Thursday, 31 December 2009

ToFG: Journal - Politics

There is disruption and unrest in the camp. The numbers of the Stormboyz has been swelling, and now their leader has challenged Bugrit for leadership of the camp. He thinks he can do a better job.

To prove just how cunning a military leader he is, this glory hound will be leading his troops in a massive attack against our imperial enemies tonight. Bugrit, showing far more cunning than I thought he possessed, has kindly offered to provide his rival with as many jetpacks as he deems necessary to lead this raid.

Keep an eye on the skies tonight, things could get interesting...

ToFG: Month 3 Requirements

The scores for month 2 will have to wait, as for one, there are still several hours to get things finished... for another, at least one gamer is NOT going to finish in that time. *shame-faced organiser*

Luckily for me it looks like I won't be the only one, so anybody who's cutting it close, send me a pic of your completed project by tonight, you'll get full marks. Otherwise, it's midnight on the 7th for late marks. Thus expect the month 2 scores to be up on the 8th.

As for month 3, well here we go.


Rich is painting up a Defiler and a squad of possessed with a mark of nurgle. The nurgle possessed will be dropping to his apoc reserve, to be replaced by two units of 10 lesser daemons, and a lascannon equipped dread. Thus his 1500 tournament list will be what he's painted so far and the above, with the exception of his nurgle possessed and his terms, who are locked out till the apocalypse (gosh that sounds harsh doesn't it? ;oP)


Chris is mounting up, and has gone for a platoon command in Chimera, along with two squads in chimeras. He's also doing a couple commissars and a few extra men to bolster his earlier forces. He expects to have to do a little rearranging of his lines in time for the tournament, and may have to paint up some basic guardsmen to cover the heavy weapons teams, that will likely be moving to dedicated squads. Can't say I blame him, I have been playing guard for 9 years now and haven't had heavy weapons in my squads for about 8 and a half of those...


Ken is going for a small month this time, as it seems the silly sod has been overtasking himself for the past couple months. Two 5 man pathfinder teams and a hammerhead will be enough to take him to 1500 points in time for the tournament. He may paint some additional stuff if he gets the time.


And for myself, I'm going for yet another squad of boyz (the looted vehicle from last time will become a simple truk in time for the tournament) a squad of 10 burna boyz, and 2 battlewagons. With the lootas and the burnas and Bugrit riding in the battlewagons, I'll have a fully mounted army (well, with the exception of the stormboyz, and they're quick enough by themselves) which pleases me from a fluff point of view.

So there we have our month 3 requirements, I'm still finalising the exact details of our mini tournament, but Ken will be down for games on the 30th 31st of this month. If I can get the club for the sunday we can do it all together then, if not we can do it at my house and make sure Ken gets his games in at least. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tofg: Nearly There

A quick snap to show most of this months challenge has been completed... Just got to do that squad of lootas before going out to welcome in the new year tomorrow.

Friday, 25 December 2009

ToFG: Journal... Bugrit Returns

Ah well my few days of pleasant rest must come to an end, as Bugrit has returned. An accident with his experimental weapon had seen him disappear, but alas not far enough away for me to attempt my coup. Besides, the experimental weapon is an inherent part of my plans, to liberate and educate the muscularly challenged masses to rise up and lead greenskin kind!

Regardless of Bugrits absence the workshop has been busy. We've been applying several coats of red to some new vehicles, to make them go faster... we've also been sorting through the scrap that has been brought in. Our stocks have soared, and Bugrit is talking about making much bigger tougher vehicles to squash the troublesome humies. He also wants to repair his flying device, as on his long walk back to our camp he was buzzed by some kind of flying dinner plate. He wants to go up and hunt for some more... he fancies some snazzy wheel trims for his ride.

Our stocks of promethium are also at a high, and Bugrit is looking for some way to weaponise this. We've also been increasing the proportion of "crowd-pleaser" packs for the Stormboyz, in order to punish them for cowardice in the face of the enemy. The numbers around the camp are increasing on a daily basis, and I believe our numbers may be attracting attention. Bugrit firmly believes that if he can make his vehicles fast enough and killy enough, Wazzdakka Gutsmek will come and invite us to ride with him. Utter nonsense of course, but if it keeps him producing weapons that I can use in my glorious revolution I'm not going to disrupt his dreams.

Besides, we do agree on one thing. The Stormboyz will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

I must get back to work, as Bugrit looks hungry, and I don't want to appear to be the unproductive one sat here with pen and paper. I do however plan to give some paper to one of my "colleagues" so he can attract the attention instead. I normally wouldn't set up one of my own like that, but he thought it'd be funny to "accidentally" paint the truk as I was fixing something to it. Being red and green at this time of year is not the easiest thing to put up with... he deserves to be Bugrits lunch!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

ToFG: Imperial Citizens!

Have you seen this Ork?

This cunning brute used warp technologies to escape the patrol sent to eliminate him. It is imperative we establish his whereabouts as soon as possible.

If you have any information, contact your local imperial representative.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Uncharted Seas

Played a test game of Uncharted Seas last night. Iron Dwarves vs Shadow Mages. It won't really count for much cos we're both learning it as we go along, and some mistakes were made, but so far it looks like an interesting game. The simplistic nature of the firing keeps things moving, and the slowest part of the game for us was unfamiliarity with taking it in turns with squadrons (we're all so used to "I do my army, now you do yours...")

I got a victory, as I think Chris made a mistake in putting his battleship on the flank. As the slowest vessel I kept mine in the middle so it could support either side, whilst his was pretty isolated. Also, by taking out his smaller vessels first, I then had the advantage in cards (you get one card per active squadron) and late game having 4 vs 1 started to be quite telling. I could say this was tactical genius on my part, but I'd be lying, apart from the speed issue I didn't know what I was doing either :oP

Some more games need to be played to breed familiarity with the game system and with the vessels, and we need to download some of the resources available (for free) at spartan games (templates, roster cards, etc) to save us constantly flicking back to the rule book, but a promising start I think. Regardless of the result, the unfamiliarity, both players had fun. What more do you want at the end of the day?

ToFG: Look! Humies!

Bugrit was sifting through the wreckage of a crashed speeder. He'd loaded (well, yelled at the boyz to load) most of the useful bits from this battlefield onto the truks already. The lootas, who'd checked a bunker on the left and found nothing, gave a yell. There were humies on the horizon!

Revving up their engines the boyz tore off towards the startled guardsmen, still trying to dig in and set up their heavy weapons. The stormboyz and deffkoppta zipped down the right, while the lootas on the left opened fire on some lascannons that hadn't had time to get into any sort of cover yet. Bugrit charged up his shok attack gun, and fired a volley down at the guard lines. He did notice it was making some strange noises, and didn't seem quite as devastating as last time...

The guard eventually got themselves organised and opened up with some disciplined fire, taking down a couple of truks and seriously putting the hurt on one of the boyz squads. But the next turn, with a rather unneccessary Waaaaaaggggghhhh, the boyz charged into combat. The units surrounding the remains of the chapel were destroyed, leaving only the units taking shelter in the cemetary and the mortars to face.

Further disciplined firing saw more boyz cut down, and the deffkopta developed an (even more) unhealthy sounding rattle. But the boyz charged on regardless, causing horrific casualties amongst the guardsmen. The lootas must have been running low on ammo, as they yet again put out a very meagre output of shots. Bugrit fired again, but there was still that whining sound, that seemed to be increasing in pitch...

At this point the frantic humie requests for aid must have been heard, as a valkyrie swept in and went to hunt the lootas. Supporting fire stunned their vehicle, protecting the valkyrie from loota shooting fir that critical turn. The humie leader went to his mens aid, but was chased off after his squad got wiped out. Most of the boyz were down, dead or unconscious, but the Nobz were showing the few stragglers how it was done.

The lootas, lacking anything else to do, went to try to punch the aircraft (well, they ARE Orks, they aren't the sharpest tools in the box) while Bugrit tried to send some more support fire at the guard lines. But that increasing whine reached a crescendo, and the exit hole materialised over to his left, merging a couple of the lootas with snotlings, to ill effect on both sides. "Motee-vational leedership is that" thought Bugrit. (Orks spell badly in their thoughts too ;op)

The valkyrie dropped its veterans in range of Bugrit, then turned and put the lootas to flight with some punishing fire. The veterans advanced on Bugrit, planning to bring their meltaguns to bear. Bugrit picked up his glowing, whining, trembling attack gun, and as the air around him started to heat up from the meltagun fire heading his way, Bugrit gently squeezed the trigger...

The remaining Nobz wiped out the guard lines, and with vast distances seperating the remaining forces, the valkyrie went back and tried shooting the Orks, who were taking cover in the chapel and cemetary until the cowardly valkyrie got close enough to headbutt. But the guard patrol had been annihalated, the Orks had their victory!

With a sound like the millenium falcon hyperdrive failing, Bugrit emerged from a blinding flash of light. He was halfway up a mountain, in the snow, with a few scraps of land speeder and some hypothermic snotlings with him. Oh well, at least he had lunch for the long trek home. But what the hell had happened with that gun of his?!? Back to the workshop to do some more tinkering then...

Friday, 11 December 2009

ToFG: Rule update

When it comes to games, weapons on models and anything that would normally be represented needs to be. Wargear that doesn't need to be represented can be varied.

If you go to the effort of making your weapons alterable, through magnets or whatever, you can make use of this flexibility. The conversion work and painting the extra guns is the price you pay.

