Sunday, 24 October 2010

I hate resin!

So with several elastic bands holding the tail booms in place, I have no idea if they've stuck well, though the resin weapon mounts I put on the wings seemed to stick fine. No where it does not seem to want to work is anywhere I have to stick resin to resin. There I can think it's holding, I can leave it a couple hours to be sure, I come back later and move the model slightly... And bits fall off!

Trying my hand at pinning one bit now. Was gonna pin the bigger parts anyway but right now it looks like if I want a tail fin to stay in place i'm gonna have to pin it, which seems a bit excessive! Any tips anyone?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pit of Shades vs Steam Tank

I've seen this question on a few forums, and here are my own thoughts...

In the Empire FAQ it says "Does the spell Pit of Shades affect the Steam Tank? - No" This is pretty clear cut and simple, but a lot of people are saying it's a hangover from when spells without a given strength value couldn't effect the steam tank. I think this unlikely. For starters, that line of text has survived two FAQ revisions since 8th edition, and STILL it remains. So I think it's meant to be there.

As for the explanation as to WHY it should still be there...

From a fluff point of view, Pit of Shades is a bunch of spectral hands reaching up trying to drag your soul to hell. If you don't pass an initiative test to dodge their grasping fingers, you die. Now the steam tank isn't exactly great at dodging it has to be said, but while those spectral hands may be able to grasp it easily - so what? It's a massive lump of metal! They're not exactly going to do much to stop that! They're not going to drag the steam tanks immortal soul down to a place of eternal torment... so the tank has good reason to be immune.

From a game mechanics point of view, if Pit of Shades effected the steam tank it would be devastating to it. Most spell lores have a super spell at number 6 that can really put the hurt on opponents. Purple Sun is a good example - that would, and will, annihalate a steam tank. But it's a tough spell to get off. If Pit of Shades was as strong as Purple sun (and what's more without the risk of Purple Sun of rolling a misfire) then that puts a level 5 spell as better than a level 6 - which kinda defeats the point. That's why I think Pit doesn't affectt eh steam tank - to keep it from being just TOO good a spell!

Anyway, as long as that's on the FAQ I have written backup for my point of view regardless of any arguments :oP but I'm more than happy to hear your opinions... after all, if they do change it next time they redo the FAQs you get to say "I told you so..." but only if your comment is written here first - no belatedly claiming you "thought so" ;oP

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Escalation 2010 - How did it go?

Well, it was a good day all in all, and good fun, so that's the most important thing down. A few of the scenarios were a bit odd, but I'm planning to go next year, so obviously not THAT bad :oP

For those of you who are interested in the details, here's what I got :oP

First off I was curious if my friends dire prediction of Space Wolves and Blood Angels players everywhere held true. I checked around. Out of 24 gamers, there were 4 Space Wolves and 2 Blood Angels - so a quarter had the armies he expected. And the MEQ total was about half. But there was still quite a good spread. Orks were also popular with 4, Eldar surprised me with 3 (one being an absolute thing of beauty, which richly deserved it's Best army award... and it's Fergus award... and he presumably deserved his Woodenspoon too. I'm shocked anyone had the heart to kill models that beautiful! But I digress...) Guard only had 2, Chaos Space Marines likewise. Then there was representative each from the following; Dark Angel, Tyranids, Black Templars, Imperial Armour Chaos Zombie List, Dark Eldar, Vanilla Marines and Tau. So quite a nice spread of armies really.

Game One

The first game was set out like the night fight mission from the battle mission book, with units placed in random sectors. My opponent had a squad of Khorne bezerkers ina rhino, and a plague marine squad (again in rhino) He deployed one near each objective. My Lootas were then well placed to engage his plague rhino (assuming the game lasting night fight didn't stop them) I had the grots in cover for a late game objective grab, the burnas poised to assault the contents of either rhino, and my boyz mob utterly surrounding the beserkers rhino. Sure he could tank shock his way out, but I was fearless and would just step out of the way. He then would not be able to assault if he disembarked, giving me the opportunity to assault him on my turn. As it is, I siezed the initiative... and my opponent conceded. He'd been worried enough about how deployment had gone and the bag he was going to have to fight out of if I was hitting his rhino on 6s... but being able to charge it from all sides, auto hit - emergency disembark would see to most of the beserkers - so he conceded defeat without a shot being fired. A bit of a cheap win, but a win is a win in a tournament, and while I was disappointed not to get a game, I took it in stride. Result - Win

Game Two

My second game was against an Eldar army for kill points. I went straight down the throaght, sweeping Wazzdakka around to the right flank. In his first turn he put 2 wounds on Wazzdakka. Never fear, I have a 3++ save I said. Promptly failed both. Wazzdakka then looked decidedly unhealthy. Kept driving right for the enemy, and it was very close. But Wazzdakka got dragged down (JUST - skin of teeth stuff) by the fire dragons and farseer - if he'd started that combat with full compliment of wounds, or even one, he'd have kept that unit busy for longer. Instead they were free to turn around and assist with the fusilade of fire against my mob that was within spitting distance of his lines, having resoundingly wiped out a guardian squad the turn before. He took them down. With the enemy having more kill points, and me down to my grots and lootas, it didn't work too well, and I spent the last couple turns just trying to accumulate victory points. Result - Loss.

