Monday, 30 January 2017

Nothing Better To Do?

So something came to my attention today...

So I decided to write to GW. Below is the email I sent. If anyone else wishes to copy and send it, you are more than welcome to, I shall update the blog once I get a response.

Dear GW,

I have just seen something doing the rounds on fb, and have no idea if this is true, but it seems to be of a level of stupidity that you could not make it up, therefore I am inclined to believe it - apparently PETA have asked you to stop creating models that wear fur.

Now their argument goes that these models are supposed to represent great warriors, and there is no skill in wearing fur. And true, in today's world, there isn't much skill. But last I checked, Leman Russ was not wearing the pelt of a rabbit, but something a tad more challenging. I might also point out that applying 21st century western morality to a dystopian future society that regularly burns witches, let's say there are probably bigger concerns than animal welfare.

Anyway, I wanted to write for fear that if the only voices heard on this issue are the misguided bleatings of PETA members, it could, a long shot, be heard and acted on, however unlikely. Please do not follow their request. It makes little to no difference to me if a model wears fur or not, I just don't want a precedent set. Otherwise the floodgates will open, and the final book in the Horus heresy series will be somewhat anti-climatic "the emperor and Horus engage in a dual because the CND and Greenpeace objected to our original storylines treatment of planet earth. Oh, and sanguinius survives the heresy... Thanks RSPB!"

In summary, please treat the letter from peta with the respect and seriousness it deserves... Actually no that's a little cruel. Just bin the letter, let your staff use Andrex.

Ian Connolly


  1. Ha ha. What a absolute great article and really sad in the same. Seriously, PETA missed the point on this one, maybe it's the Eavy Metal Masterclass painting of fur is so realistic they thought they drape their miniatures in real fur?!

    1. From what I understand PETA misses the point on a lot of things... when I told this tale to a friend he related a tale of PETA rescuing five lobster from a restaurant and releasing them into a river... where being salt water creatures they died.

      Some people try to do good without thinking it through...

  2. GW replied:

    Hi Ian

    Thanks very much for the email.

    We really appreciate your support on this front. Whilst we have no official statement to release at this time with regards to what we are going to do, or reply to the letter from PETA yet, fear not that their email will indeed be treated with as you say the respect and seriousness it deserves, and that the 41st Millenium will remain as grim and dark as ever it has been.

    Kind regards

  3. And to tie a nice little ribbon on this...