Finally, while wargear can be changed, when it comes to the mini tournament we will each submit a list. That is what we play to for ALL games.

In other news, the pic above shows i've made a start on my winds of war penal legion... Which is REALLY not helping my tofg this month :-P

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

ToFG: On the Forage

Out on a forage, Bugrit and his mob heard there were some good bits of scrap available for salvage. Upon arriving at the location, they discovered they were not alone. They had one pile of scrap, but some chaos marines had encamped themselves around the other.

"Their bitz looks shinierer than ars duz" complained Bugrit. "Let's get em!"

At this point the entire horde put peddle to the metal towards the enemy. One truk veered off to the right flank, where a daemon prince had made the mistake of calling attention to itself by shooting the gun off their truk. Bugrit meanwhile held his looted wagon in check... he had some new guns that needed testing...

The daemon prince smashed a couple of boyz down, but the rest of the mob gave him a bit of a kicking. He knew he'd been in a fight. To the extent that half the chaos marines went over to bail him out of the trouble he'd got himself into. The other half dragged down Bugrits new flying defftrap, and blew up one of the truks. They then took cover in a building. The chaos marines were too late to assist the daemon prince. Their sneaky backstabbing ways may have taken care of most of the boyz, but the last couple managed to kick the daemon princes teeth right in. Down he went.

The surviving truks went careening around towards the scrap (or through a ruined building in one case) and the recently detrucked mob advanced. Confused as to what exactly had happened to their ride, they didn't notice the chaos marines cowering in the rubble next to them. The stormboyz missed them too, eager to join the fray on the other side of the battelfield. Bugrit however, saw all. He ordered his lads to open up with all the experimental weapons that could be brought to bare. They took down most of the cowards, and the screams of the dying alerted the boyz to their presence. They finished them off, then continued towards the scrap. Meanwhile, those glory hunting stormboyz failed miserably in their attacks, and promptly legged it. Have to up the ratio of "crowd-pleaser" packs for that thought Bugrit.

The chaos marines, fresh from seeing off the glory boyz, went to try to reclaim their pile of scrap. The ladz were having none of it though, and corralled them withthe truks and beat them to a bloody pulp. Bugrit had planned to add some fire to the mix, but his assistant, disgruntled at the lack of range on his gun, had taken to pressing random buttons in their ride. It burst forwards and stopped just shy of the nearest building. Completely threw off Bugrits aim. He was not impressed!

At this point it looked like the scrap was safely in Ork hands, until some sneaky chaos marines arrived from the flank. With resolute firepower they gunned down most of the boyz. Cowards!

The two truks went charging off towards the newcomers while the surviving boyz started to pore over the scrap for anything valuable. Heavy fire from Bugrits krew blew up the newcomers transport, while the newcomers assaulted the oncoming truks, destroying one. The surviving truk tried to run them down, but they calmy stepped out of the way. Seeing a nicely bunched target, Bugrit and his krew opened fire, but some intervening scenery took most of the sting out of it. The ladz had been advancing hoping to finish the marines off, but a yell from Bugrit got them back to the scrap pile to claim his prize.

At this point it was the end of turn 5, and the roll made it the end of the game. Victory for the Orks! We played on for kicks and giggles...

Having already pilfered the best stuff the chaos marines were getting little more than vengeance by slaughtering the ork boyz. Bugrit prepared to do some more firing, but that foolish assistant of his pressed that button again. The wagon went careening through a building and came to a halt just near the enemy. The enemy responded by attacking the vehicle, shaking it. Bugrit glanced out at the enemy surrounding his tank, and saw the last surviving truk bearing down on them. The driver had a glint in his eye that Bugrit recognised, so he quickly gave the order to bail out and run for it. Seeing the passengers bail out and leg it, the marines next to the tank checked their rear, just in time to avoid becoming the filling in a tank sandwich. Bugrits wagon withstood the charge (better than Bugrit expected) the truk however was not so fortunate. Expecting a big explosion the ladz braced themselves, but it must have been running on empty, as it fell apart with a sound like a meganob falling down a spiral staircase.

With a Waaaaaaggggghhhhhh Bugrit and his lootas charged through the wreckage and assaulted the chaos marines. Of course carrying such big guns isn't the best way to assault, and Bugrit got knocked out in the fight. He woke to find the chaos marines gone, but lot's of scraps scattered around the place for him. All in all, not a bad day. He'd get his revenge on those spiky marines later. For now, he had truks to build...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Uncharted Seas

Was awoken today by the postman... on a Sunday?!? I don't mind him getting me out of bed, as he brought me this little bundle (not all of which is for me :oP)

It's a game a few of us are going to have a bash at. It's naval combat, and looks quite interesting. I've had a galnce and it looks like a simpler battlefleet Gothic, but it's a lot cheaper. The starter fleets range from £12 to £25 or so, and in that is all you need to game. I'm not kidding. You get enough of a fleet to play with, and you get order cards, plus the templates and counters you can see in the picture (I did in my box anyway)

The rule book is an 83 page full colour thing of beauty, and I will be poring over it over the next few days in the hope of getting a game in soon. I have two potential opponents lined up, and they're starting from the same level as me.

The ships are cast in resin (though other fleets have metal bits too) and I reckon I can bash out an effective colour scheme on them in no time.

Of course, no time is precisely what I have, what with it being nearly a week into ToFG month 2, and the only painting I've done is for an unrelated Winds of War project :oS I really should get on with my ToFG stuff, but right now I'm drawn to the WoW stuff, and I don't want to do a half arsed ToFG job just so I can get back to what I crave doing. So I'm just gonna have to scratch that WoW itch, and then play catch up :oP

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Camera Failure

Sadly could not get the replacement lead i'd hoped to borrow to get the rest of my pics of my winds of war force, so have ordered a replacement. In the meantime, here's a little teaser to be going on with...

Winds of War: Storm Troopers

I did some conversion work for my winds of war storm trooper squad. I wanted the guns to look a certain way and i'm happy with the result. I'm using mobile blogger cos i can't get my phone to download pics normally, and this is quicker than asking a friend to find time to photograph models for me. For finished models i'll use their decent camera every time, but for works in progress this will do.

Anyway, a pic of a few finished models is above. Soon as i figure out how to get more than one pic in each post we'll be in business ;-)

Winds of War: Objective

Found this item that I think is quite cool and is likely to be one of my objectives for winds of war if i can get it on the right size base.

And no, this is not the one I reckon has a shout at the Fergus Award ;-)

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Tale Of Fantasy Gamers

Scott has recently started a skaven army (and a wood elf army, but that's another story) and has watched my TOFG with great interest. He was hoping I might do something similar for fantasy. So I put some thought into it, and here is what I came up with.

I have a summer of apocalypse in mind, so was thinking of starting a fantasy version in July. I thought I'd give you guys plenty of notice so that any of you who are thinking of starting a fantasy army can bear that in mind.

Now with Fantasy I thought arbitrary 500 point blocks wouldn't do us much good (a Lord on Dragon would be about 750 in some armies, over budget for the month and very little to paint. A couple units of skavenslaves would be about 40 models, and a mere 80 points. A busy month indeed.) So I thought of a better way to do it. We'll be building towards a 3000 point force, with a plan to have either a mini tournament or a legendary battle or perhaps a campaign at the end with our freshly painted armies. It does mean we'll have less of the interesting little things during the early stages, as it will be entirely down to the gamer to decide how much they paint and it won't likely be a legal army for several stages. On the bright side it will allow some flexibility to the individual painter, to choose to do a large month if they have plenty of free time or a smaller amount if they have other commitments.

People will be able to use this to bolster armies they have already started, and units previously painted will be eligible for the final game/tournament/campaign. Units can be painted to bolster existing forces. For instance, a unit could be painted with no command and just ten models. That will be an eligible choice for that month. If they are then added to an existing unit with full command (painted beforehand) for the final game, that is all well and good.

Will he finally get to lead a fully painted army?

The schedule would be as follows;

Month 1 - July - 1 Hero and 2 Core choices
Month 2 - August - 1 Hero, 1 Core and 1 Special
Month 3 - September - 1 Hero, 1 Special, 1 Rare
Month 4 - October - 1 Lord, 1 Core, 1 other unit (not Lord or Hero) selection
Month 5 - November - Whatever else people wish to make their armies up to 3k.
Month 6 - December - Tournament/Campaign/Legendary Battle

This way if people plan an army in advance they can plan their own schedules and paint accordingly, hopefully avoiding having too much to do in any given month. Want two 40 strong Core units and a 10 strong Core unit? Perhaps do just one of the 40 strong units in month 1, along with the 10 strong unit ;o)

Anyway, this is a long way off yet, just thought I'd put notice out there so if people are looking for a fantasy army to do after ToFG is finished, well if you hold off a few months before starting there'll another challenge to join in on!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Death Stars, Dragons, and Distractions

Scott talked me into visiting one of the other wargames clubs in Portsmouth. I was already dubious about the kind of person I might meet there after Scott came back the previous week having been told about half a dozen key plot points in the final season of Battlestar Galactica (all because he mentioned he'd been watching it for the past few weeks.) Classy.

