Sunday, 31 January 2010

ToFG: Journal - The Return

Well that was a productive weekend, though with the sheer amount of vehicles we lost we probably only broke even in the parts hunt. The ladz had fun though, which will hopefully keep them from trying to eat my brethren for a few days.

We arrived at the monastery to find the humies dug in. Perhaps that not so subtle road wasn't the best idea after all. They also now have a clear indication of where our camp lies. They did some cowardly shooting and forced us to withdraw, as mentioned in my gritter update. We salvaged and repaired truks overnight and plotted to return at dawn. We don't know why the humans didn't press their advantage, but one assumes they were pre-occupied, as we returned to find the battlefield in the hands of someone else... the humans had retired to lick their own wounds.

We set about the enemy in the pre-dawn gloom, and pretty much annihalated them. Their sole survivor keeping us from collecting all the salvageable material that day. Luckily we collected it all overnight, and shipped some of it back to camp. The next morning we were making our final run, to find some spiky marines had other ideas about the stuff. Now they wanted to pick through the temple grounds. We couldn't have that!

We gave them a bit of a kicking at first, beating up their bigger boy who was "tactically considering the situation" behind a building. We didn't have things all our way as Bugrits wagon got stuck on a wall it couldn't see in the morning darkness. One marine squad managing to cause a lot of casualties among the two squads that assaulted it didn't help matters, and by midday we were just driving around trying to run interference in their plans. Sadly the sun just didn't seem to want to go down, and eventually we were forced to withdraw.

Oh well, we've got some stuff, we can always rebuild truks!

Meanwhile, we hear the sound of engines tear arsing down the road towards camp... but they don't sound like imperial engines, they sound louder. In fact quite bike like. Who is approaching?!?

Saturday, 30 January 2010

ToFG: Gritter Update

We returned to face the humans, to find some blue skinned creatures had chased them off. Bugrit was not impressed at being denied revenge, and we went straight for them.

We gave them a good kicking, to such extent that we forgot we were supposed to be salvaging stuff. In the rush to kill the last of our enemies, one squad had the "presence of mind" to be distracted by something shiny, so the trip wasn't a total loss. We could have salvaged so much more with a little more time.

ToFG: Gritter Update

Those curesed imperials were lying in wait for us, and opened fire as we emerged from the forest. There were truks careening left and right, and Bugrit got buried when a building collapsed. We've had to withdraw and regroup. We managed to unearth Bugrit as we made our escape, and are repairing our vehicles. We've no idea why the humans aren't pressing their advantage, but we have seen several more of those flying dinner plates. We'll try to track down their whereabouts later.

ToFG: Gritter Update

An overhead view of the monastery and grounds, provided by our scout copter.

Friday, 29 January 2010

ToFG: Bugrits Ride

Completed the second battle wagon just in time for the tofg mini tournament this weekend. Pleased with this, especially the "wheel trims" :-P

Look out for some twitter style posts (but with pics) for updates on the tournament.

Basing Dilemma

So a friend is trying to convince me to come to some tournament in October. It's interesting and I drew up a couple of army lists while musing on the subject. I'm still thinking about it, but it has thrown up an issue.

The army list I'm likely to take (if I go) makes use of penal legion troopers, in a Catachan guard army. Now I've got those penal legion troopers I just finished, and plan to do some more Catachans at some point anyway (now that my painting is subtantially better than several years ago) However, I have previously done Catachans on grass bases, whilst the penal legion are on black gravel.

Now sure, I could change the bases on the penal legion easy enough, but I like them as they are. I think the contrast to their orange fatigues works well. And there's no reason to think Catachans couldn't go on black bases - in fairness, in the middle of a jungle the floor is more likely to be fallen twigs and leaves anyway, rather than the immaculate lawn appearance I have previously applied.

So I'm left with the dilemma of whether to start painting up my guard on the black bases, and thus to paint any new catachans to that, or whether I should paint them to match the old catachans. I say match, the difference in painting standards will be enough to set them quite visibly apart anyway. If I build up new stuff on black bases and bring the old stuff out to fill occassional gaps in my army list, sure they'll look a little out of place - but no more so than happens when I use unpainted figures now. (Or cadian models for that matter)

The final thing leaning me towards green is the fact that my battle boards are that colour... but I can always flip them over to the side I painted black, with vague ideas of cityfight/battlefleet Gothic. The green side looks better, but I can save that for fantasy.

