Monday, 23 August 2010

Marbo...? polo!

Played a couple of away games this weekend, on a visit to my friend Ken. Took a list that was designed mainly to play with some newly painted sentinals. It had 9 scout sentinals, and a catachan flavoured list led by Straken. 4 squads vets in chimeras (2 squads melta, 2 plasma) a couple squads penal legion, and two 2 tank batteries of hydras. And of course, Marbo.

My opponent had a Farsight build Tau army. Lot's of suits, 3 squads of fire warriors, a broadside battery 2 devilfish and a hammerhead.

The first game was one objective each, spearhead deployment. This game went very well. Marbo devastated the broadsides with a well placed demolition charge. He then ducked to avoid the survivors instant killing fire. He was then assaulted by the broadside, knocking down the protecting dinner plates and chasing the broadside down. He made a thorough nuisance of himself! Meanwhile one penal legion squad held my objective, despite a late attempt to wrest control from me. By the end of turn 7, there were 2 weaponless immobilised devilfish, and one fire warrior squad hiding in a building. A solid win.

The second game had three objectives, dawn of war deployment. Having seen how much of my force could outflank my opponent castled up in the centre of his lines. He had the first turn and swiftly withdrew his forces back to his own area. I attacked along a refused flank, though with a bulk of chimeras and hydras in the middle as a firebase. This game the Tau had far more success in taking out my forces, my flanking attempts doing minimal damage before being swiftly dealt with. My opponent did do a fatal error though. He pulled his forces off the objective in his deployment zone (fearing the heavy flamer armed sentinal would get too close. He loaded them in a devilfish for more mobility, but a couple of rounds of shooting from a hydra kept stunning the tank, preventing it from moving. With a veteran squad holding my home objective I was in the lead, with several squads bearing down on the centre objective. The game ended on turn 5 with a 1-0 win for me, though I think on turn 6 I could have got rid of the immobilised and stripped hammerhead that was contesting the central objective. I think Ken would have needed a turn 7 to try to force the draw, despite finishing the game with far more intact forces.

All in all a couple of good wins, and good to be back with the guard after Waaaghing for so long!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

FIRE! I bid you to burn...

This is Arthur Brown. He lives in a crazy world. He's my freshly painted Empire Fire wizard.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Productive Weekend...

So, for those who may have noticed my painting points tally shooting up these past couple of days, I had a long weekend at work... and one of the benefits of my job is that while shift means I lose half my weekends, on the weekends I am in work, it's quiet enough for me to get some painting done in the idle hours between calls. Here is what I have managed to get painted over the last few days.

Above we have a Karl Franz on foot conversion I made a little while back, finally painted. I did him in his own cities colours, and while that will make him stand out like a sore thumb among my Hochland force, I think I'll only be bringing him out in the really big games anyway (now that we're back to percentages on characters)

Here I have a wizard of the Amethyst order. I'm really liking the Lores of Death and Shadow at the moment. It does help that I seem to be playing Lizards and Ogres, and these two lores punish low Initiative. If everyone starts playing Chaos Knights then Balthasar Gelt will look a lot more appealing! I need to get a shadow wizard, but for the Lore of Death I am very happy with this guy.

Some very simple old models, finally with a bit of paint on them. I got these about ten years ago now, so will admit to not putting much effort in, as to be honest I hate the models now. But they will make up numbers in my army, and regiments aren't cheap. So I'll give them some colour instead of grey plastic and learn to live with them a bit longer.

Here I have some of those crazed idiots, the flagellents. This is the first batch of ten, I'm halfway through the second batch, with a third to follow! But I do love these guys in game so it's about time I got them painted. I like the model too, though am deliberately giving them a grubby look (when the world is ending personal hygiene seems to go out of the window - ask any teenager! :oP

And finally, I finally got this little mob below done. Getting through all those parts of the Ork army I rarely use, may have a fully painted army one of these days. Only a looted vehicle, 10 Stormboyz, 20 Boyz, a skullhammer and about 30 deffkoptas to go now... :oS

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Do You Know What Nemesis Means?

A righteous case of retribution, personified by an appropriate agent. In this case manifesting itself, as an orrible **** - ME!

Snatch quote aside, the book is a really good read, and another fantastic addition to the Horus Heresy series of novels. Like a couple of others (Mechanicum springs to mind) this book focuses less on the legions, and far more on the humans of the Imperium. Admittedly, assassins are quite extraordinary humans, but they are human nonetheless. This book gives the assassins a human side I'd never before considered - though this of course is in varying degrees - the Culexus doesn't come across as all that human, and has an autistic quality to their character. But given the background, this does make sense.

Obviously this book has the major drawback that it shares with the whole heresy series - we know who the bad guys are. We know which legions fall, we know who wins. We also know that, whatever happens, the assassins will fail to complete their mission of killing Horus. But like most Heresy novels it brushes this aside. We know the Alpha Legion fall - Legion told us how and was a fascinating book. In this, we know they do not suceed - but it is still an excellent story that had me gripped to the end.

Spoiler Alert

Speaking of the end, and please do not read any further if you have not yet read the book... or if you do so then don't blame me, I've given plenty warning! :oP

Anyway, at the end it was implied that Horus had been tipped off that the team was out to get him, and thus sent someone else to take his place. But who tipped him off? Not many people knew about the team. Is there a traitor among the leaders of the assassins? Personally I think not. My own opinion (and if you're going to disagree in the comments, please give the same spoiler warnings I have given here so people who skip this paragraph don't accidentally get the story from your riposte) is that the "traitor" if you will is none other than Rogal Dorn. He seemed so appalled by the idea of sneaky war, that while I do not think he would ever betray the Emperor or the Imperium, he may have tipped his brother off about the assassination attempt. Why, you ask? Partly because he thinks assassination is a dishonest way of making war. Mainly I think because he thinks Horus predictable and a preferable adversary to whoever would take the reigns of the crusade following his death. And possibly, despite it all, he wouldn't want to see one of his brothers meet such an ignoble end.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. All in all, an excellent book. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Horus Heresy series.