Monday, 15 May 2017

Project Dangerzone: More progress on the Karrier

I think this bad boy is now structurally complete... this is a dry fit, need to take it and paint it, then glue the superstructure and jet in place, along with various crew members and a few deffkoptas, but overall am pleased with my handiwork :)


  1. That's pretty cool! What's it for? I take it there is an earlier post on here about it?

    (Chris, the one currently up North :P )

    1. There was a post with some vague plans when I first bought the thing but mostly since then I've focussed on the models I actually need for the tournament I'm going to... the karrier has absolutely no purpose, is just for fun, about the biggest use it will have is to make my display board more interesting for my navy (otherwise it'd just be blue!)

      I remember your old username Chris, and I'm assuming the second comment was because your first didn't post immediately... sorry to say but I still have comment moderation on, not for the hobbyists, but because I still get those random spambots putting dodgy links on every now and again. It's less than it was, but when I tried turning comment moderation off it grew quickly again, and I just don't want to have to deal with it.

    2. Oh it wasn't that, it was because a) I hadn't seen the notification for the moderation, and b) I had a bit of a faff getting it to sign in and all that, so I wasn't sure it actually went through!

      Display board for your Navy? I think I'm missing something here... haha.

      We could devise a scenario around as well. It would be a fun asset to fight over, across a few different games.

    3. Scroll down on the right hand side of my blog, things are organised by topics... click "Danger Zone" and it'll bring you anything where I've mentioned it... seems to be about half a dozen posts so far.