Thursday, 20 July 2017

Shelling out on Scenery

Actually that's not a very accurate title... I "shelled out" months back, and even then it was reasonably priced. I have however how finally built and painted it as part of my recent efforts to make an awesome looking wargames table to host games on.

Of course, with the paintjob on this fuel tank my title makes more sense.

The scenery I have is a collection of refinery and ruins. So my basic battlefield in my head is that there is a refinery, an obvious key strategic location, and a nearby settlement cos people need to work at the refinery. The settlement is in ruins because, well hab-blocks aren't important. You can fight through their to your hearts content. Just try not to damage the pipelines, nodding donkeys, or storage tanks.

I came up with the idea of an ork occupied refinery world, and I did for a while start a skitarii garrison, but the rules changed and the army didn't really look like it was gonna work how I wanted it to, from a background point of view, so I sold it on to a friend. But I had a third faction to share this battleships -  grots, rising in rebellion against their ork overlords.

Thus most of the scenery I am doing is littered with graffiti, supporting either the Orktober Revolution, the Grot uprising... or supporting the status quo, with Orks in charge. I decided that orks being orks, they might need a place to execute uppity grots and other troublemakers, and orks not being the most accurate marksmen for a firing squad they'd want to line the victims up in front of a solid structure... hence the rear side of this tank is looking a little more... weathered...

It'll all end in tears I'm sure...

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