Sunday, 28 February 2010

ToFG: Month 4 Results

Well we've come to the end of the painting challenge, and we've all now got (or nearly have) fully painted 2k armies. We can be very proud of ourselves.

Rich finished on time (again) and I managed to scrape it in time too. Sadly Chris and Ken are too busy, and don't even think they'll make the late score deadline. Thus I'm publishing the scores now, and if they should earn the extra 3 points for finishing by the late deadline we can add that in later.

Full score for Rich and I, including two objectives, giving us 8 points each this month. Ken didn't complete his models, but managed to do his objectives (he needed them for Winds of War anyway) so gains 3 points. Chris has failed to complete any of this months tally, so scores 0.

This gives us a final score of

Rich - 29
Ginge - 24
Chris - 18
Ken - 12

With potentially 10 points available to anyone in the apoc game (5 each to the winning team, 5 points to each team champion) I could still tie score with Rich. Being on the same team as him I sadly can't overtake him. Chir can overtake me, but not Rich. Ken, being on the same team as Chris, sadly has to resign himself to last place. But at the end of the day, there's nothing more than pride at stake, and we can all be proud of what we've achieved.

Now the floor is yours to complete anything and everything you want before the apoc game on the 28th of March. If it isn't painted you can't use it, but other than that no more mandatory tasks. Good luck!

Friday, 26 February 2010

ToFG: Objectives

The objectives are ready for my orks. A guard squig (yes i stole the idea from a white dwarf) and a death skull my boys will be hunting, as clearly being a tau sympathiser.

"E's painted is face blu an everythin... Let's git the traitor. Waaagh!"

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

ToFG: Wazzdakka

Wazzdakka and half the unit of bikers done, other half a squad and 2 objectives to go. Might just make it yet...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Winds of War - Result

Well the tournament is done, and apart from a couple of missions that could have done with slightly better briefings, a good time was had.

I'm more than happy with our mid table finish (12th out of 24) which is quite respectable given i designed my army to fluff with no consideration to the gaming side of things.

The vast majority of our opponents were a pleasure to play against, and while we did have one irksome fellow (trying to argue that the edge of a ruin was sloped so he should be able to drive his tank up to the second floor of this building for one, trying to argue was more than 2 inches from the edge of "area" terrain for another) i can console myself with the fact i only had to put up with him for one game. His teammate, who seemed a pleasant enough chap, had to tolerate him all day...

Anyway, as the pic above shows, i didn't finish the day empty handed, picking up an award for best individual army. I'm very pleased with this, as it's what i'd been aiming for from the get go (thinking the fluffy list would suffer in a tournament environment)

All in all a good event, and is tempting me to give escalation a try...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Winds of War - Ready!

Well my winds of war force (including movement tray) is ready to go, and overall I am very pleased with the end result. I think it is a good solid theme, and regardless of how the tournament goes I hope to get a good score in the Best Army stakes. I may even have a Fergus contender in there ;oP

Below is a collection of all the shots I have of the force, starting with one of them all together on their tray.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Marines! We are leaving!

My "chimera" for my storm troopers is done. As is the standard Gw one i'm taking with me in case anyone objects to a none Gw model.

Just my army carrying tray to go now.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Orks - Game Reviews

So last night took my Orks down the club for a game aginst one of the new guys Rob. He'd brought marines with him this week, so we had a proper battle for black ridge ready to go!

It was annihalation and as he's new I said we'd do it on kill points. I explained kill point percentages to him and said we'd compare it at the end. It was Dawn of War setup with me getting the first turn.

I was using my ToFG force, whilst he had a Captain, a Chaplain, a term assault squad, a dread, a vanguard vet squad, two units of scouts, 2 tactical squads, and 2 land raiders.

Once again, I will just mention highlights of the game, as for the most part this game was me barrelling towards him as quickly as possible, and him shooting me as much as possible.

The Burnas had some fun. They stayed in their battle wagon early on and shot from the back. Course this had an excellent effect on my opponent. You point out the flame template can just about reach 2 or 3 models,and they're like "Oh that's not so bad" Then you explain that all models canshoot from the back of the tranpsport, so that's actually 20/30 hits. Nasty! They later disembarked to assault the terminator assault squad, and they took all bar the chaplain down over several rounds of combat. If it hadn't been for a tactical squad charging in to save him, the chaplain would have gone too!

