Saturday, 24 June 2017

We'll be forever blowing bubbles...

Painted up three converted bubble chukkas, because the new rules for them look hilarious.

For those without the relevant index, for a bubble chukka you roll 4D6. Then you and your opponent take it in turns, starting with you, to assign each result rolled to shots, str, Damage and AP. So if I was shooting regular marines, the 1 would be straight on Damage. Shooting some daemon thing with an inv save, chuck that 1 on the rather irrelevant AP. Looks like a lot of fun anyway...

Painted them in my Bad Moons colours, as they already have traktor kannons and plenty grots, so I can add these/swap these in to taste.


  1. They look really cool. Be a lot of fun to face off against them. What Index are they in? An Imperial Armour or Xenos?

  2. Xenos 2. I always liked the background of them in the Ork codex, but never felt they were effective. They were blast, you rolled 1D6 and that applied to str AND AP. Which meant you wanted a high roll to be able to hurt stuff, but a low roll to make the hurt count. If you could beat their armour you probably couldn't hurt them. Was a great gun for killing orks, guardsmen, little nids... you know, all the stuff no one used.

    Now the rules have kept the random element, but have added the possibility of effectiveness. Sure, sometimes you'll be firing one str 1 shot that knocks 1 off their armour save and does 1 wound... but on the other hand, on that day you roll four 6s...

  3. And there was me expecting a West Ham post...

    1. Most of my friends don't know football, figured I could get away with it ;)

    2. I didn't even pick up on it. Now I feel like an idiot haha! Considering the research I've done on football I should've really. Dur.