Friday, 2 June 2017

One Eyelid Flickers...

Played a bloodbowl friendly on Tuesday, and after my opponents Rat Ogre "Bonesnapper" had pushed into the midst of my Black Orcs, one of my Boyz didn't like that and blitzed him... perhaps a tad too aggressively for a friendly. Rolled a 10 for the armour, so didn't need the Mighty Blow. Rolled an 11 for the injury, so didn't need the MB rule then either. It doesn't carry over to the actual injury roll, but as I rolled a 68 on that it wouldn't have mattered even if it did! An emphatic string of dice rolls.

A result in the 60s basically means "Dead" so my opponent was slightly miffed. The person watching our game joked that I should make the player a commemorative fur coat or something. Well, you know me when challenged...

1 comment:

  1. HAH! Fantastic! It's always good to have a bit of a story behind your models I think.