Monday, 11 September 2017

Odds and Ends...

Over the past week or so I haven't updated the blog, but I have got some hobby time in. I'm unfortunately at that annoying point where there are things I want to paint, but they aren't undercoated, and the weather has not been conducive to me remedying that... so I'm picking up odds and ends here and there.

This fella is an ork nob with waagh banner for my bad moons. Annoyingly I did the skin wrong, auto piloting to the skin scheme I did for deffskulls and snakebite, though I had a darker more time consuming method for the rest of the bad moons. Luckily the guy is wearing a mask so it's only his arms. I can potentially ignore it, or revisit the model and do a fairly quick fix. Will dig out my "methods" notebook and make sure I have all the right paints before I make my decision.

This is the last squad of shoots boyz I had undercoated for my deffskulls... just basic boyz with shoots, nothing special but always handy to have more boyz.

Something I actually wanted to get done, frag cannons for my deathwatch, for the next 1000 points. Between these guys, my aliens project and a couple characters, I can now field 3000 points... it's 56 models, 3 of which are vehicles. Man deathwatch are pricey...

This is a random deathwing terminator a friend no longer wanted, so I adapted him into a deathwatch captain in terminator armour. Just nice to have options.

Which finally brings these two. A librarian, planned for the extra 1000 points. And a librarian in terminator armour. Cos, y'know, options.

I also tracked down an old zombie multiplayer version of 40k from like 5th Ed or something, I have noticed that Halloween this year falls on a club night, so plan to run a cool scenario. Best update those rules though. Hopefully do those in the next few days, so that I can make a less rambling blogpost.

Till then...

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