Friday, 4 May 2018

Investigating the Underworlds: Shake, Rattle and Roll

On to the biggest warband... numerically, rather than stature... the deathrattle warband.

With this many bodies at my disposal, an objective game is the obvious play, and this deck has been built with that in mind...
Apart from the obvious 1-5 and grabbing several more objectives than I can be smashed off (hopefully) I also score points from bringing my fighters back (fairly inevitable) moving a lot, splitting up, and scoring other objectives. I also have a couple bonus points for keeping a selected person alive at the end, and for having someone on an objective. These can go on anyone so great potential flexibility if an enemy warband gets in close and I break someone past them to go hide deep in their deployment zone.


 I have a couple of improvements for the commander to keep him ticking and moving others, I also have heroslayer (normally such a poor attack is a big drop for people throwing 3 dice looking for smash, but for petitioners this weapon is about as likely to hit as the broken bottle they are carrying, and does a lot more damage for it. And certainly makes people more wary about mere skeletons...

The light armour is one I like to put on the harvester, with a couple other upgrades I can really up his mobility and have him become a whirling dervish.

Naturally in such a slow warband, I also have several movement upgrades. And for a warband that wants to keep it's slow moving leader protected, I naturally have ways to slow/block the enemy movement, as well as push fighters around a little.

 Finally, if I have a bad hand (and this band is unlikely to get points from killing stuff) I can always rethink my strategy, plus it's handy to have a way to bring someone back without using up an activation.

The first game I played with these guys I won, and didn't even try to hit anyone till the second to last activation, because I had already scored my points and had nothing else to do. In my final activation, I got my first kill. Little did I know at the time that my opponent had been holding a good stack of points in "All your warband survives" and "All your warband is unscathed" so it's a good job that I did, but I think we worked out it would have got him a draw, so I was quite far ahead and clearly a little overconfident in only my second game... I'm more careful to avoid such easy opposition points now.


  1. I do love the board control that the Sepulchral Guard have. It feels like Skaven can do some of the same things even better, tho, since they can pop back up on any starting hex, and there often aren't enough Activations for the difference in Warband sizes to be a huge factor.

    1. SG have the warden who can maximise your movement, especially when upgraded... if you run three guys on to three separate objectives with your last activation, your opponent can only stop one of them... so which does he pick?

    2. Which does he pick? Earthquake :P