Saturday, 12 May 2018

Productive Week

Well, one thing to be said for glorious sunshine... it gave me plenty of time to hide in a cool apartment and get some painting done...

So, with all this time, managed to get the Mad Max themed Ork project ready for Double Trouble, a month ahead of schedule :)
I have since added a little more to the task, but I reckon I can get those done within a week easily, and as they aren't strictly necessary I'm happy to show this off as basically a completed project.

Immorkan Joe - Warboss on Bike

Wartrak with Skorcha

TOtal squad of 4 wartraks

Four warbuggies with rokkits

Battlewagon, centrepiece, soundsystem...

Truk for the mandatory troop choice of ten boyz

Showing off a bit? Perhaps, but let's be honest...

I need to find something else to show off in summer right?

Finally, picked up some female orc cheerleaders/bloodbowl players from Shadowforge miniatures... they shall be painted to represent Joes wives, and will act as objective markers...

Joe had 5 wives, so my sixth objective will be a hastily converted female ork...


I'll probably get my arse kicked, but hopefully will be in with a shout for best conversions, to defend my title from last year :)


  1. Looking awesome there!

    I'm not a ginger, but I react to the sun in much the same way, so I've been staying indoors and working on models as well lately ;)

    1. Thanks!

      And if the sun causes you grief maybe you are a secret carrier of the gene it does more than just red hair... also produces sunburn tendency, requires more anaesthetic, removes the soul, gives less heat tolerance but greater stabbing tolerance, more efficient vitamin D production... :P