Friday, 14 April 2017

Yarrr! A Scurvy Krew...

Managed to do a little painting of some odds and ends this week, including this squad of grots for project Danger Zone.

With just about 7 weeks to go till I need these completed, I reckon I can churn them out at a steady pace... a battlewagon one week, a truk the next, 5 flashgitz per week... all done with a week to spare!

Of course that would leave too little time for the display board and various extras I hope to produce, so that slow steady pace shall have to be accelerated somewhat over the next couple weeks...

I also grabbed a couple shots of them on the battlewagon...  admittedly the grots will be getting the truk, the battlewagon is for the flashgitz, but it's finished so looks better for the pictures :P

So, back to the paint station. Drink up me hearties yo ho...


  1. This is a really cool idea. Your photos are a little dark though, makes it hard to see the work you have put into them.

    1. I photo them in a light box, with two light sources. They are quite dark in the flesh so to speak, as that's just my preferred style.

      Most of my stuff is quite dark, it's just usually with Ork armies I will have one vibrant colour in to break it up (Yellow for my bad moons, blue for my deffskulls, red for my speed freaks) but this navy is pirates, flashgitz and warships... I didn't have a single unifying bright colour in mind for that. The warships are grey and the pirates are just a ragtag of vaguely period clothing, browns, greys, blacks, dirty off-whites...