Thursday, 8 February 2018

You Will Ride Eternal, Shiny and Chrome

Although at the moment, they aren't riding far, and they're plastic and grey, but we'll work on that!

Here we have Joe and a squad of warboyz. That's the easy part out of the way anyway...

The boys are just a cheap squad of ten, sluggas and choppas but no upgrades... they're to fill a presumed mandatory troop choice, the plan is not to disembark them unless someone forces me to...

Which brings me to Joe. Warboss, obviously. But it would be a waste to have him take the same "passenger only" attitude. Plus I wanted him to have a bit of independence. So a Warboss on bike seems the way forward. But we never see him ride a bike in the film, so I sorta had to fudge it a little bit, into an oversized quad. So for rules purposes, he's still on a bike. He's wysiwyg. He's a little bigger but, hey, he should, cos he is da boss!

For fluff purposes, he's driving a 4 wheeled all terrain vehicle with a ramshackle looking cabin - which seems legit.

The rest of my 750 point list is a truk for the Warboys (big shoota, nothing else, keeping it cheap) 3 buggies with rokkits (one of which I hope to model in a "witness me" moment) and 3 wartraks with skorchas, and then a battlewagon. With a deffrolla. And no guns. (In essence, I shall use the rules of the deffrolla to represent the rolling wall of sound provided by the battlewagon, which will be more of a centrepiece. Plus, hopefully when I point out to my opponents that it has no guns, and is carrying no passengers, they'll not bother to shoot at it, meaning my favourite vehicle shouldn't die first!)

So that's the plan. I hope to do more than a mediocre job on it...


  1. Immorkan Joe actually might not be quite ready for painting... I'm thinking of green-stuffing an airsack and some hair to the guy. But not 100% on that yet so... photos for now to get the blog roll moving again :P