Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Punishment of Self...

So, with 8th edition having dropped, I've been lapping up the info and have got a few games in. Always adapting, I have noticed a drawback for my Bad Moons, but it's a good news bad news situation.

Good news, clans look like they'll have their own rules. No particular info yet, hopefully a codex will add more, but there are definitely clan keywords there.

Bad news, ghazkhul is clan Goff, as you might expect. This means I can't use him in my clan Bad Moons as my counts as Galactica Frakit, as I have been doing the entire time for this army, ghazza being one of the few things to make an ork army work in 7th ed.

Good news, 8th has improved orks, so I don't NEED ghazza to make the bad moons work.

Bad news, I could technically use him and call my yellow painted army Goffs, but NO, that wouldn't sit well with me.

Good news, ghazza is still good.

Bad news, with Primarkis Marines being released the old ghazza model just doesn't feel beefy enough anymore...

And that's where the bitzbox comes in...

So now the big beast is built, I'm gonna HAVE to paint him up in his clan colours... and then I can't run him solo can I?

So, good news, new cool ghazza conversion!

Bad news, I have to paint a Goff army. After finishing my flintstones themed snakebites.

Good news, with gork/morkanauts no longer being awful, I'd been considering getting one, and had been musing on how to fit it into my Bad Moons perhaps? Now no worries, can put the bugger straight into the Goffs. Get sme deff dreads and kills kans too, it all fits the theme. Luckily I STILL have a box of basic boys, can easily fill out a few troops choices just by buying a box of nobz.

Bad news, I may have to learn to paint some check patterns, which is kinda daunting for me, I love orks precisely because I am NOT a neat painter...

Good news, after starting on speed freaks then progressing to bad moons, doing deffskulls as a use up the bitzbox project, starting a snakebite flintstones ork army for a laugh, taking a quick detour into top gun themed freebootaz, I will then finally do the tribe of the big G himself, the Goffs.

Bad news, after all that, how can I possibly not do the only gw announced tribe, the Blood Axes, at some point in future. I've done TWO versions of snikrot already, I really should do his actual tribe at some point, especially if it's the only one left.

Good News, so only two and a half ork armies to paint and I'll have no more tribes to do, so can maybe finally start my deathwatch!

Bad news... I did watch Fury Road the other night, and while that is the Ork movie, I'm not sure representing them would fit ANY of my current tribes... my speed freaks are bright red and attack an ice world ffs, there's no way I could pass that for Immortan Joe and his menagerie, so I may have to do... just... one... more... ork... army...


  1. I don't think you can have too many Orks!

    Make sure you post about how you did the check pattern, when you get round to it. Your new Ghazgkull should be a great prototype for it, being so massive and all that! Looking forward to shooting at him ;)

    1. Finished it already, didn't do check patterns... the raised edges on the pads made for good trim. Did a little test model, a boy, did diag pattern. Not quite ready for check... :P