Friday, 31 March 2017

What I've Been Building This Week

Nope. Not Warhammer.

As last mentioned, I have moved rooms. In my new, larger room, I have space for a gaming table. I picked up some coffee tables that I thought would stand perfectly under said tables to increase my storage space. However, a diagonal cross strut I had forgotten was on my trestle tables screwed the pooch on that one, leaving me with four coffee tables I didn't know what to do with...

But then I had an idea...

Now for me, ideas are dangerous, as I have all the technical proficiency in diy that Jeremy Clarkson has. But I decided to give it a go anyway... what's the worst that could happen?

The flat has a very large living room, and with the departing flatmate taking some furniture with him, not all of which will be replaced, we had some space in the corner I wanted to make use of...

At this point I must admit my cutting of the wood for the base wasn't perfectly straight, and as such the whole thing isn't perfect, which is why I got the panelling cut by a professional... although now that is on a skewed frame it doesn't sit properly. It needs some cosmetic tidying, but right now I'm at the "It'll do" stage, and structurally I am quite happy with it. It may not be as neat and tidy as I'd hoped, but structurally it's more solid than I had thought I could produce!

That's a Stormtrooper decanter and a Darth Vader cookie jar on there, I am not planning to re-enact the party from the end of Jedi, but hell I suppose if I get more Trooper heads and fill them with different amounts of liquid there is potential there...

No plans for pumps I'm not a beer drinker. This is a cocktail bar. A fridge/ice bucket might be nice but I'll figure out if/how later. For now, I'm happy. With this done, I have a couple runs to the tip to do to get rid of an old couch, but then hopefully I'll be able to grab a brush and start painting again in my free time.


  1. Ha ha, good upcycling for the bar! Win win.

    1. Win win would be not spending money on four coffee tables that it turns out didn't fit where I wanted them to and could very easily have been checked before hand... but I'll certainly take this as, if not a win win, then a damn fine silver lining ;)

  2. Excellent work !

    But where will you drink your coffee ?