Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tale Postponed

Sadly due to heavy work commitments on the part of one of the participants we shall be postponing our Tale of Four Gamers till August.

As I had been gearing up to paint my tzeentch forces I am going to continue as planned with those, and pick a new force for the Tale come August. It means the narrative I had been planning will not come to pass, which is a shame, but I had been counting down the days to making a start on this... I don't want to go from 3 to go to having 245 to go...

So we will come back to the Tale, and there will be some Tzeentch updates, but it will probably be from a purely hobby perspective rather than the full story/challenge.


  1. well, at least it's postponed, not cancelled.

    1. There is that to be said for it...

  2. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it being moved back! At least next year I only have 15 hours of postgraduate study on top of my full-time job, per week, and not 30 haha. Bearing in mind I also suffed with chronic back pain, and you can start to see how I might struggle with a ToFG lol!