Monday, 9 January 2017

Star Wars: Rebellion

Of late I have played a few games of Star Wars: Rebellion, and it seems with every replay I love this game more and more.

For a rundown of how the game works, I prefer to leave that to the professionals (kinda) as they can cover it far better than I. However I will say I have had some fantastic (and comical) games over the past few weeks...

There was my game against Neil where I crushed the rebellion on turn 2, after a stormtrooper and an AT-ST found it while gathering resources... it was really, REALLY poor base placement on Neils part, and I have never seen a game end so quickly. It normally lasts about 9-10 turns. So we switched seats, and the rebels unseated the Empire on turn 6 after blowing up a second death star. The beauty of this was that I was sending out two single fighters to attack an undefended death star under construction for easy pickings, and as I wasn't in a rush I did a couple other things first... then regretted my decision when Neil hurried the production and placed a completed (or fully armed and operational) battle station in the space... so I threw the dice anyway and luckily managed to destroy the weapon for the win.

I then played a game against Ken where, once again, I won as Imperials... this time crushing the rebellion on turn 9. With the way the game had gone, I had to kill the rebels that turn or it was game over. And while I could have sent in an overwhelming ground force to the rebel base (I knew where it was) I held back to let the death star claim the coup de grace... this was risky though as I had to fight through the rebel flotilla first. I sent in 6 star destroyers and a wave of ties to clear a path, however a sole fighter survived to take a shot at the death star... and thankfully failed. If ken had made that roll (and his odds were about 50/50) then the following ground forces would have been completely academic, he'd have already secured the victory. So a bit risky on my part, but worth it.

Finally, we come to my favourite game so far. Rob, who had mocked Neil religiously for leading the rebellion so badly, played against me. And to be fair, he lasted longer than Neil did. However, at one point the rebel reputation was as low as it can possibly go (after I'd frozen Mon Mothma in Carbonite and lured Luke to the Dark Side.) From that point on it became a game of "what fun things can I get Luke to do" such as an attempt to capture Han Solo (Hey, he might still trust me...) to being the one to move the death star (look what my daddy gave me the keys to!)
Eventually I crushed the rebels at Hoth. It was turn 9. I still had about another 6 turns of time before I had to worry about the rebellion, and it had been largely academic as a game for the last few turns, but was still fun nonetheless as Rob threw his entire fleet at taking out my super star destroyer (apt) and I realised I had made a bit of a doozy in sacrificing the wrong mission cards, as while I had two death stars, all three "fire the death star" orders were in the project deck (the final 3 cards in the deck) and I was waiting for an order to come up to draw some more project cards, but that order as it turned out was right near the bottom of the deck. I was poised over Naboo for a gungan extermination too!

All in all, it is an excellent game, and I have another session lined up Tuesday to introduce some more people to how much fun this game can be.

One thing... searching the internet for a couple of stock photos, I have seen some people have painted all the models in this set, to which I say NOPE...

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