Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Investigating the Underworlds: A Short Story

Next up we have my Fyreslayer warband. As a warband that gets inspired from holding objectives, I decided to double down on that, and make these guys specialise in taking and holding certain objectives. I aim for 1, 2 and 3. This can mean that a poor objective drop can stymy you a little, although a I have a couple of tricks in there to try to mitigate that factor.


So first up, I have heavily invested in 1, 2 and 3. Those objective cards, the card for 1-3, the card for 1+2, the keys for 1-3... it's all about those objectives for this warband, but when played correctly that heavy investment can reap great rewards.

To complement this, I can earn glory points for being inspired (which I can easily attain by holding objectives) or for holding objectives and also a couple for the occasional burst of speed in charges. It give s a little flexibility if I still need to cross the board to reach some objectives.

As for the rest of the upgrades (aside from 3 keys) I have put a couple of ranged attacks in there (handy if I'm planning to plant myself on an objective and stay there) as well as a couple of upgrades that make the warbands leader harder to kill.

I've added some movement upgrades to get these boys moving, as well as a bunch of ploys that gather extra movement in the pursuit of objectives.

I also have the usual healing potion, but dwarves get their own version too, so this deck has two. And finally I have a few extra cards that can move an objective or a fighter to try to grab that elusive objective.

The best game I've seen these guys play was ironically in a 3 way game where someone else borrowed the deck and played it to perfection. I think he scored like 12 points in that final round score, it was unreal. But hell it was his first game, hopefully success will make him come back, where next time the third opponent will know what the deck does... I felt it would be unfair to warn the other experienced player how i'd built the deck so I didn't actively prevent his plays, because I didn't want to give the game away, I merely tried (unsuccessfully) to outscore it.


  1. That looks like a sweet Dwarf deck. I may have to give it a try myself. My current one is similarly Objective-focused, but not so narrowly as to just zero in on 1-3, which seems like it might well have a better payoff.

    1. It's a gamble... but with the ability in the deck to swap two occupied objectives, plus potentially pop up in someone elses backfield, I have options for reaching awkward places in order to hunt down those few objectives. I did have shardcaller in the deck originally but I realised that you would have to equip it to someone on an objective you DON'T want and even if you got it in the first draw you were only gonna get two uses out of it, so instead looked for other ways to reach the objective.

    2. Yeah, Shardcaller seems better for a deck that's going for the full spread of Objectives, so you can grab whichever one you might need on any given Turn.

    3. I'm not sure that shardcaller is that good a card in all honesty... if it comes out of your deck after the start of round 3 it's useless, you are most likely to get one use at most from it, and that would be best when chasing all objectives to swap the number 4 you needed last turn for the number 5 you need this... but it happens at the start, so you are telegraphic your intentions. Maybe it could be useful as a bluff, get the enemy defending the wrong objective, but still seems a stretch. I think there are better cards out there...