Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Spring in Winter

Well... my window box is blooming marvellously for the time of year...

In case it isn't clear, I took to blu-tacking models to a piece of pipe for easy undercoating (well, where possible, doesn't work with tanks) a while back... but with inclement weather of late spray painting opportunities have been few and far between, and the time to leave them outside to air a bit even less so. Thus I came up with the above. A plant pot thing full of sand. Several lengths of pipe. Do in a big batch then leave on the windowledge to air. Hope no comic book (beano/dandy, not marvel/dc) characters pop by and steal them.


  1. No need to water! Just be careful of direct sunshine melting them or the tack and they go for a long drop!

    1. No worries on that regard, I don't leave them to bloom for that long before I put them back in drawers ready for when I get the time to paint. Which over Christmas, isn't much!