But anyway I walked in, and while I can't vouch for the entire club, as there was a discussion going on with flames of war which I don't have the background knowledge to follow, the warhammer talk was... well quite frankly scary. Two gamers were discussing their lists for an upcoming 3k fantasy tournament. One of them was planning to use 2 Vampire Lords on Dragons. Well that's 1500 out of the way easily enough. The days of Herohammer are back. His opponent was planning to use about 40 wardancers in some sort of skirmishy death star. They argued the point back and forth for a while, saying "yeah well I'd do this" "yeah so I'd counter with this spell" (children! Yet one was my age, the other was late thirties at the youngest!) and citing other known participants who were intending to bring either multi dragon lists or death star lists of various types. So, no one is bringing a normal army then? In tournament play I might write a stronger list than otherwise, but it wouldn't be sick. The sickest army I ever took was a Steam Tanks/Cannons list against Dan, it was a one off game for a laugh, I bought a bushy beard for it and if he'd objected too much I had enough infantry in the case to switch to a normal list! Now the fact that he'd brought a 2k Dark Elf list including Malekith on Balck Dragon meant I was sticking with my uber list... but I'd never take it ina tournament, that'd just be all sorts of wrong!

I got a game. Took an interesting Dark Elf list that was a complete departure from anything I'd tried before. I left the Cold One Knights at home (yes, unheard of for me) and took some crossbow units, several bolt throwers, and a huge block of spearmen to be ammo for my sacrificial dagger armed supreme sorceress. I was facing a khornate Beasts of Chaos list (well dispell scrolls and Ring of Hotek were a waste of points) that had just over half it's army value in one unit (and all the armies characters!) He had a couple of units of skirmishers to round out his core choices, a giant, some dragon ogres and a few chariots. Now I had some bad luck with my bolt throwers (forgot to take the safety tips off the bolts I suspect, as they hit frequently, but never wounded) but that huge unit was just unstoppable. When it hit it was only the unbreakable nature of my BSB that kept them in place, the unit itself was practically annihalated. In the end I'd killed of most of his other stuff, and had a decent firebase on the hill, but there was no way I'd be able to get rid of that death star, so I conceded defeat. It was not a fun game. Compare this to recent battles with Scott, where we've both taken fluffy lists, and had a whale of a time. Scott edging one game, me annihalating him the next, then him pwning me for the third. All fun games, even the one sided ones, as even when things were going badly, there was plenty of entertainment value about. Against a death star, it kills all there is in front of it, and there isn't much else to do really... I don't think I'll be heading down there again to be honest. I like the more relaxed gaming atmosphere we have at our club. When I mentioned our last fantasy tournament didn't have any dragons, they assumed the reason must have been no one could have dragons. Well High and Dark Elves could, Vampire Counts could, so that's half the field.

In other news, I've undercoated my assignment for this months ToFG, along with over half of my Winds of War stuff. I picked up a brush last night and made a start... on the WoW stuff :oS

I just felt in the mood to paint them, but I really should get my ToFG stuff done first. With an uncharted sea fleet en route, the distractions are mounting... focus ginge, focus!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ToFG: Journal Entry... New projects

Greetings once again faithful readership of my high brow material. I have survived the month, despite the weather closing in, and have managed to forage enough food not only to feed myself, but to avoid Bugrit getting hungry enough to eat me!

Several patrols went out with the truks we made. The few stragglers that walked back seemed quite happy with the results, and ordered more. They say they were really good fast trucks, right up until the cowardly humies hiding behind a wall zapped them and blew them up without getting them chance to get in for a proper fight first. From all accounts we lost far more of our strength to the exploding trucks than enemy fire, but Bugrit won't hear of upgrading the armour or shielding the fuel tank in any way. In fact he's tearing armour plates off the latest batch, convinced that if the trucks were faster the humies wouldn't hit them. I suppose he has a point in that if they led the target by the same amount and the target was slightly faster they're more likely to miss... but the way I hear it humans aren't much better at shooting than Orks, and they rely on shooting in roughly the right direction lot's of times and hoping something sticks, so I'm not sure how much of an effect this latest "improvement" will have.

Work continues on our new recovery vehicle. Bugrit wants to use this to scout around bring back more stuff we can salvage and make into useful items, such as truks, guns, jetpacks etc. We're also working on a more all-terrain truck, as the weather has turned quite chill of late. The truks that race around the camp often fishtail and crash quite spectacularly. Which can be quite handy for us... if the owners die, we slavage it, fix it, and sell it again. We make more money from that than meagre repair costs if the owner lives. In fact it's not unknown for one of our crowd pleasing jet packs to be rigged under the drivers seat. If it doesn't quite have the desired effect, it'll certainly prove distracting when trying to steer a truk at breakneck speed on frozen ground...

Bugrit has also got his weapon working well enough to take out for field tests now. I'm still trying to get close enough to it to tweak it for the benefit of all muscularly challenged greenskin kind. (Not too close, for the obvious reasons...) He's also been working on some other guns, that have been pieced together from various salvaged (aka nicked) weaponry and can kick out quite a rate of fire... if only Orks could shoot straight they'd be quite deadly. Bugrit has even taken on an assistant, who is doing field tests with a team of Orks crazy enough to strap themselves into the full body rig those guns entail.

Finally, we got buzzed by an Imperials aircraft the other day. The weather has covered the workshop with a generous helping of snow which has certainly made us harder to spot, especially as when the aircraft gets low enough to be bale to actually identify the fact that we're a building the jetwash kicks up enough snow to render him blind anyway. Bugrit however, was taken with a mood of "anythin humies can do, weez can do better" and has begun trying to piece together a flying contraption of some kind. Predictably rumour of something fast AND flying has spread around the vicinity, and we've got a whole host of volunteers ready to fight for the right to be our test pilot. I will make sure I take all their details. Even if we lost the first ten I'm sure we'd have just as many queueing up to take their chance.

Anyway, duty calls. I'm going to go and fix that flying contraption of Bugrits while he's busy with something else. Entertaining as the end result would be, I think Bugrit would regret losing his latest toy just because he wired the controls so that left went right and right went left. I think having the test run start from the clearing in the forest is risky enough!

ToFG: Month 1 Results, and Month 2 Requirements

Ok, the results are in. In month 1 (nice easy start) we just had to paint 500 points each. Well tonight at Hammer N Ales Rich and I confirmed each others finished ToFG armies, and Ken uploaded pics of his tonight. Chris (industrious little sod that he is) finished his several weeks ago, so I'd already seen them.

So, scores for month 1 are all tied on 5 apiece.

In month 2, there are a potential 8 points up for grabs. Each gamer must paint another 500 points, 5 points for on time, 3 points for late, 0 points for not within the late window. There is also a bonus 3 points available for getting a game in against someone, anyone. It doesn't have to be a fellow ToFG member, just pop down to your local workshop and ask a staff member to give you a test game if needs be. Get a photo if you can, or maybe write a battle report detailing your exploits.

The bonus points in this one encourages people to build towards a legal army for the 1000 point level. It is also a chance for them to play with the models they've worked so feverishly on.

Requirements for the month are as follows:

We'll deal with Rich first, as he's got the most complicated aspect. As I said you could paint extra stuff at any time in order to not penalise Rich (who'd started his chaos before I came up with the idea of doing this, and had already painted most of his troops choices) and swap it for stuff you painted on any given month (which gets retired to apoc reserve, though you cannot swap back and forwards between them until apoc month unlocks your reserve) Rich has selected one unit to paint this month that will go immediately into his reserve, to be substituted by a troops unit.

Rich thus has to paint 10 marines, including Aspiring Champion and 2 plasmaguns. The squad has a mark of chaos glory. He also has to paint 5 terminators, including champion with twin lightening claws, a heavy flamer, 3 combi weapons and 2 chainfists. The terms will drop to apoc reserve to make room for another squad of 10 chaos marines, giving Rich a legal 1000 point army.

2 Devilfish
10 Fire Warriors
3 Crisis Suits
1 Broadside

So again a good variety for Ken to paint, infantry, vehicles and suits.

Command Section with missile launcher
Infantry Squad with missile launcher
Infantry Squad with missile launcher
Heavy Weapon Squad with 3 mortars
Veteran Squad with 3 meltaguns and a demo charge
Valkyrie with Rocket Pods

And Finally, Me...
Big Mek with Shok Attack Gun (Bugrit makes an appearance)
10 Lootas
Looted Vehicle
12 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw

Chris is no doubt looking enviously at the mere 15 models that Rich has to paint and asking himself why the hell he did a horde army. If he isn't, he should be! I sure as hell am! :oP

With Winds of War to take my attention, plus a couple of conversion projects for some apoc scenarios I came up with, the last thing I need is something more to distract me...

On a completely unrelated note I've just ordered some models for the game Uncharted Seas. It looked interesting and low costs for hte models, so a few of us are gonna give it a go. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. At least this is low intensity distraction, not like Winds of War where I'm aiming to win the Fergus award. More on WInds of War, Fergus, and Uncharted Seas when I have some models to photograph.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


Just a quick update. My Tale Of Four Gamers tasks for Novemeber are complete. Took a while to find the time to do those stormboyz what with winds of war distracting me, but it's done now.

A full update on everyones scores and their challenges for next month will be put up on the 1st of December.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Combat Patrols

Today I popped down to the workshop for a few combat patrols against Chris. We planned to give our ToFG armies a game, plus a test game for some Winds of War lists. This was more useful for Chris than me - he's still refining his Winds of War list, whereas I have committed to a fluff based list and started converting already! :oP

Game 1 - ToFG vs ToFG

Chris has a LOT of heavy weapons in his army. I charged my truks as far as I could, with the Stormboyz following them for cover. The first Lascannon squad killed one truk, along with half the squad inside. The other Lascannon squad pegged the other squad... with half the boys inside, and half the following Stormboys. More than half my army had evaporated in one round of shooting. For Str 3 against T4, he rolled a lot of wounds. By the time I got the remnants into combat they didn't have the required numbers, and then when the commander laid in with his power fist it was swiftly over. I was trying to take a consolation prize by killing the commander with my power klaw ork, but the git passed two 5+ invulnerable saves. Git.