The stormboyz didn't do too badly this game, managing to help the Burnas outa bit by charging the terms at the same time, drawing some of the terms attacks off and onto them instead. Even more fortunately they fluffed their attacks completely, meaning there were no basic attacks for my opponent to mix in with the power weapon hits when it came to wound allocation. I was really quite proud of them. Course, they got mullered when that tactical squad charged in, but they've done more than I'd previously seen.

Bugrit had his usual shots, scattered here and there, shot a land raider at str 6 (which was a double 3 so instead it targetted the dread, though still missed!) though he did pull off a scorcher! He oblitereated the land raider with a str 10 shot! He then had to spend a turn recharging his gun, but it was worth it. Bouyed by this success, he targetted the other land raider. Str 8! And promptly scattered 8 inches, killing 4 bikers and a deffkopta! With hindsight I would have had a 4+ cover save on those bikes, but the deffkopta was definitely a gonner!

At the end of the game, I had Bugrit, the squad of Lootas, 2 Battlewagons, a truk full of boyz, an immobilised truk, Wazzdakka Gutsmek and half a biker squad. My opponent had an immobilised Land raider that had lost it's lascannons and couldn't shoot next turn (if we had one) My opponent chose to concede. Despite that clear gulf in remaining forces, and how one sided that battle had been, from kill points I had won 10 - 8. That seems very close. When you compare the kill point percentages of 91% - 47% it gives a far more accurate reflection of how the game went. I'll choose to use kill point percentages if my opponent agrees, even in games where basic kill points would give me an advantage.

As we had a little time left, I agreed to help Dan give a couple of new attendees a run through a game. It was my 2k of Orks (some units under the control of one of the new guys, Ian) against 1k of Nidzilla and 1k of Tau. An unusual combination to say the least. It was Spearhead Capture and Control, and we had the first turn. We only played this game till the end of turn 2 before we had to pack up and leave, but it was about giving the new guys a taster for Warhammer.

Again this was a typical barrel towards the enemy who'd shoot us in return thing, except we had a nasty combat speed bump between us and the guns. We did take out the stealth team after they underestimated the speed of Orks when infiltrating. My teammate lined up Bugrit for a shok attack shot. He wanted to target the hive tyrant, but I suggested the Zoanthropes, as we could only take one wound off the tyrant, while we could potentially instant death all three Zoanthropes. Oh how glad I am for my advice, as the newbie pressed the wrong button. Instead of firing the snotlings, he shot Bugrit through the warp and into combat with the zoanthropes. It was a pretty poor combat from both sides, but it did have the advantage of stopping the zoanthropes from doing any psychic powers on their turn. In the next turn he was eaten by the hive tyrant, but he'd kept the zoanthropes in place long enough for Wazzdakka and co to finish them off.

Dan was murmering to his teammate that they'd win this game, a draw at the worst, cos we didn't have enough holding our objective. He had a deep striking carnifex squad and an outflanking warriors squad I believe. Against that we had a squad of lootas, and a squad of boyz in the battlewagon, with a truk to block LOS from the tau hammerhead to the battlewagon. (Though so far it had only engaged the other one, and missed on both occassions) I agree, he would have been able to force us off our objective. But not without losing his warriors first, I would have made sure of that! At the end of turn two meanwhile, I had wazzdakka and a nob biker (all the normal boyz on bikes having been shot) ready to engage one of the tau firewarrior units, and the other fire warrior unit easily within range for my burna battle wagon combo. They would have also had two (scoring) truks of boyz joining them, half a squad of stormboyz, and eventually a deffkopta. The firewarriors would have been dead on turn three, leaving us with three scoring units sat on their objective, and them with a hammerhead, wounded hive tyrant and two crisis suits to deal with it all. I think we could have comfortably held out for a win on their objective, even if they did manage to contest ours.

Anyway, it's been good to have some fun with the Orks, as this weekend I have my guard to use, for my Winds of War force. Speaking of which, I have some painting to do...

Monday, 15 February 2010

"A day in the corps is like a day on a farm..."

So here is a sample of my colonial marine squad for winds of war. Also done my second objective. Just the apc to do...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"Looks like love at first sight to me. Oh, he likes you, Burke!"

Completed objective for my Bug Stompers Winds of War force.

Hoping this helps me in the best army stakes. Possibly even a fergus contender? Fingers crossed.

Winds of War - Objectives

Here are my objectives for winds of war. One a conversion, the other a model i found on hassle free miniatures. The conversion will look better painted and in it's jar...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ToFG: Month 3 Results

Well sadly neither Ken nor Chris completed their efforts on time, as you may have seen from their blogs. I managed to scrape in by the late deadline, and Rich of course finished on time. Thus with the scores from the tournament we are now looking like this.