Game Three

Green met green in game three, in a mission again inspired by battle missions. I believe it is an ork mission. Spearhead deployment, objective in the centre and each empty quarter. Only fast attacks can deploy. Well, that'll be nothing for me then. My opponent also held off his FA choices. However, the rules stated everything else was in reserve. So we couldn't even roll in from turn 1. So turn 1 nothing happened. Turn 2 a couple of my units turned up and advanced towards the middle. Opponent - half his army turned up. Turn 3 a couple more units turned up, the lootas running to get into a position where they can do something. My battlewagon rolled in and dropped off a mob, wiping out the kommandos on my right flank. My opponents turn, the rest of his army shows. Including an annoying couple of deffkoptas that manage to rout the lootas! A big scrap meanwhile kicks off in the centre as we start assaulting each other. In orks vs orks, generally whoever charges wins, and this proved to be the case here. Turn 4 a couple more things turned up for me, but STILL not Wazzdakka and his cohorts (meaning a third of my army are still not in the game!) Turn 5 they finally turn up, and things are looking desperate. I turbo boost them into the centre, recklessly, knowing they can be assaulted but hoping the armour save will hold them steady. Meanwhile my big mob assaults the opponents bikers and stormboys simultaneously, and wipes them all out. The opponent charged wazzdakka and co, but lead with his warboss. They were the only two involved (narrow access) and it was simulateous, hit on 4 wound on 2 instant death. 5 attacks against 4. My opponent fluffed his attacks. Wazzdakka got one through. The mob stayed, but they were in trouble. By the end of turn 6 I was holding the centre objective, and was well positioned to contest his sides objective while hopefully getting rid of the deff dread contesting the objective on my side. But the dice failed me - there was no turn 7!
Result - Draw

I was really irritated by this game, as given the first turn was none existant and the second we'd just about trundled on and looked at each other, it felt like only a 4 turn game. I reckon I would have won it if there'd been a turn 7 (read 5) OR better yet if Wazzdakka and co had arrived even one turn earlier. As such I plan to convert a new warbiker, wearing top hat and rabbit ears and carrying a rather large pocket watch, to try to encourage them (from sheer embarrassment) not to do that to me again! :oP

Game Four

The final game of the day drew me against Ken. He had the lead in victory points thus far, though the fact that we were drawn against each other shows we were doing similarly well. It was Dawn of War style deployment (without the night fight) on the most open battlefield in the room. I gulped. I fretted some more as Ken won the roll off, and on turn 1 set up a massive firing line to deal with me. I decided my best option was to try to use the cheap truks as cover for my battlewaggons, and do a refused flank to minimise the amount of shots he could throw at me. At first I didn't think it was working too well as Ken built up several points of a lead in this kill point mission. Then the boyz broke against his lines, and I surged into a few points lead of my own. Disciplined fire pulled it back level, and then we tentatively edged forward from then on, to get a 10-9 finish... in MY favour! Admittedly, if one of those penetrating hits on my battle wagons had rolled a 3 or better it may have been different... 3 times Ken rolled a 1 for that critical roll. And I have to admit my lootas did stupendously this mission, kicking out an insane amount of shots (clearly they had all the ammo for the last mission to use up as well!) It was a very close game, and I just about edged it. We were running out of time at the end so declared the game at turn 6 instead of rolling for it, but by that point both armies were battered and bruised. He could have turned round and shot at my burnas and tried to even the score (though I'd have gone to ground and rolled 3+ cover for all I was worth) but then my lootas would have picked off the last fire warrior of one squad to take the lead again. The remnants of the two armies were mostly seperated by a vast killing field, and there were very few victory points between us either.
Result - Win.


The Bracknell Forest Gamers website hasn't been updated yet, so I can't give accurate scores for everything. I know it was an eldar player that got second (the one that beat me!) and will update in the comments once I know the rest. But I was very pleased to get 7th overall. Ken had a respectable 11th (top half of the table in first solo tournament, can't complain!) Ken can also brag about being the best Tau player there ;oP though I am curios if I can make the same claim.

