Monday, 29 March 2010

Clash of Heroes!

So with the new battle missions book I was curios about the special mission Clash of Heroes. It is all about the special character and how many kills they can rack up. Of course, if your character kills your enemies, you instantly win.

Thinking about this, as good as Straken is, against most enemy commanders, he'd get badly beaten. He wouldn't stand a chance. So guard can't go for instant win, we have to go for a points decision. So I designed an army.

My hero? Marbo. He's cheap. He can deploy anywhere I like. And will hopefully make his points back and then some with a well placed demo charge.

To counter my opponent. A mob of 50 conscripts joined by a commissar lord. 5 squads of infantry (mobbed up around a commissar) with chimeras to channel the enemy. A valkyrie for dropping in key avenues of approach, and a couple of stubborn penal squads for desperate situations.

I played against a chaos army, led by Kharne the betrayer. It isn't entirely clear whether killing your own side counts, but we assumed not (thankfully, as he killed most of his squad over 12 rounds of combat!) He had a couple of squads of marines, a squad of beserkers, a defiler, a squad of lesser daemons, a daemon prince and a couple of rhinos.

Target 1 for me was the rhinos. I wanted kharne walking where I could keep an eye on him. I also ran all my (empty) chimeras straight at the enemy to bunch up the field of play. I then steered my 50 strong mobs towards Kharne. My opponent took the bait. Now over the course of the game he managed to wipe out the conscripts, with the daemon prince and the beserkers sharing the spoils of victory. But with a stubborn Commissar Lord keeping the conscripts in check, the fight lasted a long time. Long enough for the infantry platoon to pile in. My opponent made a big error - assaulting the valkyrie with two squads. He did nothing, and the valkyrie could move off, leaving him in a nice demo charge bundle... sadly Marbo showed me his one flaw. Relying on a reserve roll. He failed to come in till turn FIVE!!! In which time kharne hacked and slashed, and between conscripts and guardsmen, killed 35 men over the course of a 7 turn game. But my men would not run.

In the end, the combat was still going as the game drew to a close, and Kharne had made back 158 of the 165 it cost to buy him. So -7 scoreline. Marbo? Turned up, and despite my opponents efforts to keep the demo charge at bay by assaulting tanks and hoping for an immobilised result but not a kill, I got to throw it and killed 5 lesser daemons, making his points back in one fell swoop. The chaos marines then charged him (aware of his sniper pistol) and over a couple of rounds of combat they killed him several times... course in this scenario he cannot die! He struck a couple of them down to give an overall score of 30 for the win.

So my theory proved workable, depsite many things going wrong. Oh how I'd have loved to face Abbaddon and a term squad, with Marbo showing up promptly.

A: "Who dares blow up half my terminator squad?!? You! I'll kill you. Wait, die silly conscript... out of my way you foolish human... Marbo, where are you going? Face me... not you conscript! How many more of you are there?!? 40 more! And who's that guy in black at the back waving you all forward? Don't listen to him! Fear me! Marbo I'll get you yet... You've got yourself an ICE CREAM?!?!? Gah! Get off my shoe you worm!!!"

ToFG: After Action Review

Well, the dust has settled, and the Stompa glares across the battlefield as the roving battlewagons grind a small mug to dust beneath their tracks...

The apocalyptic showdown to ToFG has been and gone, and we had a wonderful time. It was great to see four fully painted armies fighting it out over a table laden with painted scenery... I don't think many of us had achieved this before, much to our shame!

The Orks went for the subtle approach, lining up in the middle of the board as far forward as possible and running screaming towards the enemy. The few chaos forces that deployed mostly hid behind the Orks.

The imperials and Tau set up a gunline behind some defence lines, about halfway through their deployment zone, with a substantial killing ground in front of them.

