Saturday, 4 February 2017

CATCH 10: The Sky Warriors Return

Whilst observing Fred establishing his dominance (from a much safer distance it has to be said) the revelries were interrupted by a sonic boom, the unmistakeable sound of craft entering orbit. We are supposed to be the only imperial presence in the area, so at first we were a little worried, albeit confused over why anyone would show interest in such a backwater, but then our concerns were answered as the unmistakable hue of the blood angels soared across the sky. A great cheer erupted from the orks to see such mighty red machines moving so quickly, and as the craft went in various directions looking for clear landing sites, the orks charged off in pursuit.

We followed as best we could, and had camped in some trees as Barney and mob Betty spotted a couple of patrolling rhinos

As they advanced on the marines, issuing threats, insults and challenges, we hid in some woods to watch events unfold. The marines started to disembark and react to the threat, when they were joined by a third rhino... a suspiciously slow moving rhino... whose engine didn't so much growl as go "BRUM BRUM"
Well met, broth... wait a minute...
The confusion didn't last long, as a couple of stray bullets killed the leading edge of the "tank" and the ruse was seen through, and the marines assaulted the unexpected enemy. Whilst the other squad tried to get some flame weapons into play to thin the ork numbers down, Barney and his mob were faced with a choice... charge some marines who were stood watching them, or charge into a mass brawl that seemed to have broken out between two different squads of marines. No contest really, the mass brawl beckoned.

Unable to use their guns for fear of killing their allies in the confusion (and there seemed to be a lot more allies than they set out with) the other squad of marines pitch in to the fight.

Even the weakest members of the group threw themselves into the thick of the fighting for lack of anything better to do.

Thankfully, the marines got the better of the fight, and we made our presence known to them. This had the added benefit of allowing the severely beaten Orks to make good their withdrawal before the marines could issue the coup de grace. Whilst we don't want to see humanitys finest warriors brought low, we also don't wish to see the subjects of our documentary exterminated over a misunderstanding.

Speaking to the sergeant, it became clear that we were the reason the Blood Angels were there. They had no record of ever having been to this planet before, and could not explain the events we had heard of. They would not have given it any credit at all, were it not for the fact that we had pictures of the ID tag that fell from the vehicle that disappeared. The vehicle in question was there in front of me, and had rolled off an STC production line a mere couple of weeks before. I inspected the vehicle and apart from the tribes relic being clearly well aged, they were a match. What strange occurrences can explain this? For now, we just don't know...


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