Monday, 3 July 2017

Ghazza Marches On... well, trudges. Perhaps stumbles would be a better word...

As detailed in my last post, I made a bigger, better ghazza model, and with a brief spell of good weather managed to get him undercoat and painted in fairly short order, which meant that on Saturday evening when I had a friend come round for a couple of games, I tried him in the second of those games.

So far in 8th, I've been playing my Bad Moons, and loving it. 3 wins from 3, with bubble chukkas being a personal favourite, and getting into combat turn 2 every game.

So for something of a Goff list, I wanted infantry heavy. I was also determined that, as it was my second game of the evening, I should try stuff I hadn't used yet, and drop all the stuff I'd liked so far. So my list was ghazza, 3 squads of 30 slugga/choppa Boyz, a unit of 3 killa man's, 3 deff dreads, and a meka dredd with 2 ripper klaws and a mega charga. I also had a unit of 10 grots, a couple of weirdboyz, and a unit of burnas. In a true Goff list I'd need some nobs for sure, but this was just throwing unused units into the mix.

So how did it go? A little underwhelming really. Ghazza advanced 1" on the first turn, 1" on the second, about 3" on the third (getting up to speed I see) managed to charge a unit of 5 marines on turn 4, then turn 5 advanced 1" again, and failed a 4" charge. Yes, that was snake eyes, reroll, snake eyes. He then got mobbed by most of the enemy army and cut down before he could strike (failing both 4+ invs and 2 of 5 2+ saves.) Overall, not his day. I got tabled and lost.

Looking back on it though, I was tabled in turn 7. By this point, my opponent had just tied me for points. From turn 6 onwards I was down to just those ten grots. I suppose I should have started them running to the far corner sooner but I didn't expect ghazza to do so badly... figured they could sit on their objective while the big G kept the enemy busy for the rest of the game. And then suddenly he was gone. I rolled to see if there was a turn 6, it was a yes... I spent my last command point to reroll the dice, not sure if this is quite legit (it says any roll) but my opponent was OK with it. Failed anyway, still got a turn 6. I wasn't losing that game at any point... until I was tabled. So I suppose it wasn't so bad... and with a more defined list, and G not suffering from fresh paint syndrome, the army may work. But I do miss my battlewagons... one of those with a deffrolla had gone on a rampage in the first game, helping to kill a couple squads of devastates and forcing a primaris character to cower under a watchtower where the big mean battlewagon couldn't get him...

Anyway, I'll probably switch back to playing with the bad moons for a while, as I didn't like playing with mostly unpainted Boyz / a hodgepodge force of all the clans I have. So Ghazza will go back on the shelf to think about his poor performance. For a while...


  1. Need a weirdboy for the jump.
    Also, it states in the rule book that the person going first rolls for turn 6 and the person going second. Rolls for turn 7

    1. Hadn't seen that in the rulebook, I did go first so therefore we did it right, but only by accident... good to know we were right on CP use too.

      I had a weirdboy with da jump, but he was over on the flank with the unit I thought I may need to redeploy hastily... my first turn I just oozed my entire horde forwards, making sure all his units in reserve couldn't drop in behind me and start taking objectives (by turn 2 I had 5 of 6 objectives) Turn 2 the unit next to the jumper happened to be on a scorable objective, so just mosied past... then by turn 3 they were in range for a charge anyway. So never actually used it. I'd put the guy wityh the jump with them as I expected them to be left with nothing to do when all the action was focussed on the middle where ghazza and a massive horde was marching up.

      Besides, not sure weirdboys are best with goff mobs. That focus on lots of infantry. I cast a power to give my unit of boyz +1a (they weren't in combat but manifesting a power was an objective that turn) and I almost killed my weirdboy. Took D3 mortal wounds after rolling a 9, then me realising there were 52 models with the "Orks" keyword in range... yeah, that'll be a perils then... think the wierdboy might be best supporting small elite ork units. AWAY from others.

  2. And you are allowed to use command points. For sieze, deployment type, game end.