The Truk, which carries Orks, (and if todays game is anything to go by, high explosives and jerry cans full of petrol fumes) that made such a brief appearance...
I also had to say that Chris rolls on the Ramshackle table were uncanny. The ramshackle table takes a wrecked or explodes result, and makes it into
1-2 - still explodes
3-4 - goes 3D6" in a random direction, THEN explodes
5-6 - falls apart but no damage to the Orks
Out of three exploded results (over both ToFG list games) Chris rolled a 1 or 2 each time. On the fourth truk he got 2 destroyed results, so rolled two dice, rolling a 5! But also a 2. You take the lowest result. Git!

Game 2 - Winds of War vs Winds of War

I took my fluffy Winds of War list, which I have to admit I don't expect to do all that well with, but so long as it looks good ;o)

My penal legion rolls were disappointing, as I rolled assault lasguns on both. This would be excellent for holding a defensive position around an objective, but for simple killing each other it's only marginally better than normal guardsmen (and NO better in combat) However, Chris combining his squads did give me hope. If I could tie up that big squad, I've negated most of his army...

I kinda figured my priest was screwed on this one as I wanted my army to outflank, but I deployed him anyway. Chris fired 8 krak missiles at him on turn 1, but he passed all the cover saves he was required to make. With a good run roll, he moved 12" closer, and also used a building to reduce Chris LOS. Chris moved his sentinals nearer to the edge to get a single shot at him, and rejoiced as he killed him... until I pointed out the rosarius gave him a 4+ invulnerable, which he passed :oP

My storm troopers (with first round of shooting causing pinning) came in and tried to cause the uber squad some problems. Managed to do some damage between them and the penal legions, but they passed their morale check to avoid being pinned.

Chris command squad came in and attacked my storm troopers, killed some but they held. My chimera then tried to tank shock his army off the table (Chris was perilously close to his board edge) but again he passed his morale check. On the bright side his sentinals death or glory attack merely shot a weapon off, the sentinal was duly creamed. The priest and penal legion went to the aid of the strm troopers, while the other penal legion picked a fight with the uber unit, hoping to tie them up for a while.

By the time the fight involving Chris command squad had been decided in my favour, the chimera had been immobilised, the storm troopers were down to a single plasma gunner, and the priest joined the half squad of penal legion. They advanced on the uber mob that was locked in combat with my penal squad. Now my plan at this point was to hold him in combat with the penal legion while the other penal legion moved up to reinforce. The Storm Trooper would try to hurt the sentinals, with support from the immobilised Chimera. Unfortunately the penal legion, needing to pass a morale check on Stubborn Ld 8, failed and ran. Chris used his consolidate move to put some distance between him and my remaining forces. I knew I couldn't reach him now without suffering a horrendous amount of fire. However, seeing his unit was down to 23 models (under half str, so at least giving me half points) I decided to try to gain points in other ways. I charged the sentinals. Now only the priest could hurt it, with a 6 followed by a 6 to glance from a frag grenade, but I figured he'd kill one guardsman a turn and my stubborn Ld8 squad should be ok. I figured if I got half points for his infantry, full for his command, and maybe took his sentinals to under half the original unit strength, I may have a chance. At the time the surviving storm trooper and penal legion meant he'd only scored points for about half my army... it was still quite close. Of course, my penal legion failed their stubborn Ld 8 (again!) so I conceded defeat. With only a sentinal remaining I figured they'd be locked in combat forever and there was no way my immobilised chimera and solitary storm trooper could take out enough of the remaining guardsmen.

In this game 2 crucial Ld tests for Chris were passed (avoiding being pinned when my forces first arrived, then avoiding falling back off the table when tank shocked.) I was faced with two similarly crucial Ld tests (keep him in the fight so I can reinforce, later keep me in the fight so I can't get shot! :oP) and failed them. That's just the way things go sometimes.

Game 3 - Winds of War 2 vs ToFG

This time Chris tried a mechanised list. As stated in his blog he made the mistake of driving towards me. This got me in combat on turn 1. Needing 6s to hit yes, but at least this time I had plenty of bodies to get me those 6s. Ripped a multilaser off one chimera and blew up another. Some well placed flamer shots hurt my squads, but I managed to steadily advance on his firebase. His chimeras tried to make a fighting retreat but my Orks were nipping at their heels. The stormboys roared on ahead and killed some infantry, but took plenty of fire in return from the Lascannon squad. With a few men left it looked like the game was easily in Chris favour (I have a nob and 3 boyz. Chris had 2 chimera, a squad and a heavy weapon squad.) Things did not go as expected...

The few remaining Orks wiped out the infantry squad, but fire from the chimera and lascannons took out the remaining boyz. The nob pasted a chimera (leaving it an empty box which he finished off in Chris assault phase) and was out of LOS of the lascannons. Chris forgot to move the other chimera, but celebrated wildly when I failed my armour save. I then pointed out that a Nob has 2 wounds... he then ripped apart the other chimera. Not knowing relative scores, I charged across the battlefield along the defence lines. A good run roll got me right to the end of the wall. The lascannons opened up - the one that wounded, I passed the cover save on. We rolled the dice, game over. Just to see what would have happened, he fired at me - and failed to kill the nob. I moved out... but was 6.5" away, so couldn't assault. SO we checked the scores.

Chris Lascannon squad was 105 points. The margin for victory (10% for a draw) was 50 points. My nob surviving meant he only scored half points for that squad. 112, divided by 2, 56. 49 points behind Chris - a draw! It was a hilarious rampage by the Nob, and highly entertaining.

Ork Nob with Power Klaw FTW... well, For The Draw actually. But highly entertaining!

From the effectiveness of Chris firing I discovered something in these games. Extra armour on the truks is a waste of points. Sure I wanted to be able to keep the truks moving if possible, but generally Chris had the firepower to obliterate the truk. The extra armour was rather redundant.

All in all, good to have a game with my Orks. Now they have to go back to Bugrit and Ereyoo for some more truks. Slightly less explosive ones this time...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Tomb Kings

Another look at some old models I'm quite proud of. The key with this one is to compare it to the skeletons I did when I first started painting warhammer models... or just as telling, the "better" ones I painted in the summer before I moved to Portsmouth that I thought were 10 times, 100 times better than the ones that went before! Luckily I don't have photos of those ones, so I'll just have to show these off instead ;o)

A unit of Skeleton Warriors (I also have a unit painted with Spears)

A closer look at the unit Champion

And this next piece is a conversion to make a Liche Priest equipped with the Cloak of the Dunes. As I thought the magic item had clearly taken inspiration from "The Mummy" I drew inspiration from the same source when it came to the model. The original attempt had a green stuff cloak too, but it looked flat and fake and I think ruined the model. So I can up with the better one, where instead of a cloak and sandstorm legs, the storm begins where the cloak would, and sweeps the priest along in it.

I have lots of this stuff waiting on the inspiration to start it up again. With those fantastic new foundation paints and washes, and rumours of a new codex maybe sometime next year, perhaps we have another contender for Warhammer ToFG :oP


A long time ago I used skills and doctrines to design an awesome guard army for cityfight. I had a bunch of the new Cadians lying around, so I built the army to match the list. I then painted several vehicles and a couple of units, before inevitably with me getting distracted.

Now I have to admit this was on the back burner long before they took away my skills and doctrines. I made great effort to keep the army in a seperate case and not mix it in with the rest of my guard in the hope this would keep it pure and some day I'd come back to it. Then apoc came, and I needed models, more models, EVERY model I could get my hands on for the biggest games imaginable... I still have allthe Cadians, but the list is no longer valid. But if I ever paint up all my Cadian models, this is the colour scheme I want to paint them in. I'd like to do a dedicated cityfight army using Cadian models, but it's a long way down a very long list of things I want to paint.

Now there is one thing I really like this model for. It was the first time I painted faces without eyes. Previously I'd painted the eyes white and very carefully tried to dot the eyes so they're looking in the same direction. I got quite good at it, though there were still some distinctly odd looking dudes floating about (away with the fairies by the look on their faces...) But I realised that if a person was so far away that they looked the size of a model... I would not see the whites of their eyes. Admittedly, you wouldn't see anything more than a vague humanoid shape either, but that's beside the point :oP

For my first attempt at a face without eyes, using just shadow to suggest eyes, I'm really quite proud of it. It was a significant step in my painting development. Sure, I reckon I can do better now, but you have to look back at these important moments.


A few images of my personal favourite unit from my Dark Elves army, the superb Cold One Knights, plus a Dreadlord on Cold One.

I have also painted about 20 warriors with spears, but they have a slightly simpler less impressive colour scheme. It looks good enough ranked up though. I still have about 20 Spearmen, 40 Corsairs, and a few Sorceresses and Assassins to do, plus about 20 Repeater Crossbowmen and a couple of Reaper Bolt Throwers.

I'm trying to avoid purchasing more until I've got through that lot, as I don't want to build up the same kind of backlog I built up on my Empire and Guard. With ToFG and other projects taking priority, I don't expect to get to this lot any time soon. Perhaps a Warhammer ToFG in 6 months time :oP

Winds Of War

I've entered Winds of War 2010 at Bracknell Forest Gamers. It's a doubles combat patrol tournament. It's gonna be me and Ken as a team, whilst the other two ToFG competitors are forming another team.