Rich - 21
Chris - 18
Ginge - 16
Ken - 9

Friday, 5 February 2010

Ramming Rules - Your Thoughts?

A rules query from a friend reminded me of my discovery of the same rule a few months back, and the discussion that has developed from it has brought up salient points from both sides.

The rules in question is one of tank shock / ramming. Now you may not be aware (I certainly wasn't at first) but only vehicles with "TANK" on their profile get to do these. Now this makes sense with "tank" shock but when it comes to a basic ramming I was quite surprised. For starters when calculating ramming damage you get a +1 bonus if your type is tank. Thus I assumed vehicles that weren't tanks could ram. I do however see that rule is in there as vehicles that aren't tanks can BE rammed.

Now I was thinking of introducing some sort of house rule allowing lighter vehicles to ram (they're probably gonna come off worse, it's a fairly desperate move)regardless. One of my gaming group is opposed to this, stating that the allowance of an ability that the vehicle didn't "pay for" in it's basic cost changes the game dynamic. A speeder that has been disarmed can be ignored - if it can ram it's a potential tank busting missile (though it can probably only do so once.) My friend made the point that he wouldn't want it to bust a transport holding an objective, though with hindsight the speeder could probably just as easily contest the objective anyway.

I'm interested in peoples opinion on this matter. I was thinking of making some house rules for games at my place, and would have to play normal rules down the club or elsewhere. Of course I'd have to get the agreement of my opponents before each game, though I think my friend who sees the opposite side to me is worried about being overruled in an apoc game that I am organising. Anyway, listed below are the best house rules I've come up with on this matter, and my reasoning behind them. Any input would be appreciated.

Tank Shock - stays the same, can only be done by tanks. There's nothing like a land raider bearing down on you to make you rethink your location.

"Force Through" - a new rule that allows vehicles that aren't tanks to effectively do a tank shock. The unit isn't quite so intimidated so is assumed to automatically pass the morale check. It'll still step out of the way though, as being run over by a buggy would still mess up the average guardsmans day. Death or Glory can be attempted as per usual.

Skimmers that attempt to force through must take a dangerous terrain test before the target squad moves. This is low flying, accidents can happen.

Tanks can ram as per usual.

Vehicles that aren't tanks can ram. They will suffer a penalty. The lighter option is they take the hit they are due - chances are a speeder would take a penetrating hit anyway. However, to avoid shenanigans using Valkyries, or that armour 14 jetbike, I'm thinking a harsher penalty may be in order, to reflect just how desperate a situation it is for the driver to take such a risky manouver. If a vehicle that is not a tank rams, it is automatically wrecked.

I'm hoping that last rule, if the harsher penalty is used, may swing my friends opinion. Ok, it's a speeder you have to kill that you could have maybe ignored, but it's a one shot weapon, which could prove better in the long run for you than if it had been more cautious and waited for a last turn objective contest.

My reasoning for this house rule is not selfish. The only vehicles I have that aren't tanks (over two 40k armies) are valkyries, and I'm not gonna risk those! Really I just think it'd be more cinematic and fun, especially in apocalypse.

Anyway, your thoughts?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Combat Patrol Challenge

Chris arranged a combat patrol tourney at the club on Monday. For this I decided to take my Winds of War force. This force was designed from a fluff point of view and I do NOT expect it to be strong competitively. Despite this, I did reasonably well, getting a win, a draw and a loss.

The first game was against Chaos Marines. I'd eliminated one squad, and was using the chimera to road block another squad while I concentrated fire on the final squad. The storm troopers managed to cause 4 wounds, though I was annoyed to see my opponent pass all 4 cover saves. Lasgun fire then took down two, which kinda made up for it. I then had a penal legion squad charge. They got to strike first, and killed a few, but I still had 26 attacks with rending. 7 hits later I had 2 wounds (none rending) both of which he saved. I then failed a stubborn Ld 8 and fled. This was a turning point in the game, and he moved on and battered me from then on. The sentinal did trash a rhino in close combat, which was fun. In the end I was tabled, while he had a full squad of khorne beserkers, and one survivor from his lucky marine squad!

