Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Well That Escalated Quickly...

So, went to geek club tonight, set up a table, one of the guys deployed his army...

I think the level of play might be increasing slightly beyond my ability to match...

On the bright side, I wasn't on that table. I took a guard list against a mechanicum player who wanted to test a tournament list (and wasn't running warcon) and we had a surprisingly good game under the circumstances. My plan was to ignore Cawl and the Cybernetica Cohort as being night unkillable, and work on killing the rest and outscoring him on objectives. And it mostly worked. I was leading for the entire game. I had ascendency and rolled a 1 for the points which was irritating, but was still sitting pretty on three objectives with him camped on two, and a big bundle between Cawl and a massive blob of commissar lord lead guardsmen on the edge of the final one. In the final round of combat of the final turn, Cawl got just enough hits to kill the last ten men, commissar lord included (doubling him out with his axe while rocking a str bonus, beating my 5++ save) He scored warlord for that, consolidated onto the objective, and then for the "kill the warlord" maelstrom card rolled a 6, tying the game! Irritating, but it was deserved as it was a very tight game, and I am glad my humble guard could go against a tournament army and ask so many questions of it.

The list, for those who are interested, was the following:

Commissar Lord
Inf Platoon, Command with 4 melta
squad w flamer
squad w flamer
squad w flamer
squad w flamer
inf platoon, command 4 melta
squad w flamer
squad w flamer
vulture punisher cannon
vulture punisher cannon
vendetta squadron (2)
Wyvern squadron (2) camo netting
wyvern squadron (2) camo netting
aegis defence line comms relay
Flyer wing - 2 Valkyries w multiple rocket pods

I was against corteaz, cawl leading the formation that has two squads of servitors and doesn't scatter when dropped within 6" of an objective, a cohort cybernetica, then another couple squads of servitors and a techpriest to make it a cad. I did nothing to cawl or the cohort, but I killed everything else bar two wounded servitors clinging to an objective after passing an obscene amount of 4+ saves over the last couple turns. Ah well.

Still, could have been worse...

(For what it's worth, I believe the Eldar player blew the titan up twice, of I'm not sure how many games...)

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  1. Sounds good - shows the power of having a reasonable plan and sticking to it.