematch.

This time we did the same mission but had Spearhead deployment, again my opponent going first. He went for an aggrssive stance as close to me as possible. I went for a chimera wall with hellhounds anchoring the flanks and hydras in cover. His turn 1 he came at me as quickly as he could, though his lance fire failed to do anything. In return I repeated my weaken resolve trick on the jetbikes, and killed all three raiders.

The witches then charged in and killed a hellhound. Vect and his incubi failed to do anything to theirs. So I boxed him in with chimeras and opened up with everything. The witches were wiped out, as were the incubi and beastmasters. Vect broke his 2++ save and took a wound. With one man and a bunkered warrior squad remaining at the end of turn 2 for the loss of a single hellhound, Dan again conceded defeat.

Now admittedly Dan was not playing with his ideal list, as not all his models have arrived yet. And I was giving him a game with probably the worst thing for him to face - a mechanised force. With Dan doing Dark Eldar for the upcoming tale of however many (9?) gamers and me doing a foot guard army, I can see him having a better time of it. About the only good thing I can say for that army is infantry blob - 50 guardsmen, make him EARN that pain token :oP

Still, a good start to the new year for gaming.