After some debate about teams and available armies, it was settled that I was with Ken. As that meant I had to play Guard (neither Templars nor Tau would play with Orks - Snobs!) I designed a combat patrol. At first I thought of using my latest conversion ideas but couldn't come up with a fluffy link to tie them together. But then inspiration struck...

The new Nid codex is out in January. It is eligible for this tournament. To reflect that I expect to see at least one Nid list there (and probably a whole host of gamers abandoning their JOTWW Space Wolf Forces for whatever power list this codex throws up in the coming months) I decided to lean towards anti nids in the fluff. Thus Ken (using Templars) and I will form the team "Bug Stompers"

One of the units that is a natural contender in a combat patrol is the Penal Legion Squad. Cheap. Scoring. Stubborn. With some interesting random options. Plus, a little while ago I converted a unit of them using various bitz from Cadians, Catachans, Flagellents and even some Baneblade crew! The result is below.

I am particularly happy that I had enough flagellent chains to put ankle shackles on each convict, and a little key for the Custodians belt. The guy in the stocks has clearly inspired the Custodians wrath in some way, and I intend to paint a target on the banner to really bring the point home. That'll teach him to say the custodian looks like the back of a Grox!

Anyway, I've converted up another unit of these crazed thugs, giving me two cheap stubborn scoring units that, depending on what they roll, could prove excellent at defending a position, or could prove quite nasty in assault.

Working purely from fluff, I designed the rest of my army. Admittedly the priest and convicts form one element of the army while the rest of the army form another, and there isn't really a logical reason to link them... but when I reveal the background fluff no one can accuse me of not following the inspiration exactly. ;o)

As mentioned, the convicts also have a priest. He does lack the ability to outflank, so if I want to outflank they'll have to go without him. But if I wish to set up conventionally he will prove a useful asset. Plus there wasn't much else to spend the spare points on - tactically I could think of better lists, but as I said I'm working from fluff on this one.

Anyway, the rest of the army consists of a bunch of Storm Troopers I'm converting up from Cadians, with a couple plasma guns to compliment their AP3 lasguns (I working from fluff but I'm not completely gonna screw myself :oP) They have a chimera to ride in, meaning the deep strike asset is pointless. So whichever of the other two options I take, they can outflank. Along with the entire force, excepting the Priest. Told you religious types had no friends...

Finally, I have a Scout Sentinal with heavy flamer. I've converted this model extensively and am quite proud of it. Photos will follow at some point, along with work on the Storm Troopers.

For now, given this project will run concurrently with ToFG, wish me luck :oS

TOFG: Month 1

Ok, so the pics have come through, but rather than bash them all out in one big post, I'm going to do several smaller posts. Sure it means several posts on one day, but it makes it easier to find them again later :oP

First up, TOFG.

I've still to finish the Stormboyz, so basic Boyz for now.

Here's a Mob of 12.

Here's the thug leading them.

And here's their ride.

I've got two units/truks, and they're all done. Just 10 Stromboyz left to paint.

My month 2 list is almost certainly gonna be (I don't HAVE to commit till the 30th after all, but seeing as everyone else is going for it...)

10 Lootas
Looted vehicle (will transport Lootas - This will be a converted Truk, and in larger games will probably go back to being a truk... but for now I wanted to build the model and had no other way of including it in my army, due to Lootas not being allowed dedicated transports.)
12 boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw.
Truk (for the boyz)
Big Mek with Shok Attack Gun
Deffkopta (to make up the points for this month.)

All in all, quite a bit to do. The Big Mek is especially daunting, quite possibly the biggest challenge in my proposed 2000 point list. Best to get it out of the way then I suppose... :oP

Busy Weekend

Ok, I'm still waiting on my friend who volunteered to take some top quality pics for me to actually take them off her camera and email them to me, so I'll do a brief summary of achievements and new projects started over the last few days, and do a more detailed post with pictures later.

Almost finished Novembers stuff, had hoped to get it all finished by this weekend, but I had some inspiration I wanted to act on, plus wasn't in a painting mood for a few days, so felt it best to do some converting instead rather than risk messing my hard work up. I have a squad of Stormboyz to finish, and I'm down to highlighting and detail, and then the bases, so nearly there.

Also for ToFG I planned out my next months workload and have set it all aside in a box ready for December.

Winds of War
Chris suggested we all sign up for WInds of War, and all four TOFG competitors have. I'll be teaming up with Ken, meaning I'm taking my guard (Neither Templars nor Tau will work with Orks) As there are points available for nicely converted armies, I've decided to do an entirely seperate Guard combat Patrol special for this tournament. So more work :o/

I came up with a list, roughly detailed below.

Storm Troopers with 2 Plasmaguns and Chimera
Penal Legion Squad
Penal Legion Squad
Scout Sentinal with Heavy Flamer

Now for those of you who've seen my penal legion squad I converted out of Cadian and Flagellent bits with a smattering of Catachan, well I'm gonna paint them up for this, and have made another squad using the same method.

I've started on my Storm Troopers using Cadians as a basis, though want to do some converting on them. Part of that is a conversion of the gun so it is definitely NOT your average lasgun. I'm waiting on some Bitz from Rich (Space Marine Scout Shotguns) to carry on converting that squad. The plasmagunners are ready though. I also want to do a chimera special for the squad.

I've also done some heavy converting on a Sentinal with heavy flamer. I am quite proud of how this model has turned out and while I'm a bit daunted by painting it I'm looking forward to the end result.

Psyker Battle Squad
After the excellent form they showed in the apoc game I figured it was about time I converted a psyker battle squad, especially given I wanted some more flagellent bitz for my penal legion anyway. So Cadian bodies with flagellent/Catachan heads and arms - penal legion. Flagellent robes with Cadian arms (a rather strange look to see them with open robes and carapace shoulder pads, but I reckon it'll look ok painted) and bald heads (some from Cadian command squad, also picked up a few off the flagellent sprue) are psykers.

Other Projects
Other projects I have on my list at the moment are sitting with no progress as yet, some I need bits for, some I just need time. But active projects (quite aside from any Guard, Empire, Baneblades, Dark ELves, Valkyries, Tomb Kings, Vultures etc I decide to pick up and do) are listed below.

Catachan Rough Rider (on Cold One) Prototype
Boombunnies of Khorne
Warp Rift
Assault Boat Prototype
Skullhammer (needs more converting work ready for TOFG apoc month)
ToFG January
ToFG February
Heavy Weapon Bases (A bunch of bases I want to make scenic so my current heavy weapons can be used on a single large base, in keeping with the latest rules, without making a permanent change, cos we know GW change their minds from one edition of a codex to the next :oP)
Army base/tray for Winds of War
Chimera for Winds of War

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Apoc Weekend

I went to visit my friend Ken for an apoc weekend. 5000 point game, my guard vs his black templars. Ken has a couple of titans. They're always a pain in the arse. I've come up with several cunning ploys over the years to bring them down, but have usually not had much success. I have taken "junior" out on one occassion (a mere warhound) but never reaver. So here we go again.

In the past I've tried tunnels and meltaguns, flank march and chainfists, shadowswords (aka bullet magnets) thunderbolts and vortex grenades. This time I have a new tactic - nothing! I decided to ignore them. To pretend they weren't there. Rather than waste my firepower at these things that just WILL NOT DIE... shoot something else. Course they can still make their points back, killing a couple of baneblades a turn. So let's limit their damage potential. No baneblades.

Adding up the tanks I had, I realised with my minimum of infantry I wanted, a few assassins, and my battle tanks... I was over 6000 points. Hmm, rethink required.

So I went for an infantry HORDE. 300ish infantry. NO tanks. In fact only two vehicles in the entire army (valkyries) My basic plan was to have 2 huge amalgamated squads of guard, 50 strong, one made fearless by Yarrick the other Ld9 stubborn by a Lord Commissar. They were to hold my home objectives. I had another platoon with defence lines to try to keep Kens templars further away. Plenty of missile launcher and lascannon armed heavy weapon squads, about 5 demo charge squads to give ken something to think about. I also had the Straken bomb loaded in a valkyrie, a penal legion squad in a valkyrie for a late game objective grab, and some deep striking storm troopers to help clear Ken off an objective. I had three psyker battle squads ready to weaken Kens resolve (gotta love that rule on Black Templars) and several units of ratlings to try to give them a reason to run. I also had 5 Callidus assassins for the fun they bring, and a vindicare with some spare points. I also brought 3 Primaris Psykers, wanting to test the model out, having never used one before. I assigned one to each 50 man mob, hoping Nightshroud would spare them some heat for a while.

We were playing a fifth edition apoc amalgamation. Only troops would count as scoring, but they'd have to be over half strength. (Knowing this would technically make my 50 man mob no longer count as scoring once they were down to 24, I HAD to take Hold At All Costs. This made EVERY troop choice guardsmen on the table scoring. So about 250 of them then...) We'd bid time for setup, the loser would have the opportunity to sieze the initiative.

Ken bid three minutes (I'd kept quiet about my army composition whilst I bid 30. I was planning on going second (though would sieze the initiative if given the chance.) He put down his army. I put down my horde. I kept the Callidus assassins, the psyker battle squads, the storm troopers and the valkyries (flying) in reserve, plus a few demo charge squads I was lost for where to place. I failed to sieze the initiative, but my word in Kens ear did have good results. I moved his term squad back into difficult terrain, and likewise with both landraiders and a rhino. I also moved a predator behind a building. One of the land raiders then immobilised itself trying to get out of the terrain. Result!

