Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Deathwatch... Basically Complete

In the past few weeks I've managed to get some painting done, finishing off the deathwatch infantry that I picked up as part of a joblot on ebay. I prioritised my list I had designed and will probably stick to that list for a while (at the very least till I get a sodding first turn to test my theory... yet weirdly, played my first game with guard last night, a 32 drop list, went first. Figures.)

Anyway, it was nice to finish the rest of the infantry off so that if I do want to play around with my list, I have some models that can seamlessly slot in without looking out of place as grey plastic.

Incidentally, I have no rhinos/razorbacks/land raiders/drop pods/dreadnaughts... and no intention to add any. Yes, these are key core elements to a space marine army. Which is precisely why I don't want them. Everyone has them. What few bikes, terminators and vanguard vets I have will almost exclusively be used as parts of a larger squad of basic vets, to enhance the squad with their abilities.

I would like to add more Corvus... I love the model, found it a joy to put together, and find it incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I want to get about four more, as I think that should theoretically provide sufficient transport to carry almost all of my infantry, so if I wanted to play a humongous game with my deathwatch, I could. But no rush on picking those up, I'm thinking of adding those over the next year or two, as don't think I'll be playing apoc any time soon... why run before you can walk in this new edition?

So, here is what I have at my disposal...

1 Watch Master
1 Captain Artemis
1 Chaplain
1 Librarian
1 Librarian in Terminator Armour
1 Character in Terminator Armour with Thunder Hammer and Stormshield

1 Terminator with Assault Cannon
1 Terminator with Heavy Flamer and meltafist
1 Terminator with cyclone launcher and pair of lightning claws
5 Terminators with Cyclone Launchers and Thunder Hammer/Stormshield

2 Bikes

2 Vanguard vets with pistols/combat weapons
1 Vanguard vet with lightning claws
1 Vanguard vet with stormshield and combat weapon
1 Vanguard vet with thunder hammer/stormshield
(potentially could use any of the above as a jump pack equipped character, the lightning claws being most likely)

2 Watch Sergeants with xenophase blades
(In other cases I may not equip the sergeant with anything special and just nominate a model, al vets can take pretty much what they like anyway so it does give some flexibility)

2 Black shields with Lightning claws
(As black shields have no personal markings, this is one of the few none-negotiable ones I have. The trouble with getting most of my stuff second hand, if the person who assembled it didn't know that they don't keep chapter symbols, then boom you've got no black shields)

1 Vet P Fist
10 Vets bolters
5 vets pistol/cc weapon
2 vets plasma pistols
1 vet combi melta
8 Vets Stormshields and close combat weapons
4 vets Infernus Heavy Bolters
5 Vets with deathwatch shotguns
6 Vets with deathwatch frag cannons
8 Vets with Missile Launchers
6 vets with Heavy Thunder Hammers

2 teleport Homers
2 Corvus with Assault cannons, deathwatch rockets, hurricane bolter and auspex array

I also have my Aliens themed side project I did a while back, unlocking an extra...

Corvus with assault cannon, deathwatch rockets, infernum halo launcher
3 Vets flamers
1 Vet Infernus Heavy bolter
1 vet with shotgun
2 vets with frag cannons
3 vets with boltguns
1 blackshield

And that's it, Deathwatch project, for the moment, complete.


  1. Oh and incidentally that last squad took my painting points total past the sum I managed last year, which itself was my best since 2012 by quite a margin... So double reason to celebrate. :)

  2. Great job Ginge. They look great together but StAndrews Wargaming feels they lack in this Edn, too delicate being a low body count and only 3+ armour hurts quicker than most? What's your experience

    1. Well having previously played guard and orks, the low body count thing is definitely a new experience for me, so I could be being too cavalier with them. But generally I would agree, they are exceptionally well kitted out marines that die just as easily as mundanely kitted out marines. I think the trick to them is to strike hard where you will face little to no reprisals, therefore mobility is key. And picking your fights. My shooty units have vanguard vets in so they can withdraw and still shoot, my fighty units have bikes in so they can withdraw and still charge, basically avoid getting stuck and unable to respond against something I don't want to be fighting.

      With only 5 drops I am expecting to get the first turn the majority of the time, but so far have not managed that at all. I'm usually ahead on points but end up tabled. I'd like to see how my army list fares when it gets the first turn... in my last two games I lost half my firebase after getting seized, twice!

      So yeah, could be me needing to learn, could be the army needing a few refinements, I've only played a few games though so hard to say either way just yet.