Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Psyker Battle Squad

A quick dab of guard, though my painting posts will be a little more sporadic for the next few weeks, as in the process of moving house.

Painted the overseer of this squad when I did my penal legion overseers, but he was boxed up and camera shy. He'll join them for a game when i'm moved. In the meantime, my orks are gonna be the last things I pack!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Shokk Tactics

A friend of mine has come up with an interesting scenario for a future club event, and while I'm not going to steal his thunder by giving the game away too early, the army list selection for this had me looking at Imperial Armour for extra units. I was looking at the Mekboy Junka. It can be taken either as an Elite choice, or as a dedicated transport to a Big Mek. And it has given me an interesting idea...

As part of my Tale of Four Gamers campaign, I wrote some background material involving a sentient grot. This grot was very interested in the possibilities of the shok attack gun. With this in mind, I have an idea for an army. I doubt I'll ever realise it, given the strange nature of the army (lots of grot gangs for starters) and I don't yet know the points costs, but here is the outline of it.

HQs - Big Mek with Shok Attack gun, with junka with shok attack gun. x2
Elites - Three Junkas with shok attack guns
Troops Grots - Just Grots
Fast Attack - Have to miss this out as can't find any suitable elements yet
Heavy Support - Grot batteries, Killa Kans

I doubt I'll ever get to use this army, though I may possibly do a proxy game at some point if I come up with a good enough list. It could be a funny game with lot's of shok attack madness! Watch this space for a list sometime in the future...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

England Expects...

Fancied a change of painting pace, so have painted up my uncharted seas fleet. Very quick and easy scheme, my entire fleet in one batch (though if my friends and I take to the game i'm not ruling out buying more)

As for painting points, i'd feel like I was cheating if I classed them all as vehicles... So have given them points roughly in line with their size. 2 points for the battleship, a point each for the cruisers, 2 points for the 6 frigates and 1 point per submarine (including both it's decoy markers) for a grand total of 15 points.

Now I just need to get my second game in with this lot!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Just realised that quite apart from having done several word heavy posts of late, I never did get round to putting up a pic of my tofg Stompa, wanting to keep it a surprise for the big day. So here it is, in all it's orky glory!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

ToFG: Journal - Onward!

Well my friends, the battle is over. We broke like a wave against the imperial frontlines as the cowardly chaos marines snuck around behind to shoot them in the back. I guarded the rear door of the Stompa, waving at Imperial survivors.

The chaos have made off with some fancy trinket or other, and have fled the system, fearing hot pursuit. Not sure why... the imperials have been forced back to lick their wounds, the tau are awaiting reinforcements, and we just don't care. With no one left to fight, we grow tired of this world.

Don't get me wrong, this planet has been good to us... especially in that last battle, where with the Tau and Imperials dismissed from the field and the chaos heading for their ships laughing maniacally, we had all the time in the world to loot and salvage. Look for some interesting items to come out of our workshop over the next few months...

Speaking of which, we've moved our workshop onto a small flotilla that is currently following Wazzdakka. He's promised us some action as he fights to build his highway from one side of the Lukas Worlds System to the other. It sounds like fun, and we've fought off some Imperials, while Wazzdakka repulsed some Chaos marines before storming a neighbouring guard world. He's making his way to us, we'd better get started from our side!

To all my faithful readership, I will keep you informed of developments.