Kens titans were still effective. He butchered 40+ guardsmen in the first turn alone. The plasma balstgun was bad enough (hard to claim cover from something so high) but the str D was annoying as hell. Sure, not as valuable a target as a baneblade, but touch it and they're dead. It was annihalating my heavy squads and command squads fairly effectively. He took out my command that was to support my lines with commands (and one of the primaris psykers) and generally moved towards me.

Trying to stem the tide of fire I hoped nightshroud would help. THis would need Ken to pass a Ld test to target my big squads. Sure it'd be on Ld 10, but if you make someone roll the dice they'll eventually fail, and if it spares me one turn shooting that's something. So Yarricks squad first,Primaris Psyker... double 6. Yarrick muttered something about it being for his own good and blew his brains out. Unlucky. Other squad... double 6! The Lord Commissar muttered "What Yarrick said" and blew his brains out. Right. Well that 140 points was useful, good to give that new unit a good field test!

The next couple turns was Ken butchering guardsmen every chance he got. I did get some effective revenge on turn two, when Psyker battle squads weakened the resolve of a couple units... while a Callidus popped up next to them with her Str 8 against Ld AP1 flame template... This and the following charge wiped out two of Kens four scoring units, and seriously pulled the teeth from one of his terminator squads. Yarrick got up from being given a cuddle by a dread to take out another scoring unit. Turn 3 saw Marbo and the storm troopers take down a couple of the others, while Yarricks foolhardy charge saw the inevitable result. This time he didn't get up. But on turn 4 my Straken bomb dealt with Kens last scoring unit. He now could only draw at best. Of course, there wasn't much left on my side either. The turns were going quite quickly so we decided to play it fifth edition standard - at the end of turn 5 roll a dice, see if there's a turn 6.

Ken carried on trying to finish off my scoring units. Unbeknownst to him I had another in the valkyrie just flying round, keeping out of trouble, and taking the occassional shot at the predator to clear an objective for me to land on. At the end of turn 5 I believe ALL the objectives were contested. In turn 6 he wiped out all the scoring units I had left on the table, apart from a heavy weapon team that was too close to his drop pod for his titans to target. They then sprinted for the central objective to claim it. Knowing they could make it, I positioned my valkyrie so that, if there was a turn 7 and he killed those brave soldiers, I could drop my penal legion squad on an empty objective and claim the win. As it is, the dice came up short, we finished the game at the end of turn 6, the score being Guard:1 Templars:0

Looking at the aftermath, I had a heavy weapons team on the table. I had a Callidus assassin that had been too far away to influence anything. And I had a valkyrie, carrying a penal legion squad, and a Lord COmmissar (wanted them to stick around if I was gonna go for a late objective grab!) Just under 500 points, from 5000. Ken had 2 dreads, 4 terminators, an immobilised Crusader, a predator, damocles rhino, couple drop pods, and oh yeah, a warhound and a reaver. From forces remaining he was in the stronger position. But I had won. Looking back, I hadn't exactly planned it this way, but I hadn't fired a single shot at his titans. I'd figured the heavy weapon teams could try to shoot them later, but the priority was his transports, get his troopers in the open by the time my Callidus' arrived. By the time I'd dealt with his transports, he'd dealt with my heavy weapons! 5000 points of guard firing at 3000 points of marines, I'd managed to kill off the parts that mattered. The scoring units. In my army I had 250 scoring men, Ken had about 40. I like incorporating fifth edition into apoc, as it encourages people to actually take some troops in their armies. I think Ken will bear that in mind next time we play, and will have more bodies on the ground that are scoring units.

Also from this, flyers are great against Templars. They have NO effective anti air. The titans couldn't shoot me as long as I was flying, and with me concentrating on his other forces he had little else in the way of fire support. I need to paint my vendettas by the next time I play. 9 lascannons that the titans can't hurt? That sounds like Pims o'clock!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Rough Riders

I've always like dthe rough riders unit, but never liked the models. This has led to me substituting warhammer models while trying to get together the bits to convert my own unit of rough riders. In the new guard codex, rough riders no longer had fleet, so part of their strength had gone. It wasn't as much a priority anymore.

However, something on bols caused me to check my rule book. The reason Imperial Guard Rough Riders no longer have fleet in their unit entry is because Beasts have it as standard. Doi!

I'm a bit busy with ToFG at the moment, but I think my next guard project might have to be some Catachan rough riders using the superb new cold one knights as a basis for the model. Now just to get guard legs to fit...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

ToFG: Journal - Crowd Pleasers!

Ereyoo making another entry. No, I haven't come up with a better name to reflect my grand intellect yet, and who would I tell anyway? The only person who talks to me (or yells at me as the case may be) doesn't give a frak what I may say my name is...

On the bright side the workshop is bustling. We're rigging up a couple of trucks we found, strapping together enough load space to carry a mob and painting them the obligatory red (the very idea that red ones go faster, it's ludicrous and scientifically impossible! But the customer is always right, and if they want a red one, they get a red one...) We're doing enough business that Bugrit is talking about building a recovery vehicle, so we can go collect more "spares."

On another bright note, we made a good pile of teeth (orkish currency) and took out one of our mobs main rivals by making some crowd pleasing jetpacks. You may have noticed some of the disturbances over the past couple days. The remnants of a massive stormboyz camp has been absorbed into our little warband. Rivals become recruits, a good tactic to any Ork general. The key part of the trick was my own idea of self preservation. While working on the ones that Bugrit wants to be "temperamental" I decided if there was gonna be an accident it should be as far away from me as possible. I added coloured fragments so that I could find the remains for salvage. This proved very popular with all Orks in the area, and we had a spectacular night of oohs and aahs (or uuugs and aaaags) while thinning the stormboyz numbers. Perhaps you also enjoyed the show?

Anyway, the nights are getting cold, and I think there's a touch of snow in the air. So I'm gonna get back in the workshop, before Bugrit locks me out again!

Monday, 2 November 2009

ToFG: Journal of a Sentient Grot

Well, here we are in my first journal entry, allow me to introduce myself. I am a grot, though in my newly enhanced state I find that term quite offensive and would prefer to be called a muscularly challenged ork. I have still yet to think of a name for myself, as I can now see that Ereyoo isn't my real name, despite what I may have believed for my short torrid existence thus far. It will do for the time being... not many sentient creatures get the opportunity to name themselves, and I wish to put some thought into it. As for my enhanced state, that would be due to my "master" Mek Bugrit, who has been trying for some time to make some sort of weapon that fires my lesser brethren through the warp. I was a test shot yesterday. For some reason I emerged from a horrifying journey with my intellect boosted incredibly. Sadly my muscles were not boosted to match, otherwise I would shove that tube up Bugrits... no, those thoughts are beneath me. I am sure with my gentle guidance his career as a Mek will flourish and make life better for our little tribe.

Our little tribe is centred around Bugrits workshop, where among the various projects he has on the go we are currently repairing a couple of trucks, producing jetpacks for any idiots willing to try them, "testing" some sort of gun that fires my kin through some other realm and of course the endless scheme of creating a motorbike that Mek Bugrit can actually ride, just like his hero Wazdakka Gutsmek. Unlike Wazdakka, Bugrit is hopeless on two wheels, dangerous on three, and just as likely to fall off four or more. For an Ork that loves speed, he really could do with a better sense of balance.

My personal project (apart from mere survival) is to get my hands on that grot gun and find out what happened to me. If I could replicate the effect, I could create a master race. Sure the bigger guys push us around now, but all we'd need to do is reach a critical mass and we could run it all! Can you imagine such a society? Run for the benefit of all green kind with intelligence guiding us through the stars? It is a dream worth striving for.

Anyway, I must return to my duties. I have to go and "correct" my work from earlier. Apparently fully functioning jet packs just aren't crowd pleasers, and if at least one in five isn't little more than a suicide belt with a touch of thrust it's just not good enough.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

There's Life In The Old Dog Yet!

The new kid in the guard took on the old dog (well, ape) Ginge last night. The old guard carried the day.

I detailed the army lists a few days ago in this post so read through if you need your memory refreshing. I wrote my army list planning to use the Eradicator and Hellhound to lay some hurt on key targets. His heavy weapon squads and his feel no pain command squad. I'd assumed he'd be taking a feel no pain command sqaud, a touch of the old nurgle as a comfort to him :oP Being as Eradcicator and Hellhound are both Str 6, they ignore Feel No Pain on guardsmen, both ignore cover, and both are capable on instant killing the heavy weapon teams (that now count as two wound models) on a 2+ I was hoping to get rid of more of his Lascannon squads with my Punisher, and use my vanquisher and possibly some Chimeras as shields for these three key tanks until I'd taken out his Lascannons. Once he was down to Missile Launchers at my front Armour (glances only) I could afford to be a bit more cavalier. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Mine didn't survive contact with the table. Chris won first turn in a Spearhead Take and Hold. I went back home to collect the Hellhound I'd forgotten while he was setting up, and eventually he was finished. With where his heavy squads were deployed I had a very limited amount of spaces I could hide my tanks from his (quite excellently placed) fields of fire. Also my Eradicator wouldn't be able to target his command squad (I wanted that dead asap, as it would be messing with my reserves) so in the end I deployed the Punisher, Hellhound, and a Chimera and kept the rest in reserve. I figured I'd need something to deal with his outflanking Al Rahem platoon... not to mention the fact that until his valkyrie showed up there wasn't much for my Vanquisher to do.