Anyway, I'm thinking black bases as the most likely option (allowing me to make use of what I paint for Winds of War in future guard armies, without looking *too* out of place) but do chip in your two cents let me know what you think. Those are the only two options by the way, I don't need any more suggestions for contenders, I have enough of a dilemma as it is :oP

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

ToFG: Journal of a Sentient grot - On The March

I update you from the "road" as the greenskin force is on the march! The scout coptas Bugrit sent out have reported back. There is a ruined monastery with extensive grounds on the other side of the great forest. It is obviously of some significance to the humies, as they have fought over this ground for millenia. More importantly they've fought quite recently, and there appear to be some items lying around for salvage. Getting there on the other hand, is proving "interesting."

Luckily we had a lot of promethium available, which Bugrit was able to weaponise. It's also quite useful for clearing a route through the the forest. The blackened tree stumps are crushed beneath the tracks of our battle wagons. A thick black line is cutting through the forest, heading towards our goal. It's probably not very stealthy, but if it works it works!

Bugrit is leading the way from his personal battlewagon, which he is always customising. And he's kept the stormboyz from shooting ahead and stealing the glory - he's not given them their jetpacks yet. It is most gratifying for the regular boyz to ride in their trucks and hurl abuse (among other things) at those foot-slogging glory hounds! They've got a few more days of this to put up with yet! Excellent!

Anyway, hopefully we'll get some good stuff from this trip, but worst case scenario we'll create a road that's visible from space! Now that's an acheivement!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Strakens Light Armoured Brigade

I got a couple of games in this weekend, for which I used the same list (save me reselecting my army with such short notice between!)

The basic list was as follows.

The straken bomb, with priest with eviscerator, loaded in a valkyrie.
Two small mechanised infantry platoons (command with four meltaguns for tank hunting, two squads each with a meltagun - both platoons identical)
Two penal legion squads
Two Hellhounds
A Hydra
A Psyker Battle Squad in Chimera
The irreplaceable Marbo
A Primaris Psyker (want to playtest this a bit, see if it adds something to my game)
Five Ratlings (to spend the last of my points, and maybe pin some units when combined with the PBS)

My thinking with this list was that people playing against guard expect lots of infantry, and Leman Russes. This list has no tough nuts like Leman Russes, but plenty of armour. There are very few infantry targets for the enemy to munch on. While chimeras aren't as durable as a leman russ, I can get three for the same price. The only major point sink in the entire list is the Straken bomb, which can usually take control of itself.

My first game was against Scotts Eldar. The lack of infantry targets was a problem for him. His bright lances should have performed better, which hampered him (though chimeras don't fear lance weapons as much as leman russes do.) The PBS LD reduction managed to see off the rangers, but I couldn't always get psychic powers off, as Eldrad was on the board. The real killers in this list were the Hellhounds, as scott didn't shut these down quick enough, and they had the predictable effect on Eldar. It was a sieze ground mission with 3 objectives, which worked in favour for scott. With more objectives I could have spread out more. At turn 5 I was winning 1-0, but we rolled to play on. In turn 6 scott was in combat with my squad near the objective. We'd managed to kill all of each others scoring units apart from this one. A passed Ld test on double one kept them in the fight in scotts turn, then some hideous rolling in scotts turn saw the guard win the combat. The guardsmen were in range of the objective, but the eldar were not. Scott was hoping to kill my last scoring unit so that I'd need to wipe him out to win. With him being down to a wounded farseer, one warlock, and Eldrad Ulthran, a seventh turn may have seen that happen.

The second game was against the new guy at the club, Rob. He played a Marine list. He's new and a little overcautious. We had a kill points mission, and I battered him. He said he'd learned quite a bit from the game though (for starters he also has a guard army, and his eyes have been opened to the utility of penal legion squads. I've told him to try to get at least a couple of outflanking units in his army) He finished the game with a single dread left (after the meltagun in the rear from 2" away could only glance it!!!) The PBS did well again, the reducing LD of units that need morale checks (and positioning of units to keep them running) seeing off the vanguard vets, the command squad, and a sniper squad. The straken bomb ate a dread, two tanks and a squad of marines. Again, the lack of leman russes (combined witht he sheer amount of vehicles) did seem to throw my opponent off guard. After the game I did give him advice about what he could have done differently to try to reduce my effectiveness, so hopefully he's taken that on board.

All in all an interesting army. Will have to keep the list handy. Course, for now Straken can keep quiet, as this weekend is all about Bugrit! Following that next monday Chris is organising a combat patrol tournament, so I'm probably gonna take my winds of war force down for a few test games.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Get Away From Her You Nid!

And here's why i'm running so far behind with my tofg. It's in direct competition with my winds of war requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the combat patrol i designed has an anti nid flavour to it. This one should give the game away on where i got my inspiration ;-)

Watch this space for further models from the "Bug Stompers" team of winds of war.

