Sunday, 10 June 2018

Oh, what a day... what a lovely day!

So Immorkan Joe and his warboys got to ride eternal... well, for a day at least, at Double Trouble run by Alex over at fromthefang. This was a mixed doubles event, with MIX being the important word here... every round you'd be paired with someone different fighting against some-two different. Meaning three games and nine fellow hobbyists to meet.

For this I yet again did a themed army, this time a speed freaks ork warband in the style of Fury Road. The Doof Wagon provided the soundtrack for the day.

If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic, on the fury road!
Was it a top notch list? Far from it. It was a pasted together list using a self restricted list of units to make a themed army from an army that still doesn't have a codex... I wasn't expecting much from this. And arguably it did as expected... I don't think we won a game all day, but we had lots of fun.

Don't "think" I won a game all day I hear you ask? Well it's hard to say... each game you count up VP for objectives at the end of each turn and Bloodpoints killed at the end of the battle. You write down what you got and they all go towards your final VP/BP score. I am pretty sure I was behind the opposite side of the table on VP and BP in all three games, but I can't say for sure, as what they scored was meaningless to what I took forward. Arguably you could lose all three games but if you score highly in all three games, regardless of losing, and your opponents go on to score low in their other games, you would come higher in the rankings. It doesn't care if you won or lost, just how many VP/BP you score.

Game 1 I was with a guard artillery force against Tau and Harlequins. I ran across the table and got shot a lot, grabbing objectives and buying time for the guard artillery to do it's work. Unfortunately it lacked a little in accuracy... I think we killed a pathfinder and a drone in turn 1, and in fact by the end of the game had done little to temper the tau firepower, but had taken to spitefully picking on fire warriors in order to rack up some bloodpoints in what was clearly going to be a loss. My guys didn't do much in this game apart from hold objectives and get shot as I had a long table to cross. I feel they earned a respectable VP score and did their job of "distraction" quite well.

Game 2 I was teamed up with my friend Chris and his Blood Ravens, and we were against a guard player and a Blood Angel. This was a fantastic game with some real epic moments, and a very close VP score, think it was 1 or 2 apart in the end... Both marine players were wiped out, but unfortunately most of the guards big points sinks survived. I briefly had Joe in combat with Pask AND a wyvern, with the doof wagon in support, but he fluffed his attacks. The doof wagon then got charged by some blood angels, which ended messily for them, but one of them survived to the second round, meaning the battlewagon couldn't support Joes charge on Pask... and he died to overwatch.

Ah, mediocre...
Highlight of this game had to be the nigh indestructible truck, which took 3 lascannon hit and a battlecannon hit and only lost 4 wounds due to the ramshackle rule. It was eventually obliterated by a further 6 battlecannon hits, but even then it passed another 2 ramshackle rolls just out of spite...

Luckily this is an Ork truck, so still has 6 wounds left and is fully functional...
Game 3 was a wonderful affair, as it was played on a desert themed board with rocky outcrops... it was the perfect set for my finale. I was with a nid player and against guard and alpha legion, and the guard player was boasting that the bullgryns had some tricks which made them incredibly resilient... Joe decided to put that theory to the test, and promptly walloped them with 8 mortal wounds (rolling a 6 to wound makes the ensuing damage mortal, after rolling 3 6s to hit I rolled 3 6's to wound... meant I forgave him for missing with one attack) Of course he then got immediately clobbered for 8 wounds in response, but at least he went out in a blaze of glory. The doof wagon too had a great time squashing cultists. and this game was again quite close in VP although our side was close to being tabled by the end. But all in all a great time.

I live! I Die! I live again!

As for the overall day, all the battlefields looked superb, I saw a huge army preparing for a game of heresey which was quite the sight to see, I won the Best Converted Prize I had been hoping for... although shall we say I didn't have much competition this year. That isn't me being arrogant, I literally was unopposed. Whether my entry intimidated others into aiming for other categories instead I couldn't say, but hey I'll take a win however I get it :P

All this over a family squabble... healthy babies...

Oh, and the scenery was far better than the LGT ;) I really do wish we had something even half as od as this place in Portsmouth.

Sadly this is likely to be the last appearance I make at one of Alexs events, as he has announced that his next will be his last, and I can't make it. He will be spending more time with his family... selfish bastard!

No in all seriousness, Alex has run some excellent tournaments over the years, and his are now the only tournaments I attend, precisely because they don't have the same tournament atmosphere you get elsewhere. I hope someone takes up the mantle, if I had something like the NWGC in Portsmouth I would consider it myself (much good that would do for those who are local to the even in all fairness) Admittedly, my wallet will probably appreciate a return to just normal hobbying, as opposed to "Oh but it's a tournament, you've got to do something *special* for it..."


  1. Every time I read about one of Alex's events, it makes me bummed that I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic to be able to attend.

    1. We did have some international visitors... in fact my second game began as An Englishman, A Welshman, a German and a Spaniard walked into a wargames tournament... sounds like the beginning of a bad joke :P

    2. Ha! That's awesome!

      I know from experience tho that getting to the UK from Germany is substantially faster and cheaper than getting there from the west coast of the US. I'm not sure my knees could even handle 14 hours in an airliner seat these days.

    3. Seat? Seat? What fancy pants airline do you use? Most passenger services you get a shared shelf and a beating... :P

  2. Congrats on the win, it looks well deserved from Alex's photos! I'll need to have a think about setting up my own "fun" tournament in the future. Don't think I'd ever replace Alex though!

    1. Well there's certainly a gap in the market for it, and I will be keeping an eye on Alexs blog (as always) if his giving up running tournamnets means he gets to attend one or two, I'll be looking to see which get his seal of approval...