Saturday, 11 February 2017

CATCH 11: Scores from Phase 1, and a general update

Ok, so the late deadline for phase 1 of CATCH is tonight, and the scores I have are assuming that Jason hasn't managed to finish his other squad, if he texts me to let me know otherwise I shall of course modify the score.

So, current standings are...

Ginge 25
Ken 10
Rob 10
Jason 5
Jamie 3

Now the reason I have such a commanding lead is that I have done extra stuff, ten points worth, that can only be done once in the entire challenge, so my counterparts can make those points back any time they choose. Ken didn't manage to get the painting done, but his game and narrative served him well. Rob got the painting done and gamed, but no narrative. Jason merely gamed, and Jamie painted but late... his decision to put a knight in his first 500 points somewhat "painting" him into a corner when it came to getting a phase one game in.

For phase two I shall be doing two units of meganobz in truks, plus Warboss Fred. Jamie is going for an inquisitor, datasmith and two kastellan robots (doubling his model count from last time, maybe next phase he'll double it again and do a whole squad!) Ken is going for two units of kataphrons, i'm not sure on loadout and numbers but I'm sure it works.

I haven't yet heard back on Rob and Jasons plans, but I will update that once I know them.

Whilst waiting for phase 2 to start, I have managed to get some sticking and glueing done...

My battlewagon for phase 3 is complete, and as the rest of that phase is a mass of boyz I had already assembled, that means that lot is ready to go.
I also put together half the squad of stormboyz - I wanted to test this concept to see if it could work and I like how it looks, so have picked up another box of gargoyles and will do the other ten soon. That just leaves a Shock Attack Gun and ten warbuggies to make and my entire Steelrock Tribe is at least assembled.

I have also been working on a side project, and have stuck together all required models for that little naval endeavour, although the big centrepiece still has some work to do yet. And of course, I still have to paint it all.

Finally, I picked up a couple more pieces to add to my bloodbowl backroom staff, namely a better apothecary. Still not the one I really wanted but I'll be buggered if I can track that model down, I think it was a (very) limited run and I can't find it for love nor money. I also got my first game in, against chaos chosen, and it was something of a midfield slugfest that I narrowly won with a late sprint, scoring a touchdown in the final turn to win 1-0. I didn't suffer any casualties and managed to cause 1, so not a bad day, although nowhere near as good a day as some of the other teams had in their opening fixtures (several TDs, a 3-2 win for one player, many casualties...) I have my second game lined up for next week, hopefully against a squishier target (humans) I can rack up a few more injuries...

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