Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Refinery Planet: Damonius Strandius

ok, not sure on the name yet, but here is my wargaming table... all the scenery painted to a basic standard that I am happy to call done enough for now. I may revisit it later for further weathering, but I have other priorities right now, and it is sufficient for the moment.

I doubt I'll cram absolutely all of this on a table at once for a game (the stargates are for a scenario anyway, and the void shield generator was more for a guard army list I used to have, which I haven't even costed for 8th yet, but otherwise... refinery, accompanying hab blocks. That's basically my table. Although in game I'd probably split some of the tanks up rather than have them all on one side...


  1. Very nice table! Is that a Monty Python reference I see daubed all over one of the dilapidated hangars?