The arsonistic Orks set fires raging that obsucured visibility early in the battle. As the smoke started to clear, a stompa walked through it! Also several trucks and battlewagons barrelled through, a green wave to break against the Imperial/Tau line. Meanwhile, the sneaky cowardly chaos had arrived behind the gunline, in order to shoot them in the back. Oh such the chaos way...

With the guard soaking up the bulk of the "back" shots and the orks taking the bulk of the punishment in the face, it fell to the more mobile Tau to carry the fight for the forces of good. The Ork Stompa had been immobilised short of it's target of the enemy super heavy - it's wildly innaccurate fire from the killkannon failing to finish off it's foe. It did manage to peg one of it's own trucks that had moved up hoping to take an opportunist shot with a wrecking ball. Oops. Hur hur hur.

With the evil forces winning solidly on kill tally (worth an additional objective) the manouverable Tau were looking for a way to tie the game. In the end they saw off the diminishing Ork ground forces (Bugrit buried by a collapsing tower after a strafing run by a barricuda) to claim a fair share of the battlefield... the kill tally settling the game in favour of the forces of evil. The one surviving named character, the daemon prince Beeswax, (he'd survived this long by avoiding half the game, then hiding behind an immobilised super heavy for a couple turns... he'd only popped his head out in the open for 5 minutes!) flew at the enemy baneblade. The stompa, filled with overexuberant Orks, eyed their target. They "accidentally" targetted the Baneblade so that shrapnel from the blast would fall just short of Beeswax. When the shot scattered and hit Beeswax square in the back (how do you chaos wimps like it?!?) the boys whooped and hollered... till they realised the fuse hadn't primed right, it'd failed to wound him - though it had left a terrific bruise and reports say he still grimaces every time he tries to pick something up.

Overall a fun game was had, and with the Orks failing in their mission of killing the super heavy (something Rich eventually achieved) Rich was champion. Thinking Rich would have gone for the enemy character I'd already given up sharing the objectives in enemy territory with him in order to contest a neutral one. Working for the greater good gifted Rich an additional 5 points. It's irrelevent... win or lose I needed to get 5 more than him. Scoring the same as him was not good enough.

Ken captured most territory in the enemy zone, but as Chris had already killed Wazzdakka his mission was considered higher, and he got the bonus. So, campaign points for the battle are as follows;

Rich - 10
Ginge - 5
Chris - 5
Ken - 0

Which gives an overall Tale of Four Gamers score of

Rich - 39
Ginge - 29
Chris - 23
Ken - 12

So, Kudos to Rich (you don't actually WIN anything in this :oP) and hope you all enjoyed it, and hope you can keep up the workrate ready for next time I do one of these. And next time Rich, you're doing a horde army I swear! :oP

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

So, last night played my first games since Bugrit faqed around with the death rollers to make them more killy ;oP

I played against a guard player Rob at the club... we played the Waaaaaagh mission from the new battle missions book. This was similar to sieze ground, but forces could deploy up to 9" from the centre. The ork player also got a neverending waaaagh... I could continue my waaaagh into subsequent turns if I liked, but I would no longer be able to claim cover saves, as my orks would get too excited to keep their heads down!

Squad by squad...

The lootas and Bugrit provided some decent support fire, but nothing spectacular, and thus weren't shot at by the enemy. My lootas fired 2 shots each on two turns and 1 shot each on 4 turns. Not once did I get the full firepower of those guns. Bah!

The burna boyz didn't make their points back. They torched one squad, but then were put to flight by the psyker battle squad. Fair enough. Rally test on my turn. Need a 7. Failed. But just to be irritating, ran 7. They repeated this exact pattern for the next couple turns before eventually making the table edge.

Truk boyz - One truk died swiftly, the squad beign practically entangled for a couple of turns (they clearly have not been told about fifth edition) before escaping and damaging a couple of chimeras before the survivors were wiped out by a rending outflanking penal legion. The other squad decided to ride the battle wagon, jumped out and killed a chimera, before a punisher demonstrated why it got it's name... their truk meanwhile shadowed the burnas trying to encourage them to rally, offering them a lift back to the battle. Eventually went off to contest an objective in case the game ended on turn 5.

