Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Journal of a Sentient Grot - Industrial Action

Comrades! We have today earned a great victory, and the time for celebration is upon us!

Let me start at the beginning. My efforts to get my muscularly challenged greenskin kin to rise up with me against our brutal oppressors has met with some success. I talked (and threatened and bribed) the entire community into a strike! We hit this tribe where it hurts most - we shut down promethium production. The fleet of vehicles swiftly ground to a halt, bringing Bugrit to the negotiating table we'd set up at a small town near the edge of the forest.

Admittedly, Bugrits negotiating tactics were somewhat better than mine. He brought the entire tribe, who were somewhat annoyed. He muttered something about "lernin ow to negoshiate from maggie" and proceeded to fire clumps of my kin from the building through the warp to the ground below, where any deranged survivors would be set upon by the crowds below. Clearly the power of the unions will not be my route to success in my endeavours to bring my kind to the top of ork society.

At this point though, things changed. The humies, obviously seeing our entire tribe caught on foot, decided to attack! That dastardly Koenig fellow was back again!

Naturally, with a more entertaining opponent arriving the entire tribe turned and ran towards the ridgeline the enemy occupied. Despite the withering hail of fire put out by the enemy, the tribe got amongst them and ran amok. The imperials had set up a firing line and barely advanced beyond it. Before long, we'd wiped them out to a man!

Most importantly, from the word on the grapevine I believe that Koenig may well have been struck down. Will this be the last we shall see of him? Here's hoping. And in further good news, with such a comprehensive victory, we managed to seize some key imperial assets - those cursed anti aircraft units that normally tear our truks to shreds. Admittedly they aren't currently in the best condition, and we may never get them working as well as they did... but then neither will the enemy, and sometimes that is quite enough!

With our numbers thinned we're back working harder than ever at the promethium plants, and I have learned that industrial action is not the route to glory. I will think of something else. I'm just biding my time.

Till the next time, farewell.

Monday, 21 June 2010


I had originally hoped to make Escalation this year with a specialised project, however I fear I won't be able to complete the project in time. I might still go taking my Tofg Orks, but am not sure yet. However, having come up with an inspired theme for this list, I AM going to do it... it just might have to wait till Escalation 2011 to show itself off.

Escalation is a linked campaign. 500 points gets added per phase, My list is below.

Round 1
Platoon Command; vox, autocannon – 45
Squad 1 – 5 all identically equipped; plasmagun and autocannon – 375
Penal Legion Squad – 80

Round 2
Commissar Lord; power weapon, carapace armour, camo cloak, meltabombs – 105
Marbo – 65
Ratling Snipers – 30
Ratling Snipers – 30
Armoured Sentinal Squad – 165
Rough Rider Squad (10) – 105

Round 3
Primaris Psyker – 70
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Vendetta – 130

Round 4
Platoon Command ; vox, meltagun - 45
Squad 1-5 all identically equipped; meltagun and missile launcher – 375
Penal Legion Squad – 80


This army is designed from a fluff point of view, much like the Bug Stompers Winds of War force. I am therefore working from a self restricted codex. I am trying to keep in theme, while still trying to maintain some competitiveness.

Round 1 is for combat patrol. There are plenty of scoring units for objective based games, while I can make it just 3 kill points for those missions. The infantry platoon will provide a solid firebase which can despatch light vehicles (with 10, 15 and 20 str 7 shots out to 48, 24 and 12 inch range respectively. The platoon is best suited to holding a home firebase while hoping the outflanking penal legion can attack the enemy position.

Round 2 I bring in a commissar lord who can keep that infantry blob in the fight as enemy firepower increases. The sentinals are good for light vehicles or infantry, chucking out 9 str 6 shots a turn. By making them armoured I can also guard a flank with them, as they will be far harder for most troops to defeat in combat than the scout version. Marbo can cause some disruption amongst the enemy, and the rough riders gives me a good assault unit to guard the other flank. The snipers will hopefully cause some pinning checks. I considered doing one squad of 6, but considered 6 ratlings just as easy to kill or see off as 3. At least with two units I force my enemy to fire twice, and can potentially pin two units rather than one.

