Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Odds and Ends... Caught up on Shadespire

With the Fury Road project complete and another project not yet lined up, I have been pecking away at some other little odds and ends projects. I have now finished the rest of the warband for Shadespire. Only to a tabletop standard, but I'm pleased enough with them.


  1. Solid work. Nothing wrong with a good tabletop standard.

    Have you had a chance to play the Fiends or Farstriders yet? I've been having a blast with the Fiends, and the one game I got in with the Farstriders was a lot of fun, too.

    1. The only game I played with the farstriders was the one I detailed in a blog post, with the artefact build, and of course an FAQ has come out to nerf that build, but i'd still like to try it and see if it can work. But I haven't played much shadespire of late, my gameclub is nearing the end of an Imperial Assault campaign so a lot of our focus has been on that. It's one of the reasons I wanted to get these guys finished, so I can get them out and try to encourage more participation once Imperial Assault draws to a close...

    2. Tell a lie, I did play one game with the fiends, kinda battered my friend with the skaven warband... didn't really count that though as it was his second game. We'd basically walked through the first game, and he chose skaven for the second... I don't think skaven are too beginner friendly, or at least not how I've built my deck...

    3. Skaven seen pretty tricky, yeah. I'm still working on my deck for them, really haven't figured out how to make them tick yet. Doesn't help that the Fiends will beat up pretty much anyone they can get to if they have even the slightest advantage, and if it's against one of the less combat-focused bands, they really need to have their plan down.

    4. He wasn't helped by some appalling rolls... I don't think he had the initiative once in that game.