Warbikers - Took out a chimera, a squad, and a sentinal... the entire right flank. Then turbo boosted across the board to make sure Rob wouldn't take back the closest objective to him.

Rollerless battlewagon dropped some boyz near the enemy, rammed a sentinal, then moved to contest an objective on turn 6.

Death Roller Battlewagon... oh I GOT to get me another one of these! :oP Ran straight at a Leman Russ Eradicator... wrecked it. Then went for an ambitious line of advance. Scared off a guard squad, and immobilised and stunned the punisher. The punisher surviving protected his command squad, though on the bright side kept me close enough to the fleeing squad that they couldn't rally. Swings and roundabouts eh? The next turn it exploded the punisher, and while it only squashed one member of the command squad, the twenty strong squad of boyz finished them off. Rob caught me off guard by tying them up in combat with a setinal, meaning I didn't have them in a scoring position on turn 5... but they dealt with it and re-embarked, ready for the battlewagon to smash a sentinal to park on the objective for the win.

This game showed how much that FAQ has upgraded the Orks ability to deal with armour 14. Think I'll have to get another death roller armed battlewagon at some point soon. It is well worth its points... off the top of my head, ignoring the command squad (which the boyz dealt with) the deff rolla killed two leman russ, a squad and a sentinal. That's about 430 or so on a 135 point outlay. And I could have got it cheaper than that too!

This got me a win in the first campaign game, and while I was on the defensive so don't gain territory, it got me some helpful resource points. Quite liked this list, though must remember Orks die quite easily... if I'm going to rely on just three scoring units, I can't be so cavalier with them. The squad in battle wagon should have stayed there longer. If I plan to repeat the trick of giving the faster truk to the burnas, I may have to put a boarding plank on the battle wagon, allowing them to stay on board. Anyway, plenty to think about before my two games i have lined up for next week. One at home, one at the club. Wish me luck.

Monday, 15 March 2010

ToFG: Journal - Interesting Developments

Greetings once again my faithful readership!

We've had an interesting couple of weeks around the encampment. First off, Wazzdakka Gutsmek has arrived! Our road caught his attention, and he had to ride it. Course, like the true biker that he is, he said it needed more corners, but overall he was quite impressed, and has given Bugrit the chance to prove himself. He has to build a behemoth that will make our enemies cower in terror. Prove himself, and Bugrit will get a few old decrepit hulks to start a small Waaagh, continuing the construction of Wazzdakkas galaxy spanning highway.

In other news, a daemon calling himself Beeswax or something similar materialised in the middle of the camp last week, stating that he had an offer we couldn't refuse. Naturally, the lads kicked the living snot out of him. A few days later he rematerialised, but this time he had the good sense to materialise about 20' above the ground. Well out of reach of the ladz (apart from the Stormboyz, but knowing them they were probably cowering somewhere, glorified cowards that they are!) he spoke, in a commanding voice, "Can I see your leaders... please?"

I managed to infiltrate the meeting. The chaos want to amass forces with us and march on the Imperial positions. They reckon with our road making techniques we can get through the forest and be upon them in two days. With little to no warning it should be a walkover. I'm not sure how they thought this was a good idea, they clearly know nothing of greenskin kind! Wazzdakka and Bugrit made a few alterations to the plan, and the chaos have agreed to our version. They clearly want our help to overrun the Imperial positions.

So the new plan is as follows; The chaos forces will amass with us at our encampment, and we'll start constructing a road towards the Imperials. This road will take a wide circuitous route, with plenty of hairpin bends, s-bends and a few straight speed sections. The chaos veterans will be there to try to guide it back in roughly the right direction if we seem to be veering too far out of our way in our enthusiasm. It should take roughly two weeks, during which time the Imperials will no doubt spot our progress and start preparing themselves for a fight. This means when we get through the forest there'll be a good scrap waiting for us not some boring old walkover like a daemon prince. Also, we get to be at the front of the fight. The chaos forces seemed particularly pleased with this last part of the agreement, though they did seem concerned that the imperials may be able to call in reinforcements. The more the merrier we say!