Round 3 brings in some better troops, while the vendetta provides something that can hurt heavier tanks that are more likely to appear at this level. It also gives another way for me to take scoring units to the enemy. The primaries psyker will hopefully add a different dimension to my game, but he’s primarily there for fluff purposes.

Round 4 brings more troops, to bolster scoring units for objectives, and bolster the home firebase. Again in kill points I can reduce my numbers significantly, and by putting the commissar in one unit, close to the second, I can use his aura of discipline to keep 100 men in check. They are equipped with meltaguns and missile launchers to help deal with the heavier tanks that are probably becoming more prevalent at this level.

By round 4 I’ll have two large infantry blocks (or 10 squads) providing a home firebase, with two outflanking stubborn units to attack enemy positions. I’ll also have a couple of better skilled scoring units to try to advance on the enemy, or hitch a lift in the vendetta. I designed this army to the 1500 point level, and then had to add another 500. Hence the similarity between round 4 and round 1. What amuses me is that I have 2 HQ, 3 Elite, 6 Troop and 3 Fast Attack. And NO Heavy Support. Is this Ginge? Is this Guard? WTF?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's a Sad Day...

for free speech. I've had to turn comment moderation on.

Now please note that I will approve each and every comment that is made on my blog, whether complimentary or otherwise. But I am getting sick and tired of having to delete comments that are nothing but hyperlinks to "certain" websites. They are unwelcome on this site, and are no doubt unwelcome on From The Warp. I don't want this troll to get my blog kicked. So I am taking action.

I have tried using word verification to protect my blog from comments, but it seems this troll isn't a computer - it's really someone who has nothing better to do than sit around posting comments on blogger. It seems kinda sad to me, I only hope this pitiful existence is how they make their living, and not just some sad hobby.

Perhaps I will be able to de-activate the moderation in time, but as long as this troll keeps bouncing off my moderation I'll keep it up. For the genuine commenters, I will endeaver to approve your comments as swiftly as possible.

It's sad that it's come to this, but please don't be discouraged from making your comments.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Waste Not...

Some of you noticed that a large chunk of my latest project contained the hull of a valkyrie. Now that may seem an expensive kit-bash, but I had plans for the rest of the bitz...

Credit where it's due, I originally got the idea from this blog but while I took some hints and tips I didn't follow it to the letter - I was after something that looked more like a lightning than a generic fighter. Below are some pictures of the result.

This is from one valkyrie kit, with a couple of extra hellstrike missiles (for this lightning they're gonna count as skystrike missiles) and a couple of spare guard heavy weapons to give the correct armament. And of course some plasticard and green stuff!

Look for this to make an appearance controlling the skies at an apoc event as soon as I can attend one... in the meantime, I feel the need...

...the need for speed ;oP

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Primaris Psyker - Green

Using the free mantic games ghoul I got, and copious amounts of green stuff, I made a primaris Psyker for my escalation project. You can barely see the original model under the green, but I loved the pose with the hands. Really looks like he's about to lightning arc some poor soul.

As far as i'm aware, this models main weakness is his overconfidence - I really shouldn't judge, as it's been said I rely on my friends too much from time to time, as i'm sure he'd be the first to point out... :-P

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Project

I had hoped to attend Escalation 10 at Bracknell Forest Gamers (those who hosted the great winds of war) and came up with a themed army to do as a project for it. However, with the house move I don't think i'm gonna make it in time. I'll still do the project, but it's likely to be over a longer period, in time for Escalation 11.

In the meantime, I started with the centrepiece of the army, a counts as vendetta. It's obvious enough that it should give the theme away completely, so look forward to an army that follows the same theme. And the time issue? The army is a lot of infantry, and I have to learn a good technique to paint those infantry white!