The second game was against Chris with his guard. I left a squad of penal legion with the empty chimera, choosing to deep strike the storm troopers. They took out one of Chris chimeras, and while they were shot and chased off in return, the outflanking penal legion killed off Bastonne and his veterans. With just 5 troopers left that could score the win (objective based game) and an advancing penal legion, Chris tied my troops up with the sentinal and loaded his men in the chimera. I then used my chimera to block his line of advance. The game ended in good time for me, though I still think I could have held the winning position for a couple more turns yet. This game also continued a trend for me... in Guard vs Guard I have never lost. Chris using Guard has beaten my Orks, but when I have my guard at my disposal, no other guardsman has bested me. I'm quite proud of that. :oD

The third game you had to capture the enemy objective. Knowing I was facing a patrol that entirely deep striked I knew I was up against it. I left the chimera in a building near my objective, where the only way he could get a side shot at me I'd either have cover, or he'd risk a deep strike mishap. The rest of my forces either deep striked or outflanked to try to get his objective. Stuart then surprised me by dropping his troops around his objective. He had no intention of going for a win it seemed. My storm troopers sold their lives dearly to get rid of one of his scoring units regardless, and I tentatively advanced with my outflanking penal legion (not wanting to risk them in the open too soon.) At the end of turn 5 I made a dash for it but couldn't get close enough. He'd shot me with his flamers and killed most of the squad, but I still had a few left and they'd held. Thus on turn 6 they took the objective. The chimera (now weaponless) bunched up his flamers for the sentinal to torch. With hindsight I should have assaulted them as well, though it's possible I was out of range. In his turn he moved on and killed the remainder of my guardsmen. Sadly the game ended there. If I'd had a turn 7 I would have had another chance to kill the flamers, and possibly tie them up in combat with the sentinal. I'd have still needed a 4+ on the run to get my other scoring unit in to the objective though. So we got a draw, though Stuart got more VPs. This left the final table with me in fourth (same game results as Stuart, but behind on VPs, having scored less VPs in my draw AND my win. Stuart only needed a draw to finish ahead of me... I hate it when people play for a draw.)

Anyway, it was a good fun tournament, and makes me think my Winds of War force might not be too bad, especially backed up by the shooty nature of Kens force. However, this was a friendly tournament with pleasant lists. At an official tournament there may well be some people who are more abusive of their codexes, and against that my army will probably suffer. Oh well, wait and see really.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Let It Burn

Well a little late but that's the burna boyz done. Now just one squad of basic boyz to do, then i can get cracking on my winds of war force, which is due by the 20th...

ToFG: Month 3 Tournament, Month 4 Requirements

Well this weekend was a resounding success in the ToFG mini tournament. We all had some good games, and no one walked away without having their nose blooded at least once (though Chris managed to pull off a draw in the game he got the living snot kicked out of his army - sneaky!)

The end results of the tournament had Chris in first with two wins and a draw, Rich in second with a win, a draw and a loss, myself in third with a solitary win and two losses, and Ken in fourth with two draws and a loss (though in fairness to Ken he should have won against Chris, and a slightly longer game would have probably seen him win both games.)

From a narrative point of view we had an excellent time. My orks emerged from the forest to find the Imperials dug in and were repulsed. While I was licking my wounds and plotting my revenge the Tau showed up, and while the imperials held out for a draw, they were decimated in the process. They would have withdrawn to replenish their numbers. We orks then returned looking for the imperials, to stumble upon the unsuspecting tau, and thrashed them. We then got to loot overnight till Rich showed up the next day and managed to steal some of our spoils of war. The tau then returned, but couldn't force the chaos forces from the field, so they withdrew before suffering too many losses. The imperials then finally returned in force and battered the chaos forces.

With three out of four of us not quite finishing our requirements last month, we can't do official scores just yet for month 3. But with the tournament results, it currently stands as:

Rich - 21
Chris - 18
Ginge - 13
Ken - 9

Though Chris, Ken and I can all pick up three points each if we finish off Januarys requirements by midnight Sunday.

Which brings us to Month 4. Now in this month there are a few bonus points available for modelling a couple of objectives. This has kinda backfired on me... everyone else is taking troops from their ToFG armies with them to the Winds Of War tournament. I'm taking my Guard. Winds of War requires you take two objectives. So they can kill two birds with one stone, while I have to model and paint 4 objectives this month, in addition to my Feb requirements, and my (admittedly own fault) January leftovers, plus the last bits of my winds of war force. I think I may have overloaded myself again :oS

As for February, the base requirements for each player is shown below.

Ginge - Orks

Wazzdakka Gutsmek
11 Bikers inc Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole

Ken - Tau


Chris - Guard

Grenadier vets inc 3 plasmaguns and Bastonne

Rich - Chaos

12 Khorne Beserkers
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour

Good luck to all competitors, games are not mandatory at this level but I imagine a few of us will try to get a game in to advance the storyline towards the apocalyptic finish!