Chris moved towards the empty building in my half of the field, in the empty quarter. He says he wanted to occupy this building as a good firing position, but his run rolls let him down. His veterans showed up and pegged my Hellhound. The resulting explosion of full promethium tanks killed half his squad. The rest of his army fired upon my smoke protected chimera (whose purpose was to give the hellhound some cover - Doi!) and eventually cracked it and killed the Veterans inside. My Sentinals turned up and attacked the Valkyrie. A H/K missile brought it down, whilethe Heavy flamers I'd "optimistically" fired at it too just happened to catch the remainder of his veterans squad... My Valkyrie also showed up, and threw some Rocket Pod love around, while sheltering behind a building from the sheer amount of firepower Chris could put out.

Al Rahem showed up, but thanks to us messing with each others reserves and the "can't reroll a reroll" rule he arrived on the wrong side. Havingbeen informed that his army had rearranged roadsigns to confuse the enemy, he followed the "wrong" signs. As it turned out, my army had corrected the roadsigns, in their efforts to confuse the enemy. In summary, no one knew where the hell anything was or where they were supposed to be going! So they started the lonely jog towards my objective.

When my reserves arrived, I brought a couple of squads of vets on in their chimeras to block most heavy weapon teams LOS to my Eradicator, which managed to do some damage to the Lascannon building in the centre of Chris lines (sheltering 9 Lascannon teams! - oh to be able to blow up a ruin!) My second penal legion squad (the first had assault lasguns, then charged the enemy. From 40 Str 3 shooting combat attacks, I caused 3 wounds. Which Chris saved all of. Very forgettable, and why I haven't mentioned them before now... I forgot!) arrived on the wrong side of the battlefield looking hopelessly lost so I sent them to claim my objective, meaning my Veterans were free to intercept Al'Rahem. Meanwhile, Straken left his Valkyrie and started kicking arse and taking names amongst the guardsmen around him. I deliberately charged a commissar equipped squad, who promplty held due to Stubborn. The other squad needed a double 1 to stay in the fight... and duly rolled it! Oh well, the more the merrier that keeps my command squad from getting shot!

Over the course of a couple of punishing turns for both sides...

Chris pegged the Nova Cannon off my Eradicator. Irritating Bastard! Marbo finally woke up and dropped his demo charge, and was slaughtered by mass lasgun fire in reply. I flamed Al'Rahem and a squad. Chris mowed down my veterans. Chris charged and stripped my Eradicator (leaving a weaponless box on bricks... didn't know Al'Rahem and co were scouse...) which then left his men nicely bunched up for my veterans to flame... they were then cut down by mass lasgun fire. My penal legion moved into a very spread out position based roughly around my objective. Chris mortared them a few times to get their attention. The vanquisher proved slightly useful by Instant killing a couple of heavy weapon teams (which was thus 33% casualties and a morale check) while Straken worked his way along the enemy backline muching his way thorugh squad after squad.

By turn 5 it was looking favourable for me. I had a valkyrie escorting a unit off the board, Straken on the objective, and several fleeing weapon teams all under half strength (three of which I broke in turn 5) My objective was safely held. but we had a turn 6. Chris had a stern choice - deal with Straken and reclaim his objective, or mortar me off mine. He tried to kill Straken, but a Feel No Pain squad in cover is difficult to shift. He moved an infantry squad out towards my objective, while everything that could see Straken shot at him. On my turn 6 I moved Straken out of cover to kill off the mortar squads that could theoretically claim the objective for Chris. I killed his command squad too. The valk took Strakens contesting position just in case. And my chimera backtracked so as to place itself between Chris squad and my objective. After killing his mortars, I decided to be bold. Instead of contesting his objective in cover, I struck out across open ground, placing my squad between the objective and the only scoring unit that could hope to reach it. We got a turn 7.

With Straken out in the open several krak missiles found their mark and severely depleted his squad. Straken, the priest and the medic held out though, and took out the last scoring unit on Chris side of the board inmy assault phase. The valkyrie fired some rocket pods at some infantry, but by then it was all over. My penal legionnaires claimed my objective, there was nothing left near Chris objective, and a somewhat battered infantry platoon occupying a building in No mans land was all that was left of Chris army. To be fair, I only had a battered and bloody Straken and the remnants of his command squad, a valkyrie, vanquisher, chimera and penal leigon squad. 4 out of 5 of my scoring units were dead.

A few pointers for Chris. Remembering Orders. I've already mentioned this one, and am not so familiar with it myself and often forget too. I also questioned how much use he got out of his platoon in no mans land, but he explained his plan to occupy the building but was let down by poor run rolls. Course then my tanks turned up and he wanted his missile launchers firing. He is now rethinking heavy weapons in basic squads, as they do tie a unit down. I've been swearing by that strategy for years.

Another thing I have since though of... putting all the lascannons in that building. Yes, it gave them a good vantage point. Yes, they had good cover. But they also all had the same field of fire. I reduced the squad that was in a different position to one team on my first turn. After that I could move my Leman Russ Chassis vehicles more freely. Missile Launchers don't worry them, lascannons do. If he'd put his Lascannons in different places to get more overlapping fields of fire, he would have caused me some more problems.

The only other thing I have since thought of... he took out 4 of my 5 scoring units. If he'd concentrated his mortars on taking out the fifth, I couldn't possibly win. He could then have tried to kill Straken or lure him away from the objective and brought his platoon back to swamp me... but worst case scenario it's a draw. In objective games guard armies rarely have to worry about not having enough scoring units. Other armies do. In this game, I did have a small supply of scoring units. I protected them by keeping several in reserve. But it's always something to consider. When I look at an objective game, I see what scoring units he has. Often with a guard army it's easier (with ordnance) to decimate 12" around his objective than to stop him from getting a sick assault squad in to contest yours. You can then have an outflanking penal squad or a squad in a valkyrie swoop in through the battered and twisted landscape to claim theirs.

In the end, Chris did well against, quite frankly, his worst possible opponent. Sure, I wasn't quite equipped to deal with horde guard (those guys who brought meltabombs felt a little ridiculous it has to be said) but I do know guard. I know the danger squads, I know the fields of fire. I am better positioned than most to minimise the amount of damage he could do to me, while knowing the perfect areas I could strike to do damage to him.

Overall, a good fun game. I look forward to what Chris comes up with next. But for gods sake, buy some tanks!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Tale of Four Gamers - Round 1

Ok, your army lists are in, so here is what everyone is painting! Note that I've checked the points and it all works out roughly right here. We're aiming for about 500 cos I know wargear and equipment can vary prices and thus how much you have to paint. As long as everything looks reasonable in the list, I will just say what models you are painting here. Do note however, that if you, for instance, claim that each guardsmen in your army has frags, kraks, meltabombs, pistols, close combat weapons, personal vox kits and re-breathers, a canteen, a tent, enough styrcine to kill a bull elephant, full campfire equipment, a bull elephant, camo netting sufficient to cover a baneblade and a flashlight (aka lasgun) and thus you only need to paint 4 infantry this month, I will make this contest WYSIWYG ;oP

So here we are, what needs to be painted in November (or by the 7th December for a reduced score)

5 man command squad including medic and power fist
5 man command squad including missile launcher
2 x 10 man squads including missile launcher
2 x 6 man heavy squads including 3 lascannons

1 Commander with 2 drones
2 Crisis suits with 2 drones
10 Fire Warriors
1 Hammerhead

1 Winged Daemon Prince
10 Chosen, including Power Fist, 2 power weapons, and mark of slaanesh
1 Rhino

2 x 12 Ork Boyz including Nob with Power Klaw
2 x Truk with red paint job and wrecking ball
10 Stormboyz

So, as expected, the two horde armies face a much bigger task than the elite forces. Chris has gone for a good starting core to his army. Ken has also gone for a nice core start, with a bit of heavy support for shits and giggles. I have gone for a couple of core units complimented by more fast movers for what I plan to be a speed freaks army. And Rich has gone for an interesting addition to his Tzentch forces with a hard hitting Slaaneshi combat squad.

Good luck with the challenge, and gentlemen, start your brushes...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Infantrymans Challenge

With a game pre-arranged for next Mondays club night, my opponent Chris rued the fact that we could prepare our armies for each other, and I far more than he ever could. This is sadly true, though the loadout I've been running these past couple weeks was pretty vicious against him and I was planning to stick with that rather than try to specialise further, but I came up with an idea. Chris is about to start a guard army for our Tale Of Four Gamers campaign. And I have LOTS of guardsmen. Why not jump in at the deep end?

So I told Chris that I had designed an army knowing I was facing guard. He was to do the same. He could then send me his requirements. I could let him know if his requirements were available, and he could tweak accordingly until he had a legal army list he could build.

Chris surpised me with his list. I know he covets my artillery... and the new punisher begs out for inclusion, and the vanquisher is a potent anti tank platform. He went for none of these. Instead, he went for a horde army. As he sent me his whole army list, in an interest of fairness I will compare our approaches here.

He has a command section with reserve boosting/disrupting advisors. He then has two infantry platoons, each consisting of a command with missile launcher, 4 squads with missile launchers, 2 lascannon heavy weapon squads and a mortar heavy weapon squad. He then has a veteran squad loaded for tank killing in an infantry pounding valkyrie, and Al Rahem leading a platoon to my flank, consisting of command and 3 squads with grenade launchers and krak grenades, to give them some punch against my tanks.