ToFG: Battle Wagon Ready

So, quite far behind with my tofg this month, don't think i'm going to get it all done on time. As such, i've prioritised the battle wagons, as these i paint before fully assembling. I need them for the tournament, so they go top of the list. Here's my first one.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Why Do They Always Do This To Me?

To be released with the Battle missions book (which I will be buying the much anticipated basilisk and chimera kits. Excellent, I'll be having those then.

And up crop plastic killa kans and deff dreds too. Gah!!! It's the Stompa/Stormlord dilemma all over again! The imperium won that one, and will probably win this one too. Having never been keen on the models for dreads and kans they're up against it here, especially with me doing a speed freaks army. But if the models are pretty enough, I may just have my arm twisted...

Monday, 18 January 2010

The Ratmen Cometh

I played a game against Scotts skaven last night. We've had a few games before now which I haven't written reports on, as most interest in this blog seems to be on the 40k side of things, so I've let keeping track of the fantasy side slide. I'm writing this one up for several reasons. For one, it's my first game of 2010, and a friend suggested I should track my results. For another, it is the largest game of fantasy I have yet played, as we played a 4000 point game.

I took a basic infantry and cannons army I had from a club night a few weeks ago, and knowing it was light on magic added Balthasar Gelt to it. I also added Karl Franz, as I felt he was justified in a game this size. I chucked in about 40 handgunners (some as detachments, some as independent units) 2 steam tanks and a couple of pegasus heroes, one with the Doomfire ring (for causing panic checks) and another with the casket of sorcery (for wizard harrassment)

Scott had taken his usual army, led by skrolk to make his plague monks a core choce. He'd also thrown in Thanquol, a verminlord, a warp lightning cannon and a hellpit abomination.

I won't go into a full battle report, as that would be too long, but will give a brief rundown of highlights and new units (to me.) I won the game convincingly, though the margin would have been greater if the hellpit abomb hadn't got back up again with 6 wounds. Annoying creature! Scott had a rather unconvincing magic phase for such a magic heavy list (though I had decent anti magic to this list, so he wasn't quite as unlucky as he makes out. It was funny that every time I ignored warp lightning he'd roll a 1 and hurt himself!) In balance, my cannons did NOT want to hurt his verminlord, falling short, failing to wound, misfiring etc on about 4 or 5 occassions. Scott conceded on turn 5 with not too much left, whereas the bulk of my army was still alive and kicking. He had managed to finish off my steam tanks (at the second time of trying for the hellpit abomb.)

The pegasus heroes worked very well. The panic check causing doomfire ring caused some casualties, and while the panic checks may only have seen off a couple of units of skaven slaves, it got annoying units out of the way without the "break explosion" thing they do. The casket only stole 2 spells (out of 2 attempts - I kept forgetting) though the first one, death frenzy, cast on the flaggellents nearly took down the hellpit abomb on the charge. He scraped through with one wound left... failed his morale check, but was within range of the BSB, and the stubborn rule saw him pass on the second attempt. Balthasar Gelt was flying with them, and while metal magic isn't best against the lightly armoured skaven, casting commandment of brass every turn to keep the warpfire cannon from firing was a worthwhile goal.

The steam tanks saw off a unit of clanrats, then tied up some of Scotts biggest creatures for several turns. One had a verminlord and rat ogre battering it, and slowly it got taken apart (too slowly, scott was quite unlucky here) and the hellpit abomb charged the other (only to die to the impact hits!) but on the 2nd attempt took the thing down. These monsters fighting it out in the middle were arranged in such a way that the stormvermin could not get through to my army - they just kept turning trying to avoid getting charged in the rear by my pegasus heroes. I had no intention on doing such a thing. These guys were for harrassment only.

The plague monks made it through to my lines (minus the cannon blasted furnace) and were duly thumped by the Emporer and his retinue. The impressive combat resolution saw them off with the detachment of 5 free company fighters in hot pursuit. They then declared a charged, and the plague monks fled... a mere 3 inches, and were duly run down.

About the only unit to really do well was the plague censor bearers. They charged the swordsmen, and despite being flank charged for a starting combat res of 5 for me (outnumbering too) they managed to inflict 10 kills from 15 attacks, handsomely winning the combat. They destroyed the free company fighters, and while the swordsmen recovered their nerve the censor bearers ran riot, killing a couple of cannons. Probably scotts best unit for the damage done.

