Saturday, 16 December 2017

Unexpected Consequences

The law of unintended consequences came to fruition today, here in the New Revolutionary States, as the revolutionary leaders aim to truly drain the swamp did not take into account the drastic drop in the average human IQ over the past half century. Full of verve and revolutionary vigour, the young leaders words were taken to heart down here in Florida, and after several failed attempts to literally drain the swampland, they napalmed it instead, destroying a precious ecosystem that has been intact for thousands of years. Greenpeace were the first to attack the new leader, whose supporters, nicknamed the pinkos thanks to their colourful attire, have proven to be an effervescent if somewhat unreliable base.

"When they started with those pink knitted p...p... I can't say this can I? ok, pink knitted hats, we thoroughly supported them, little realising where this path would eventually lead" expressed a spokesman for Greenpeace "The fact that this beautiful garden has been destroyed is most displeasing, and we can all be assured that Grandfather shall not approve." After this rather cryptic message the spokesman popped a spot and was carefully examining the excretion, and seemed to be about to taste it when the camera feed thankfully cut elsewhere.

Breaking news, the leader has issued a statement that the destruction of the everglades is all part of a grand design and whilst we may not see it, rest assured it is all part of the plan.

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  1. Oh and Tale guys, I've decided I'm happy with the rules and dates as set out in this

    One further clarification, if you could let me know what force you're broadly planning to do, for sure, I'd appreciate that. I already have a rough idea just wanted to clarify before I go too far with my own narrative.

    Second, list for what you are painting for the first 500 need not be done till the night before the tale starts, as there is always the possibility that Christmas presents may influence the direction of things a little bit...