So this army will have 12 lascannons and 10 Missile launchers for me to deal with, along with very mobile vets, a large outflanking force that all comes on at once, and a total of 15 scoring units. Wow!

Already this infantry horde has made part of my army build obsolete... my vets with meltabombs feel a bit overburdoned with useless equipment by now, as does the vanquisher I put in to deal with the tanks I assumed Chris would take. My build is designed to kill a balanced infantry/vehicle list, so some of those points are clearly wasted. We'll have to hope the anti infantry part lives up to it's job. I can also be thankful i went for a different approach, in that I wanted to limit the troops that would be out in the open. With that amount of men outflanking and those pesky mortars, I'm glad I chose that option.

For my army, I have Straken in his usual combat command squad. A bit overkill when merely facing other guardsmen, but he's a habitual part of my army and I thought it in character to keep him in. Besides, I figured he'd be good for taking down Chris' tanks... he will be accompanied by reserve boosting/disrupting advisors... this could be an interesting battle of nerves.

Also by force of habit Marbo will be making an appearance. I love my Catachans.

This time to represent the deathworld vets I have 3 squads of veterans. Loaded with meltabombs for tank busting (godamnit!) and flamers for toasting the infantry (at least I got something right!) I also have a couple of penal legion squads to add in some cheap scoring units, though my scoring unit total of 5 now feels a little dwarfed! Anyway the vets are in Chimeras. I also have a valkyrie loaded for infantry killing, and to double up as battlefield taxi.

I then have 3 Catachan sentinals, a hellhound (ooooh it burrrrns :oP) a rather pointless Vanquisher, a punisher with the worlds biggest target marker no doubt already drawn on it in Chris minds eye, and an Eradicator (haven't used this tank yet and found a bit I can use to convert the turret. Always nice to try new things.) With a few points left to go I went for a couple vehicle upgrades and a ministorum priest.

Looking over the list I have to say I think Chris is far better equipped to deal with me than I with him. His mortars will have limited targets sure... but those are cheap. My meltabombs and vanquisher come to about 350 points... that's a good amount of points that is NOT going to earn it's keep. It will be an interesting game. Can my greater guard experience overcome the disadvantage on paper? Note that I don't think there's anything broken with his army, or particularly failing in mine... it was just unexpected... sorta like "I swore he'd go scissors, bugger!" Now my rock is looking a little foolish, and hoping not to get swamped by the tide of paper coming his way. Look for the result on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Scuttling Horde

So turned up at the club last night having been informed by Rich that I was due a mystery game. He said my army was well set up for it. Ok, so some sort of MEQ then.

So there's a bunch of tyranids in front of me then. Right. It didn't even appear to be Rich trying to set me up, he generally considered I had an army built to kick arse. Er, sure, out of small numbers in power armour. This army is good against MEQ and I'd take it against a light infantry force like Tau or Eldar. Against horde it is fighting on the back foot straight away... there is only one flame weapon inthe entire army... and that's on a basilisk (wysiwyg is the way I play, and figured the hull weapon never gets used on a basilisk anyway. By the time the enemy get's that close, I'm usually dead.)

We had to fight over 5 objectives, DOW setup. I get to deploy first, so set up my chimeras along the centre line to pen him as far back as possible. He deployed a tyrant and two swarms on my right flank, nothing on the left or centre. My first turn, well my basilisks rolled on my left corner. Bit of a problem from any outflankers, but I wanted to get as many barrage shots as possible on him while I could. My executioners took up position in the centre, where they could see most of the objectives. The vanquishers rolled on the right planning to take a shot at his tyrant in turn 2, and also to provide a tempting target for outflankers should he have the choice (keep those basilisks alive as long as possible!) The chimeras reversed 6-12" across the line, positioning themselves on 3 of 5 objectives. He had a couple of shoty carnifexes walk on, a combat fex, and a couple warrior squads. everything else slithered or chittered forwards. And ran. 5 or 6 for everything. Eager little bastards.

Turn 2, the executioners tore through one of the squads of warriors. Left two (one limping) plus a scattered shot knocked a owund off the combat carnifex. Picked most of the wounds off his tyrant, which then absorbed some more shooting as the temptation to finish him off quick was there. Killed some of his leapy sythy gaunts. And generally held the line. His turn 2 was punishing. 2 lictors, the rippers, and the genies with broodlord arrived. Combined with the leapy sythy gaunts being in range of a chimera, i lost my right flank. chimera and 2 vanquishers, and the lictors killed the executioners. My basic plan to tempt him along the right and then flip my line of battle to hold the three left of centre line seemed a bit optimistic, as he'd torn through my right flank in pretty short order.

Turn 3 I tidied up where I could. Pegged the annoying lictors, barraged a bunch of the broodlords cohorts that were nicely bunched up after killing my tanks, and jumped 4 meltagun out of a transport to go for his combat fex. 4 shots... 4 misses. Well you lot were useful weren't you?!? They were promptly eaten in his turn, the survivors fled (incidentally, in the 2 turns they were fleeing they managed to get off another 4 shots. 1 hit. From 8. Godamnit!) The broodlord took a couple of genies into the building nearest an objective, to get out of the rain (read basilisk barrage) The swarm steadily advanced, and here's where I think they made a mistake. They charged a chimera. He couldn't hurt it, but he said it got him a bit closer to me for next turn. True, true. But it also bunched you up nicely, so when my chimera drove away...

Turn 4, basilisks ordnance some gaunts to perfection. 29 hits. 23 wounds. That'd be 22 dead gaunts then. Awesome! Took some more shots at the annoying carnifex. Hitting with 3 out of 3 on mulitlaser, 3 out of 3 on heavy bolter, both shots from the autocannon, but the plasmagun, the only thing that will ignore his 2+ save...? no, both shots miss. Every single chimera had a similar pattern. On his turn, that fex then got among me and started munching on chimeras and whatever fell out of them. Including my command squad. Which the commander survived. Had to pass a Ld test of 5... did! Which kept the carnifex safe in combat for turn 5, preventing the fleeing meltaguns that had to run directly past him from trying to pick off his last wound and free up the objective for my troops. Also in this turn, his genies turned up, and swarmed all over the basilisks. No more support fire from them then. And to add insult to injury, his gaunts came back on... godamn without number rule. Still, at least they're a long way from me now, though nicely positioned to pick up his objective (I'd been wondering why he'd not left something covering that.)

Here is where I must put on something crucial that I forgot last night. Basilisks are open topped. Which means +1 to the damage table. So when he wrecked them both, they should have exploded. Which would have been a very satisfying way of thinning out his genie squad.

Seeing the carnifex was immovable for a turn, the chimera swapped to another objective. A couple of empty chimeras that had been doodling around trying to herd squads together for barrage shots went and contested both his objectives. My troops sat on another one. They were then joined by some warriors who failed to kill the chimera, but contested the objective just fine. The fex saw off my foolhardy commander, then took it's place atop the objective.

End of turn 5, Guard - 1 Nids - 1 contested - 2 unclaimed - 1. Roll... we play on.

Turn 6. I send a squad round to pick off the genestealers that are claiming his objective. Also sent in a chimera to contest directly. Sent another empty chimera to contest where the first one had left. Tried shooting the fex some more, though killed off the hive tyrant that was bearing down on me. Inched as far as I could away from the advancing genies while staying in range of the objective. Killed off the broodlords pals, meaning he could no longer claim the objective. His turn 6, his genies advanced. His fex finished off a fleeing squad. His rippers avenge his genies, taking away any chance I had of stealing the objective off the broodlord. His fleet roll for his genies was crucial - 4+ would get him in range of my objective (and assault range of my tank!) He rolled a 5. Bugger. The genies killed the chimera and sat on the objective.

Turn 6 - Nids - 1 unclaimed - 2 contested - 2. Roll... we play on.

Turn 7 it's all or nothing. Thinking the single wound carnifex will be an easier kill than the three warriors in front of me, I get the squad out of the chimera on my contested objective and head back to face the beast. I get within range of the objective. My chimera, knowing the broodlord can't claim the objective, throws itself in to contest the gaunts objective with the other chimera. The squad that had their chimera torn apart around them prepare to unload and try to kill as many of thegenies holding his objective as possible. Shooting. The plasmagun is the only gun in the squad that can hurt the fex. Misses. Twice. And toasts himself too. Great. Every other chimera I had spare fired at the fex too and eventually brought him down, giving me the objective. The other squad shot the genies, but missed withthe majority. Oh well, that'll be them dead next turn then. His turn. His genies abandoned thier objective, safe in the knowledge that the squad that had shot at them were 4" from the objective. The genies fleet towards my scoring unit (as do the warriors.) The fleet rolls are good enough, both squads get in, and massacre my unit. The genies hold the central objective for a result of Nids -1 contested - 1 unclaimed - 3. I have a few chimeras doing laps and a squad of men 4" from an objective saying "What just happened? where'd the Nids go?"

This was a good fun game. It was very close. Though I do wish I'd had a different army build. Normally I bring Straken and the catachans and have flamers coming out of my arse. And play marines. My most balanced armies were two infantry platoons, one with meltas the other with flamers. Oh how I'd have loved to have brought those. But such is life. I did think this list was a bit MEQ biased after I'd written it, but for a horde army they didn't do all that badly. Don't want to imagine how bad it would have been if he'd gopt first turn and been able to deploy halfway across the board though... that would have been a massacre!