Wednesday, 8 March 2017

CATCH 13: Well no one expected the sodding inquisition!

To get Jamie and his mixed bag of Inquisitorial/mech/skitarii stuff into the mix of the storyline, I left the plot hook of the possible jokaero sightings, as I know he plans to paint about half a dozen of those things at least. I felt this would give me an avenue to introduce him to the little world we are creating.

The downside was, and the reason he wasn't in sooner, was that his phase 1 included a knight... bit difficult to fight that for most of us. So at least with two months he has a bit more to work with... so I was up against a knight, an inquisitor, cawl, and two of those big robots with a datasmith. Right.

On the bright side, I at least now had models that could hurt the bloody things, with the introduction of the meganobz and warboss.

We set up four objectives on a four by four board, maelstrom mission cloak and shadows. I was expecting to run away with objectives while desperately trying to survive, but the game ended up going the opposite way. Jamie scored several objectives, whearas I got stuck with "Kill something in your turn" and "kill something in the assault phase" both of which should have been achievable... but I kept missing the mark and killing stuff in HIS combat phase, therefore not scoring the points. From the knight that survived 1 glance and 5 penetrating hits (damn forge world knight that has 7HP) one of which exploded to D3 but rolled a 1... The robots my warboss basically chopped in half but datasmith survived to be bisected the following combat phase. Even the inquisitor seemed hell bent on denying me the points, he'd lost two of his own wounds to perils of the warp before my commandos could get near him! Being stuck on those two cards for several turns really slowed me down, however I pulled it back with Linebreaker. Cawl was left alive, a failed charge away from going for my commandos (and given he had the final turn, and a maelstrom card of "issue a challenge" the odds are good he'd have won the game. So do I feel lucky? No! My meganobz should have beaten the knight leaving Fred to go Cawl hunting. Ah well, never mind.

Sadly I don't have the photos for this post as 1) I left my camera in the car and 2) I wasn't too keen on the photos as my opponent set up the table for us and included the usual 40k standard grimdark cityscape... which doesn't fit my background of a lush verdant world too well. So I'll let the pics slide for now.

It was of course, watched over, by Achtenburg for his Living Galaxy Broadcast...

As we consider the beautiful silence of this jungle utopia, the occasional birdsong and the hoot of what my producer will swear blind yet cannot prove is a Jokaero, we are slightly disturbed by the unmistakeable crump of a knight titan... which is a little unexpected to say the least.

As we investigate, we see inquisitorial hunting parties, trapping and bagging strange orange creatures that... yes yes, fine, you told me so David, now shush I'm trying to narrate here... all watched over by some pretty hefty security forces... I shall say this for the inquisition, they don't tend to do subtle.

We watch as a giant of a techpriest wanders over towards a clump of vegetation... something appears to be causing servitors in that area to go a bit fritzy. I have my team try to monitor the signals, one of the sound guys used to be a bit techy as he was younger, even learned some rudimentary binary, before he was kicked out for being too interested in "matters of the flesh" which I'm sure is just a phase we all go through and it's not like she got dropped from the sororitas, merely flogged a little, and from the way he tells it she'd just enj... I digress.

Suddenly from the trees burst two humongous beasts, with well armoured nobz clinging to the ramshackle howdah. Fred charges out too at the head of a massive mob of boyz. The security forces open fire and quickly bring the big beasts down, but it's not the beasts themselves that are the threat. The nobz charge at the biggest target and beat seven bells of hell out of the knight... in it's agony it thankfully steps on the last few, dispatching them for the moment. Fred meanwhile lead his boyz against the only target they could reach, the robots. The large techpriest looked like he was ready to intervene, until Fred swung his massive axe (that we still struggle to film without distortion) and split a robot in two, at which point the big techpriest quietly backed off. Fred then moved on to the badly injured knight, and while it stomped around in the mob causing horrific casualties, Fred was able to issue the coup de grace. However, in the resulting explosion, Fred was lost from view.

With no  sign of the inquisitor in charge of the expedition (the squad of blood angels who had attempted to extract him from the battlezone hadn't been quite what they seemed) the inquisitorial forces packed up their gear and decided to hunt somewhere else.

All we managed to catch from the monitored frequencies was a single blurt of binaric from the big techpriest, when Fred chopped the robot in twain.

The question now stands, who is Scott and what is so great about him?


  1. Surely the 1 glance and 5 pens with the additional hull point would have killed the knight. Unless it was the one that has it will not die.
    Sounds like one of those games where the cards were against you throughout. Wonder where Fred will turn up next?

    1. Son of a bitch... he said the 1HP became D3HP and I (never using super heavies and rarely playing against them) didn't check it. Bullocks!

      I don't think that was intentional on his part, but that game would have gone differently. Sure I would have lost my meganobz to the explosion, but then it would have been Fred and his mob chasing down cawl to chop him in half and would have tabled him. Bah!

      It will not die wouldn't have rolled till the end anyway, and he never rolled for that. It was a forge world one of some sort though, so benefit of the doubt it might have slightly different rules...

  2. Lovin' the prose. S'great stuff Ginge.