I was also pleased to have the second highest VP total on the day. In fact if I won that game I drew (and think a little better luck in reserves or one extra turn would have changed) then those couple extra Tourney Points, combined with my VP, would have seen me ascend to 4th! Lofty heights indeed. :oP I did later realise, if I hadn't failed those two 3++ saves in Wazzdakka, and that game against the Eldar player had gone my way... I'd have been tied with the other two top scorers in place of the Eldar player - and my VP total would have seen me come first! But still, saying that, if I'd won my first two games on the trot I'd have faced different opponents in later rounds, and who knows where fate may have led me. But tantalising to think about nonetheless :o)

Overall, I enjoyed this tournament and while I have my reservations about some of the scenarios (I just wanted to put down the majority of my army and play - having two missions where I couldn't deploy the vast majority of it, and one mission where I could but it was deployed randomly - I think strange deployments are interesting to break things up, but they should be different to the norm, and not the majority of deployments.) I do intend to return for winds of war 11, and Escalation 11 too. As regular readers will well know, I already have some interesting armies planned for both of them (though with my usual thing of going for fluff over effectiveness I've no idea how well I'll do!) :oP

Anyway, with the pressure of Escalation off I now have to sort out what I'm doing for the Hammer N Ales painting competition though I think I may do that one in secret and do the big unveil on judging day. Pictures will eventually follow :oP

In the meantime, I'm sure I'll come up with something to write about on this thing :oP

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Santa Ork Is Coming To Waaaagh

Something for the Escalation tournament I'm going to in a couple weeks. I plan to use it as an objective marker, though may use it as a regular warboss in future games. Hell, if the stores all have their christmas stuff out already, no one can complain about me jumping on the band wagon...

Get your choppas out
Reload your gun
Give a grot a clout
We're gonna have us some fun
Santa Ork is coming to Waagh

He's making a list
And checking it twice
The boyz want some truks
And some burnas would be nice
Santa Ork is coming to Waagh

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
Cos he's peering through your window
So stop before you go blind mate

O! Get your choppas out
Reload your gun
Give a grot a clout
We're gonna have us some fun
Santa Ork is coming to Waagh
Santa Ork is coming to Waaaaaaagh!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

How to Counter Teclis...

At our local gaming club we've been playing quite a lot of Fantasy lately, what with 8th ed coming out. One player has been having a run of success with his High Elves (not to mention a few jealous glances at the shiny new models he has to play with) and has been showing just how powerful a choice Teclis is now. He still get's his irresistable force trick, can ignore the first miscast, and is quite frankly a magical powerhouse. So it came to my turn to take him on...

Now I used to play a guy who used Teclis in his Elves (though he has since sold the army and moved on to Lizardmen) and I found the way I killed him most often was to hit him in the face with a cannonball. The first time it was a complete accident - I was aiming at a dragon, overshot and by fluke he failed his "look out sir" roll and died. That inspired me. Henceforth I just kept chucking cannon shots at him, reasoning that he had to fail his "look out sir" roll sooner or later. I used the same tactic for other characters I didn't want causing problems in my Empire lines (Skulltaker for instance)

So it comes to our game. I'd drawn up a gunline list to test out a few shooting principles with a mind to drawing up a list for a tournament a few weeks from now. I took Balthasar Gelt in this list - I'd not used metal magics yet, and while I didn't expect the wounding against armour save to be much good against lightly armoured elves I thought the other spells could yet prove handy. By taking several small units of missile troops rather than the hordes my opponent has been more regularly facing, the big spell Dwellers Below lacked the devastating effect it might normally have. But to be on the safe side I didn't let him get too many magic phases in. My opponent had manouvered his unit out of LOS of the first cannon, and the second cannon fell short... luckily this gunline list had three cannons, and the third shot nailed him! His comrades, if they saw his impending doom, didn't feel inclined to save him. Maybe he'd been bragging too much about how he'd won every game pretty much single handed up to that point and they'd had enough. Either way, Teclis was paste. From that point, I had absolute magical dominance, and wiped out half his largest unit by turning them into gold (taking his Battle Standard Bearer with it!) It didn't help his cause that of his remaining 4 units (all needing panic checks) three of them failed! My opponent conceded as we were starting the third turn - he'd lost half his army while I'd lost barely anything. I don't normally like such one sided games, but it's always fun to kill Teclis! It was also good to get one over one of the expected strong challengers in the upcoming tournament.

Of course, sods law when it comes to the actual tournament my cannon crew won't be able to hit a barn from inside it, though I have joked in the past about modeling a sniper sight onto my cannon barrels. Perhaps I should do this in time for the tournament, to try to inspire my troops.

In the meantime, I will admit "shoot him with a cannon and hope he rolls a 1" is fairly limited advice for dealing with Teclis, but in every game I've ever played against him, I can't recall killing him any other way. On the flip side, I seem to recall achieving it a disproportionate number of times... to the extent that we swear he's hard of hearing.

"Look out sir!"

"Huh?" SPLAT

For those who were hoping for some more tactical insights, an ogre player I know has a trinket that makes Teclis miscast more and roll on the ogre table (though he still ignores the first one) whilst the lizardman player has the ability to pass his own miscast on to someone else (and Teclis CAN'T ignore that one!) I think Feedback scroll isn't the best way (how often do you get the chance to dispell a Teclis spell, he IFs nearly everything) and of course if you could get the Ring of Hotek close enough that may cause a few problems. But beyond that, I'll keep to my guns ;oP