At the end of turn 5, he'd finally finished off the other steam tank, but his verminlord was about to be charged in the flank by my emporer and his massive unit. The rat ogres would have killed the handgunners on the right flank, but the censor bearers were finally in a position that I could open up with my hellblaster. I don't think i would have killed everything in turn 6, simply because the stormvermin had been trapped behind the steam tank fight too long. But I reckon I could have killed most other things (got the warp lightning cannon to not shoot again) and left him with very little to do in his turn.

So, in summary, the verminlord is quite tough, but didn't excell in this game. I know the hellpit abomb can be a nightmare, but by throwing every unbreakable unit I had in his way I kept him away from the squishier stuff. I've also seen that a good charge can do some damage to him, so sometimes it's worth risking. This wasn't a good game for the warp lightning cannon, as it got off a single str 4 shot that failed to wound the steam tank. It spent the rest of the game under Balthasars power, doing nothing. As for the Empire, the pegasus heroes proved quite useful, causing interference wherever they went. I picked them up cos in a game this big I had the hero slots available. I may have another game this size and try a proper list designed to make full use of them, rather than tacking them onto an existing army.

A good fun game, that we got through in about 3 hours including setup. May have to go for bigger next time... :oP

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ToFG: Month 3 Tournament

In month 3 of ToFG we have a tournament, and I have now finalised the details of said tournament.

Tournament games will be played at the Hammer N Ames venue in Portsmouth on Sunday 31st January. There will be two 6x4 tables set up. There may be an apocalypse game running on the same day, so thus far I can't guarantee if we'll get the battleboards or the foam boards. However, both boards will be set up to be as near as identical as possible.

Army lists must be written up by the time we arrive. It is open list, so everyone can check each others list before the game begins. The core of the force will be what you have painted for ToFG so far. You can include unpainted models (jan models painted late one assumes) if they are from Januarys allocation. If you wish to field a different unit to one you have painted as part of your ToFG, then you use the rules for moving something to the apoc reserve. Anything can be moved to the apoc reserve to make room for a PAINTED replacement. So if you want to throw something unexpected in there, that's your call, but it's also extra work for you to do.

Once all lists have been checked and found legal, ToFG competitors will draw a random player number. The player number determines who they play and when, as well as which mission will be played.

Table 1 / Table 2 / Mission
1 vs 2 / 3 vs 4 / Sieze Ground
1 vs 3 / 2 vs 4 / Capture and Control
1 vs 4 / 2 vs 3 / Annihalation

The deployment for each mission will be determined randomly. and will be independant of the other game in progress.

Annihalation will be played using the kill point percentage system that I have playtested. Basically the number of kill points killed from the kill points available. There needs to be a 10% margin to defeat your opponent. There will be no rounding... simply subtract the lower percentage from the higher. If you're in double figures you have a win. If not, you don't.

Each game will give three points for a win and one point for a draw. Also the margin of victory will be recorded. This will be used to determine a winner should the scores be tied at the end of the day. The margin of victory is the difference in objectives on the two objective missions, and 1 point for every 10% margin of victory in the kill point mission.

If scores are still tied after the margin of victories have been tallied, then the result of the game between the tied armies will determine ranking. If this gives a draw, then they are tied, and the points for both their places will be combined and divided between them.

Points for end of day rankings will be as follows.

First - 5 points
Second - 3 points
Thrid - 2 points
Fourth - 1 point

So the results of this tournament are not gonna be tale-making, but they can help someone get their nose ahead or play catch up perhaps.

Anyway, I think I've addressed all the issues, but any more questions please feel free to comment.

Penal Legion

For winds of war, my completed penal legion squads and priest.

Bit of a gamble painting orange but i tried to make it look grubby to tone it down a bit... I'm more than happy with the final look of them.

Friday, 8 January 2010


When forcing open my back door scraped this perfectly smooth canvas of snow, i couldn't resist putting some of my orks out there for a photo opp! :-P

ToFG: Month 2 Results

Well with Ken having sadly missed the late deadline, the scores for December are as follows:

Rich - on time, game played - 8
Chris - on time, game played - 8
Ginge - late, game played - 6
Ken - missed deadline, game played - 3

Which with everyone meeting month 1 requirements leaves the scores as follows:

Rich - 13
Chris - 13
Ginge - 11
Ken - 8

So Ken has a bit of catching up to do, but with the mini tournament this month (where if you do well, you don't just win your own points, but deny them to your opponent) anything can happen.

Monday, 4 January 2010

ToFG: Month 1 and 2

So here's a quick shot of my mustered forces from month 1 and 2. It feels good to look at a fully painted force, and i can't wait to see the final army.