Bugrit also said he'd like to face more of the squishy blue aliens, they provided some excellent salvage materials last time... however the chaos forces said they have studied our enemy, and there is no way he will work with xenos. That they say, will be his downfall, and their ultimate victory. It's fine, when we're done with the humies we'll turn round and give the chaos forces a good kicking too. If those blueies turn up all the better, and if not... there's only so much planet they can hide on once the humies and chaos are out of the way!

We march to war!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

ToFG: Apocalyptic Showdown

To finish our Tale of Four Gamers we're having an apocalyptic showdown, and I thought I'd give fair warning of the rules we are using for this one.

For starters, all models MUST be painted. It is a painting challenge we've just finished after all. It doesn't matter when you painted them, or whether you're missing something you should have finished earlier, if it's painted you can use it, if it isn't then it doesn't exist as far as we're concerned.

Second, scoring. Imperial Armour apocalypse rules will be used here. I will reproduce them below...

"The following model types are NOT able to claim objectives:

Independant Characters
Immobilised Vehicles or immobile models
Flyers (including those using Hover Mode to act as skimmers)
Units which are fleeing or pinned

Other than this all other units and models can both claim and contest objectives unless stated within the mission rules.

To claim or contest an objective, a model must be within 5 inches of the edge of the objective marker. No model or unit may claim or contest more than one objective regardless of size. Owning player picks if this becomes a factor.

Objectives themselves are counted as impassable terrain but do not block line of sight at all. It is not permissable for vehicles or walkers to 'park' on top of objectives for any reason.

Note also that owing to these modified rules the strategic asset Hold At All Costs is no longer relevant as listed and should not be used"

There will be a couple of additional objectives, again taking inspiration from IAA2.

Kill Score.
Kill points will be added up for any unit destroyed. Gargantuan creatures are worth 3 kill points, super heavy vehicles are worth as many as their starting structure points. Keep track of the kill points, whichever army holds most at the end counts as holding an additional objective.

In addition to this, we'll be using the Lord Of War rule. This makes the commander of the army worth 3 kill points instead of 1. For this, we will be using the characters that have been with us through thick and thin. For me, this means Bugrit is my Lord of War. He may well be following Wazzdakka in a starstruck daze, but he's still the one we've known for longer. Likewise, Chris Lord Of War will be Koenig (his 3 will include his command squad) Rich will be the daemon prince and Ken your crisis suit commander (whose name escapes me, but probably sounds something like a goldfish breaking wind) These will be added to our kill points score to decide the additional objective. If it is a tie neither side gains the advantage.

For fun, I'm including the rule for crashing flyers from IAA2. I don't think there'll be many of these, but it could be a bit of fun to spice things up.

The basic rules will be for a standard apoc game, though we will have personal missions. These will be written in advance and will be secret (even from our teammate) Revealing the mission before the end of the game means your mission is void. You will have the choice of three.

Claim most objectives in the enemy deployment zone.
Kill the highest value enemy independant character.
Destroy the highest value enemy legendary formation.

In the kill/destroy ones, the person who takes the last wound takes the prize, as keeping track of who did what damage is far too much work. If both players on a team complete their mission, whoever did the harder mission is named that sides champion.

The winning team will get 5 points each. The champion of each team will get 5 points each. Thus there are 0, 5, 5, and 10 points available.

Anyway, gamers, let me know your thoughts or queries on these rules. I've tried to keep things fluffy, balanced, and to use some input from Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2 to make it work with 5th edition and still be fun and quite a lot of carnage.

Good Luck Gamers